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Annual Report 2016-2017 Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission

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Contents Page No. 1. Message 07 2. Preface 09 3. Objectives of the Commission 13 4. Formation of the Commission and Present Status 14 5. Achievements of Commission from establishment of BTRC to till June 2017 15 6. Development activities and achievements of 2016-2017 at a glance 17 7. Noteworthy future planning 19 8. Future Planning 20 9. Administration Division 22 10. Systems and Services Division 31 11. Spectrum Division 39 12. Engineering and Operations Division 58 13. Legal and Licensing Division 90 14. Finance, Accounts and Revenue Directorate 128 15. Media and Publications Wing 136 16. Enforcement and Inspection Directorate 150 17. Bangabandhu Satellite launching project 160 18. World Telecommunication and Information Society Day-2017 176 19. Mobile Phone Industry in Bangladesh, Revenue and Investment of Mobile Phone Operators in the last fiscal year 182 20. Information about Network coverage and underground optical Fiber Network 185-187 21. Mobile Tariff, 3G Technology, PSTN Operators, Call Centers, Infrastructure Partnership, QoS 188-190 22. Diverse Activities: National and International 191 23. Conclusion 197 BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 03

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BTRC 04 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina “Digital Bangladesh is a modern Philosophy of using Appropriate technology in implementing all pledges of the government, including proverty eradication, ensuring quality education and health facilities, generating employment opportunities for the people” -Sheikh Hasina BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 05

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Mission To facilitate connecting the unconnected through quality telecommunication services at an affordable price by introducing new technologies BTRC 06 Annual Report-2016-2017

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State Minister Posts and Telecommunications Division Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Government of the Pepole’s Republic of Bangladesh Message I am happy to know that Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is going to bring out its annual report for 2016-2017 fiscal year with future work plan to modernize the telecommunication system in order to materialize the vision of the government Digital Bangladesh. I hope this publication would give an updated picture of telecommunication sector of the country and would give a specific guideline on the development and expansion of information and communication technology to boost country’s overall socio economic development. Free flow of information, education, poverty alleviation, equal distribution of wealth are most vital elements to build a knowledge based society. Modern telecommunication system including mobile phone and internet has made the lives of common people easier than ever before. It has reduced the gap between urban and rural areas, male and female, rich and poor. Telecommunication is a key tool in implementing vision for a Digital Bangladesh. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with his foresight took the initiative to make Bangladesh a member of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 1073. With his able leadership an earth satellite station was set up in Betbunia in 1975. Daughter of the Father of the Nation, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has brought a revolutionary change in the country’s telecommunication sector. We started our journey in 2009 with the vision of Digital Bangladesh. So far we achieved a lot toward that goal. Today mobile phone is available to every citizen of the country. Almost 97 per cent area is covered under mobile network. Bangladesh is the eighth largest telecom market in the world. The government led by Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made significant development in telecommunication in the last nine years. Today there are 136 million mobile subscribers in the country which was only 46 million in 2008. Number of internet users stands at 73.3 million which was 4 million then. Use of bandwidth is 500 GBPS now, which was 10 GBP before. There were only 608 licenses in telecommunication sector which stand today at more than two thousands. About ten million people use smart phone, which was once a dream for everyone. 110 million SIMs registered in five months through Biometric Verification, getting dotbangla domain from ICANN, BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 07

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connecting with second submarine cable, and completion of the construction of Kuakata landing station, merger of Robi and Airtel, call drop, operators now return it to subscriber if a call is dropped (more than one time). launching e-commerce service at 23 points of Postal Department, approval of telecom policy by the cabinet, licencense for Mobile Number Portabily Service (MNP), the service will be launched by March-April period, changing re-branding logo Teletalk, introducing telecharge at all point to ensure availabity of SIM and top-up service, increasing Teletalk Customer Care Center from 74 to 97, the increasing number of Teletalk retailer from 36000 to 56000 (20000 new added), 1700 (2G) tower and 1500 (3G) T NODE E will be added by June under network development project, all Upazilas will be covered with Teletalk network within twelve months time, from the day project money approved by ECNEC is released, 290 upazilas are wired with fiber optic. 4G service will launched in the first part quarter of 2018, Bangladesh will step into satellite era in 2018, step to provide faster telecom service in remote areas 500 new ISPs are waiting for approval of their licenses, post telecommunication ministry is on top among the ministries in implementing projects for last three years, first Smartphone manufacturing company has started operation, making TESIS into a profitable entity in 27 years, exceeding growth target of postal department, Khulna Cable Factory registered highest profit in 27 years, with assistance from International Telecommunication Union (ITU) consultants cost modeling programme is taken to reduce cost of internet service to subscribers level, price of internet service will be at a reasonable rate following the market review and analysis by ITU consultants. Preparation for launching Bangabandhu Satellite is at full speed. French spacecraft manufacturing company, “Thales Alenia” has already completed the work of Bangabandhu Satellite. The satellite is now ready to be launched. Two ground stations at Gazipur and Betbunia are being constructed to operate the satellite. People are now getting benefits of digital service. Now the aim is to provide better digital service to everyone. Mobile number portability and tower sharing projects are being implemented to ensure healthy competition and subscribers’ interest. 4G services are to be launched soon, work is underway to expand broadband connectivity at Union level, and strong steps have taken to stop selling of unregistered SIMs and illegal handsets. In the last fiscal year a large number of handsets, walki-talkies and other items were seized from 30 shops in four different operations and 17 persons were sentenced in various terms in this connection. 19 operations were conducted to identify illegal VOIP equipment and installations, and 33 thousand SIMs from different operators were confiscated during the time. Steps also been taken so that internet users can benefit directly by the reduction of bandwidth cost. Digital Bangladesh is no more a dream, it is a reality now. The present government aims to ensure subscribers’ satisfaction with better digital service. We are pledge-bound to fulfill the target. Mr. Sajeeb Wazed Joy, ICT adviser to Prime Minister, has been awarded by World Organization of Governance and Competitiveness, Pan Trifinio, Global Fashion for Development and School of Business, New Haven University, Connecticut, USA, in recognition for his contribution of using information and communication technology to develop country’s economy. It is a big achievement, not only for Sajeeb Wazed Joy himself, but also for the country. Besides, Bangladesh has successfully organized the conference of telecommunication regulatory authorities in South Asia and held council of working groups. As a result, Bangladesh has become the chairman of SATRC. BTRC 08 Annual Report-2016-2017

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I am pleased to learn that since beginning BTRC has deposited Tk 470 billion to government exchequer as of data of last June, thus playing a big role in country’s economic development. I firmly believe that BTRC is committed to implementing the government roadmap for a Digital Bangladesh and prevent any illegal activity in this sector. I hope, that the commission will work to provide more secured, cost effective and modern telecommunication service for the people and ensure easy availability to them. All the officials and staffs of the commission will work with highest level of honesty and sincerity to play an important role in building a Digital Bangladesh. I also hope that all policymakers, stakeholders, operators, conscious citizens would give time-worthy advice and suggestions to BTRC in this regard. I am wishing all success to the publication of BTRC annual report 2016-01017. Joy Bangla Joy Bangabandhu Bangladesh May Live Forever Tarana Halim, MP State Minister for Post & Telecommunications Division Ministry of Post, Telecommunications & Information Technology BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 09

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BTRC Chairman Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory commission BTRC Preface It is my pleasure to present the Annual Report 2016-2017 of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, which is committed to developing information and communication technology sector with a view to establish a Digital Bangladesh by 2021 on the occasion of 50 years of our liberation. The role of telecommunication and information technology is vital to establish a knowledge based society. The new technology is helping people to earn a better living, create more job opportunity and enhance living standard of the common mass. It also helps increase revenue and attract new investment, which boost GDP as they reduce digital discrimination. We thank all subscribers, government and non-government organizations, operators, and staffs and officials of BTRC for their cooperation in this regard. ICT has brought a big change in everyday life of the people. New innovations and reformation of ICT are wonders in modern society. Specially, mobile phone and internet have changed the lives of people of Bangladesh as well as millions around the world. BTRC is playing a vital role in the economic development of the country. Since its inception till June 2017, BTRC has deposited a total of Tk 470 billion in government exchequer as a pre-tax revenue. The amount was Tk 42 billion alone last year. With its relentless effort, BTRC has brought almost 99 percent of the country’s population and 97 percent of its geographical location under mobile coverage. A total of 136 million mobile SIMs were active until June 2017 which were 84 percent of the total population. Number of internet subscribers raise to 72 million during the time. About 30 million people of the country use social media. The amount of money transacted through mobile phone each day stands at Tk 10 billion. For monetary transaction, people choose digital way rather than conventional banking. The main driving force for this change is the latest telecommunication system. Development of the telecommunication sector has played the key role to raise per capita income to 1465 US Dollar which was 728 in 2009. In the last twelve months the number of 3G subscribers has risen to 7.2 million. BTRC 10 Annual Report-2016-2017

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The number of subscribers in the beginning of the year was 28.8 million which now stands at 36 million. The introduction of smartphone and high speed 3G internet has made education, agriculture, production, food safety, energy transport, trade and commerce, and government and private services more accessible to people. BTRC is committed to provide safe and uninterrupted telecommunication service. Biometric SIM registration system has been launched to ensure security to mobile subscribers. This system has become popular within a short time. Besides, media campaign is on going in this regard. The process of registering handsets through National Equipment Identity Registrar (NEIR) program is on going in full swing. With this new process, BTRC will move closer to its ultimate goal. BTRC is now more focused in providing standard, reliable and low-cost telecom service protecting subscribers’ interest. To increase its service standard the commission is considering adapting Drive Test and plans to purchase modern equipment in this regard. I believe it will help us to deliver better service to subscribers. We have prepared tower sharing guideline to protect public health and to reduce cost. Preparations are underway to launch Mobile Number Portability Service (MNP) to protect customer interest and create fair competition in the market. BTRC has introduced call center 2872 for subscribers to lodge their complaints. Besides, subscribers can complain at mobile number or by postal system and e-mail. BTRC is coordinating with law enforcing agencies to enhance content, application and website monitoring to ensure cyber security. A high level monitoring committee formed with BTRC, RAB and Police is conducting regular raids to curb illegal international call. Different logics are used to identify and stop illegal international call through monitoring operator’s bandwidth and SIM Box detection system The commission has so far fined different operators with Tk 5 million for not deactivating SIMs used for illegal call transmission. BTRC has successfully arranged merger of Robi Axiata Limited with Airtel Limited. Besides initiatives have been taken for introducing 4G/LTE service and spectrum auction for 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz band. The commission has filed cases against different telecom operator and licensed companies for realization of outstanding dues under Public Demands Recovery Act 1913 and Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Act 2001. A total of 154 cases out of 305 filed with the High Court and Supreme Court have been settled since its inception. Necessary measures have been taken to settle the remaining cases with different courts in shortest possible time. A total of 37 satellite televisions, 28 FM radios, 17 community radios were awarded with frequency during the year. BRTC has also provided frequency to Nano Satellite Constellation Project of private university BRAC and gave approval for importing equipments in this BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 11

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regard. The commission has purchased 10 hand-held monitoring equipment during the time. Frequencies are being allocated in accordance with national frequency plan, and negotiations are going on to avoid cross border frequency interference with India. In order to launch country’s first satellite, two projects are being implemented to facilitate preparatory functions and supervision of Communication and Broadcasting Satellite and Bangabandhu Satellite. Construction of Bangabandhu Satellite-1 following a deal signed between Thales Alenia Space, France and BTRC and works on two ground stations at Gazipur and Betbunia are nearing completion. Hopefully, according to the work plan, Bangabandhu Satyellite-1 will be launched by launch craft Falcon 9 of SpaceX on 119.1 E.L. I firmly believe we will successfully introduce 4G/LTE mobile phone services by this year. Bangladesh Telecommunication Law-2001 is needed to be amended in order to ensure people friendly and modern telecommunication service in the country and to develop a modern regulatory structure. I hope that everyone will play due role in a unified way in this regard. The published annual report will help people including subscribers, policymakers, experts, journalists, operators and investors with necessary information and data on telecommunication and make people understand their rights as well. I also believe, BTRC will continue the service with utmost sincerity and efficiency for peoples’ greater interest. Dr. Shahjahan Mahmood Chairman Bangladesh Telecommunicaton Regulatory Commission (BTRC) BTRC 12 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Objectives of the Commission In order to facilitate a quick and stable socio-economic development and to provide a dependable telecommunication service, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) was established on 31 January 2002,under the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Act-2001.The main objectives are: (a) To encourage the orderly development of a telecommunication system that enhances and strengthens the social and economic welfare of Bangladesh; (b) To ensure access to reliable,resonably priced and modern telecommunication services including internet services for the greatest number of people,as far as practicable; (c) To ensure theefficiency of the national telecommunication system and its capacity to compete in both the national and international spheres; (d) To prevent and abolish discrimination in providing Telecommunication services, to progressively effect reliance on competitive and market oriented system,and in keeping with these objectives, to ensure effective control of the Commission; (e) To encourage the introduction of new services and to create a favorable atmosphere for the local and foreign investors who intend to invest in the telecommunication sector of Bangladesh. BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 13

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Formation of the Commission and Present Status For the purpose of development and efficient regulation of the telecommunication system and telecom services in Bangladesh an independent Commission namely Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission was established in 31/01/2002 said act. According to section 10, sub section 1 of Bangladesh Telecommunication Act,2001, the present Commission of BTRC member (2016-2017) are as under:- Sl. No Name Designation 1. Dr. Shajahan Mahmood Chairman 2. Brig. Gen. Md. Ahsan Habib Khan (Retd.) Vice-Chairman 3. Mr. Saleh Ahmad Hakim Commissioner 4. Md. Jahurul Haque Commissioner According to the Telecommunication Act the Commission is assigned with various responsibilities. Out of those establishing, operating,regulating maintaining telecommunication establishments and providing various telecom services in the country are the major ones. Besides,fixing charges on the subscribers,ensuring the quality & availability of services for the subscribers and to ensure the people’s right are also other important tasks of the Commission.The social and economic behavioral pattern of the telecom service providers are also monitored by the Commission to ensure that the users are not subjected to harassment or discrimination. As a statutory organization, the Commission has to maintain its official seal and continuity as provided in the Bangladesh Telecommunication Act,2001,clause 6(9).The law vests the Commission with such responsibilities as procuring and keeping under possession of movable and immovable properties,transferring authority,right to execute agreements and accomplishing other activities within the purview of the telecom law. The Teleommunication Act amendent bill has been passed in 2010.According to the bill,approval of the government will be needed to provide telecom services, to route international calls,importing telecommunication equipments and transferring the ownership of such equipments. ANy violation shall be punished with an administrative fine of maximum of 300 crore or 10 years imprisonment or both. According to the Act,if an operator keeps violating even after being fined of taka 300 crore,the said operator would be further fined at the rate of taka 1 crore per day as an administrative fine. In case of individual, the Act has the provision of charging an administrative fine of taka 100 crore and maximum imprisonment for 5 years. After the Amendment of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Act 2001, Commission needs prior government approval to issue any telecom license. At the same time; such approval will also be required for transferring ownership or to cancel any license. Earlier, different tariffs, call charge and other charges used to be determined by BTRC, now if needs prior governmental approval. In such case the government will give decision within 60 days. BTRC 14 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Commission’s achievement from Establishment to hereafter (2002-June 2017) BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 15

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Commission’s achievement from Foundation to June, 2017 According to the 4.2 clause of National Telecom Policy, 1998 foundation of an independent Regulatory Commission is said. By this trend to control telecommunication system by maintaining balance Bangladesh Telecommunication Rule, 2001 is acted. To materialize the rule and development of telecommunication `Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission’ has established at 31 January, 2002. Development activities of BTRC from starting to till are given below: No. Subject 2002-2003 June, 2017 01. Tele-density 0.54% 87.32% 02. Internet Density 0.1% 45.29% 03. Number of Mobile Subscribers 50.50 Lac 13.60 Crore 04. Number of Internet Subscribers 1 Lac 7.33 Crore 05. Licensee Institutions 139 1980 06. At 2016-2017 Financial year Daily International Incoming call (Minute) 06 Crore 92 Lac 07. Internet Bandwidth Price(Tk.) 1 Lac 27 Thousand 625 Taka 08. Revenue Income (TK.) 120.07 Crore 4,066.48 Crore 09. Network Coverage 50/64 Districts 64/64 Districts 10. Dealer Position and Radio Communication Vendor Licence 31 57 11. Frequency Allocation 35 Organizations 835 Organizations 12. Till 2017 Around 17 Organizations got allocation for frequency to establish and conduct Community Radio,broadcasting by Ministry of Information. 13. Upto 2017 around 36 Satellite Televisions got 6/9/12 Megahartz Satellite uplink frequency allocation at 5.85-6.425 Gigahartz. BTRC 16 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Comparison of development activities and achievement of BTRC during 2015-2016 & 2016-17 fiscal years BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 17

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Comparison of development activities and achievement during 2015-16 & 2016-17 fiscal years at a glance: No. Subject 2015-2016 2016-2017 01. Tele-density 84.43% 87.32% 02. Internet Density 39.34% 45.29% 03. Number of 3G Mobile Subscribers 2.89 Crore 3.60 Crore 04. Number of Internet Subscribers 6 .32 Crore 7.33 Crore 05. Licensee Institutions 138 268 06. Daily International Incoming call (Minute) 8.65 Crore 6.92 Crore 07. Voice Call Charge(Average/Tk.) 0.83 Paisa 0.81 Paisa 08. Internet Bandwidth Price(Tk.) 625 Taka 625 Taka 09. BTS 69,009 78,066 At 2016-2017 Fiscal Year Revenue Income was 4,066.40 Crore Taka. BTRC 18 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Noteworthy Future Planning BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 19

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Bangabandhu Satellite 4G ang LTE Frequency Allocation Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Telecom Tower Sharing Guideline Building New Office of BTRC at Agargaon Upgration and expansion of Spectrum monitoring System Digital Broadcasting Switchover ISP Guideline Unified Licensing Acess Regulation Ensuring Internet Safety Solution (ISS). BTRC 20 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Functional organs To perform the regulatory responsibilities, BTRC is organized with five divisions, two directorates and one wing as below: Divisions Directorates Administration Finance accounts and revenue Systems and Services Enforcement and Inspection Spectrum Wing Engineering and Operations Media and Publications Legal and Licensing BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 21

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Administration Division BTRC 22 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Administration Division Administration division deals with the tasks like manpower of the commission, appointment, promotion, posting, transfer, training, arrangements of meeting, seminars,office building maintainance, purchase and maintenance of office equipments, purchase and maintenance of vehicles, IT activities, management of library and stores, protocol services, dispatch and other activities. Manpower: From Last Years the activities of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission Increased more. After the Ammendment of Bangladesh Telecommunication act, 2001 by section 6 of Bangladesh telecommunication (correction) act, 2008 The organogram of BTRC was approved with 369 various posts. The manpower of the commission as on 30th June 2017 is appended welow. Post Post Post Sl No Appointment Grade Authorized Held Vacant 1. Chairman - 01 01 00 2. Vice-Chairman - 01 01 00 3. Commissioner - 03 02 01 4. Commission Secretary 4 01 01 00 5. Director General -3 04 04 00 6. Director 2/4 10 10 00 7. Deputy/Joint Director 5 27 07 20 8. Senior Asst./Asst. Director 6/9 91 85 06 9. Personal Secretary 9 01 01 00 Total 139 112 27 10. Administrative Officer 10 04 03 01 11. Deputy Assistant Director 10 49 26 23 12. Personal Officer 10 09 07 02 13. Store Officer 10 01 01 00 Total 63 37 26 14. Personal Assistant 11 12 09 03 15. Auditor 11 01 01 00 16. Reporter 11 01 00 01 17. Photographer 11 03 01 02 18. Office Asst./Admin Asst./Comp. Operator 11/13 18 14 04 19. Draftsman 11 02 02 00 20. Protocal Assistant 11 01 01 00 21. Assistant Store Keeper 11 01 00 01 22. Receptionist/PABX Operator 11 02 01 01 BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 23

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Sl No Appointment Grade Post Post Post Authorized Held Vacant 23. IT/ Security Assistant 11 06 03 03 24. Accouantant 13 03 03 00 25. Cashier 13 01 01 00 Total 51 36 15 26. Driver 16/15 42 40 02 27. Driver Common Service 16/15 10 08 02 28. Record Keeper 18 01 01 00 29. Dispatch Rider 18 05 03 02 30. Electrician/Technician 18 01 01 00 31. Photocopy Copier 19 01 01 00 32. Pump,Lift,Generator Operator 19 02 02 00 33. Cleaner 20 06 06 00 34. Office Assistant (Tea Bar Assistant) 20 06 06 00 35. Office Assistant (MLSS) 20 42 38 04 Total 116 106 10 Grand Total 369 291 78 Welfare activities for the staffst In fiscal year 2016-2017, a sum of taka 12,25,500/- (Twelve lac twenty five thousand five hundred) has been distributed to 75 officers/employees from welfare fund of the Commission on the basis of their application to meet the expenses for treatment/ education/marriage/natural disaster. As per job specification,all officers of the Commission are connected with internet to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies.Arrangement of Wi-Fi has been made to provide continuous support to the office of the Commission,Apart from this, the officers and the employees of the commission have been provided with mobile phone facility to keep them connected round the clock. Officers and employees have been provided with transportation facilities from the Commission. Training at country and abroadt At 2016-2017 fiscal year total 314 officers/staff are given 20 training within country for increasing quality. At 2016-2017 fiscal year total officers are given 20 training in abroad for increasing quality of performance. BTRC 24 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Vehicle Management t Administration division carries out the task of purchasing necessary vehicles, their distribution and maintenance of those on behalf of the Commission.This division is very much concerned to ensure smooth transportation of the officers and employees of the commission.There are four officers under a Director responsible for vehicle management of the Commission. Construction of BTRC own office Building at Agargaon t To build own office of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission at 2008 the registration of one acre of land alloted by the government at agargaon administrative area (Plot#E 5/A), has already been done. Already constraction of the boundary wall in aforesaid land by Directorate of Public works is already done. At 12/04/2015 a DPP of 219 Crore taka regarding construction of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission Building (13 Storied with 3 basement) at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka was send at Posts and Telecommunication Division. Mentionworthy, In the fiscal year 2016-2017,budget of BDT 100 crore has been alloted for construction of building. At 15/01/2017 a meeting of project evolution committee held under the supervision of Planning ministry. According to the decision of PEC meeting at 08/02/2017 a tri- patry meeting held in BTRC with Architecture Directorate and Directorate of Public works DPP... Information/Complaint Officer According to the rules of Bangladesh Information Right Act,2009 an officer of BTRC has been assigned to provide information on behalf of the Commission. The assigned officer provides the desired information on the basis of this Act. Besides, he attends Complaints from the public on telecom issues. On receipt of the complaint, he addresses those to resolve by taking necessary steps. The information/complaint officer of the Commission is: Address Name of the officer Office Residence Bangladesh Telecommunication M A Taleb Hossain House# 88,Pallabi, 2nd Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Director (Licensing) Phase Eastern Housing IEB Bhaban,Ramna, BTRC. Mirpur,Dhaka-1216 Dhaka-1000.Phone-9554489, Mobile-01552202722, Phone-9001682 [email protected] BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 25

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Library & Information Resource Centre A modern and organized library exists in the commission at 6th floor. It remains open from 9am to 5pm. It is known as the " Library and information resource Center" of BTRC BTRC library & Information Resource Center keeps Various general and technical types of book, which is international standard for the purpose of different division as their need based. In addition, recent publication of international and local magazines, journals, monthly publication are available here. Besides, all leading news papers of the country and recent journals from home and abroad are also made available in this library, The officers and the staffs of the commission make good use of their library to keep them updated. In 2016-2017 almost 219 books are re gistered in ther librong There are almost 2386 books on telecommunication and IT of International Standard Which are collected from home and abroad. The following category of books has been collected in the library according to the requirements of various branches of the commission: SI No Subject No of books 1. Administration related 555 2. New Technology, Services and Tariff related 259 3. Frequency Management related 463 4. Technical and Operational Technology related 341 5. Legal and Licensing related 534 6. Finance and Revenue related 173 7 Miscellaneous 61 2,386 The administration division has taken various steps to collect books on newer technologies and newly edited books from renowned publishers to increase the volume of books in the library. E-Library Information can easily exchanged through the e-library of BTRC. Even any information required from abroad can easily be collected through this e-library Officers from BTRC very often attend various meeting/seminar/workshop outside the country. In such cases, concerned officer can prepare necessary documents/paper for the respective meeting/seminar/ workshop, which becomes very informative. BTRC 26 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Management System Software The Library and information Resource Center of BTRC is being transformed into a modern library and information Resource Center through “Management System Software”. A draft plan has already been formulated in this regard. BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 27

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Information Technology (IT) Section One of the most important sections of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission is IT section.IT section has always been working wholeheartedly with Various ICT-based technologies to maintain safe, uninterrupted and efficient management of the Commission. Besides introducing new technologies IT section has taken various initiatives to keep the information safe. In addition to providing daily IT services, all IT officers working in the Commission are given relevant IT related consultation and cooperation. In addition, IT section has been playing an important role in implementing various e-services of the government of the the present government. Currently, this section has01 (one) Senior Assistant Director, 01 (one) Assistant Director, 02 (Two) Deputy Assistant Director, 01 (One) Administrative Officer and 03 (Three) IT Assistant.IT Infrastructure According to the demand of the officers/employees of the commission IT section, regularly ads, updates and monitor various systems in order to provide modern and sophisticated ICT services. Among those, some significant are given below: Performs IT related Procurement. IT section provides day to day support to the officers of the commission beside its daily routine task. Maintenance of the Commission's own website ( Supervision and maintenance of the Commission's own Mail Server and Spam Filter. Provide IT related assistance to implement various e-services introduced the government in the commission. LAN and Wi-Fi Network maintenance at each floor of the commission office. Web server, SIP Server, Antivirus server monitoring and maintenance. Monitoring and maintenance of difference directions of the commissions. BTRC 28 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Monitoring Voice E1 & Internet Fiber Connectivity. Power system monitoring and maintenance of server rooms. Maintenance of IP PABX system used for official conversation. Security Surveillance System (CCTV) monitoring and maintenance. Perform data backup tasks of different servers. Maintains various hardware including desktop computers, laptops, printers, scanners etc. Provides IT support in various programs, meetings, seminars, workshops organized by the Commission. Attend various meetings organized by different departments / agencies of the government. Provides various assistance as a member of implementation committee of various projects. Provide advice and assistance to IT departments on all departments / branches. Apart from the requirements of the Commission, necessary measures are also taken to make existing internet based services more timely and effective. Significant Activities of the IT branch for the year 2016-17 are as bellow : 1. Completed upgradation of a comprehensive sound system by migrating the ceiling speakers of the main Conference Room of the Commission with main Conference System and PA system. 2. Ensured high quality projection facilities for various important meetings/seminars arranged in the Main Conference Room by properly maintaining the multimedia projectors. LAN has also been installed in the Main Conference Room. 3. Initiatives have been taken to put in place Personnel Information Management System (PIMS) software with the view to maintain a database of personal information and training related information of the officers/staff of the Commission. 4. Keep in pace with the modern and advanced technology, the website of the Commission has been redesigned according to the national portal and is made more dynamic, more in formative and more enriched than before. 5. Arrangements for 20Mbps of backup bandwidth have been made in addition to the existing internet bandwidth in order to observe then needs of the extended manpower of BTRC as well as to keep the servers of various departments running smoothly and uninterruptedly. 6. Improved and ensured a high-quality Wi-Fi network facility in BTRC by rearranging the existing network modules and by adding new devices to different locations. 7. Placed UTM (Unified Threat Management) system in the existing firewall in order to protect the network of the Commission and to strengthen cyber security. 8. Replaced the old web server by procuring a new web server in order to make the website more reliable and informative. BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 29

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9. Established Data Informatics System (DIS) software in order to manage data of various operators and procured a high-end server in order to host that server. 10. Upgraded the existing Tally Software used by the Finance, Accounts and Revenue Branch of the Commission in to new version through Data Migration. 11. Procured a total of 35 laptops, 50 Microsoft Office (Licensed Version) and 06 laser printers for official working purposes of the commission. 12. Deployed 04 more cameras to the existing CCTV system to enhance the internal security system more advance than before of the Commission. 13 Deployed a Spam Filter system in order to ensure safe and secure access to the mail server and manage unwanted and unexpected mails. 14. Established LAN at the new office space rented in IEB Bhaban on its 14thfloor. 15. In order to implement the e-filing management system for the commission, the process of purchasing computer / laptop for office-based local area network (LAN), uninterrupted internet connection for every user of the system has already been completed. In addition to this, IT related assistance has been provided for in-house trainings of e-file users of all levels of the Commission regarding the use of login ID and password and the use of e-file management software as per the Agenda of the Commission. BTRC 30 Annual Report-2016-2017

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SYSTEMS & SERVICES DIVISION BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 31

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SYSTEMS & SERVICES DIVISION Protecting telecom subscribers’ right is very important in current world. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is committed to accelerate the implementation of Digital Bangladesh through the progressive development of telecommunication sector and protect the interests as well as the rights of telecommunication subscribers. Already BTRC is well known as a customer-friendly government agency at home and abroad for taking various initiatives and successful implementation. Systems and Services (SS) Division is working to provide full-time telecommunication services, value added services and tariff approval at a lower cost. This division is also responsible for monitoring the services, market communication & promotional activities of cellular mobile network operators (MNOs), maintain the bilateral relationship with the Ministry of Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology, other government organizations/offices and circulates SMS countrywide for national interests. Beside this, SS division performs various specialized activities such as promoting a competitive market for telecommunication service providers, introducing new services and ensuring an amiable atmosphere for the investors by preparing directives and guidelines. In addition, this division arranges counselling & dispute settlement among telecommunication license holders, vendors, third party service providers and customers through maintaining a complaint centre. BTRC is the focal point of various organizations like International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT), Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO), Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA). SS Division represents Bangladesh in various types of ICT and Telecommunications workshops, seminars, forums, meetings etc in home and abroad. A brief description of the various functions of the division is presented below. 1 Service & Tariff Approval SS division works to promote innovation of the telecommunication services, create spaces for the new technologies, automate the life style & introduce new value added services for increasing subscriber’s satisfaction. Telecom operators have heightened their standard to the international level by extending various value added services beyond their basic services. Recently, many third party service providers have come forward to provide old and conventional value added services by creating local entrepreneurs. On the other side, based on the customer satisfaction level, the licensed operators have introduced various innovative services to ensure their uniqueness from the other operators. Earlier the SMS based value added services were conventional but now a days the services like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), Application Protocol Interface (API), Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) etc. are widely introduced and practised. Some of the recently approved value added services (VAS) and related activities by BTRC are furnished below: (a) Mobile Financial Services: The Mobile Financial Services such as web international Recharge, E-Ticketing, Inward remittances, Utility Bill payment, Mobile banking etc. are jointly provided by Commercial Banks and Mobile phone operators. Thereby, the Government is helping financial inclusion growing numbers of citizens to enjoy the access to mobile financial facilities. Thus Mobile Financial Services are playing a vital role in the economy through easy and rapid financial transaction. BTRC 32 Annual Report-2016-2017

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(b) Call Center Based Information/Help Line: Information services like Health Line, Agriculture Info, Education Line, Legal Line, Blood Bank Info, Travel Line etc. are provided by call center based on information service. Different operators including local enterprenuers are rendering these services. SS division monitors the operators’ helpline to protect customers’ right. (c) Tracking Service: SS division provides tariff approval for Global Positioning System (GPS) based tracking services. Besides, these licensed companies also provide such tracking services by using location based service (LBS) technology. (d) News Service: In order to keep the people updated with latest news of home and abroad, news services have been introduced through SMS, IVR based News/Alert Service. To provide this kind of services, SS division formulates specific policies for the operators. (e) International Payment And Recharge Service: To give the facilities to the Bangladeshi people living outside of Bangldesh such as Middle East, America, England; SS division provides no objection certificates (NOC) for International Payment & Recharge Service (IPRS) for providing the facilities of paying mobile air time top up and utility bills. According to the provisions of BTRC and Bangladesh Bank, after getting clearance, organizations can provide services to such users through their website, apps, agent and resellers. 2 Formulation of Telecommuncation Guidelines/Directives According to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Act-2001, Section 31(2) (Ta), directives are provided by the Commission for enhancing the proper environment and customer satisfaction in telecommunications system. On behalf of the BTRC, SS division initiates various guidelines, directives and other regulatory documents. Recent promulgated directives and guidelines are under process along with other important activities of BTRC. Few of them are given below: (a) Customer Registration Processs (Biometric Verification) In the past few years’ extortion, intimidation and teasing over telephones/mobile phones have reported to be increased, which has affected country’s image and provoked fear in the mind of general mass. To prevent such activities, with the guidelines of Honorable State Minister, Post and Telecommunications Division and support by the mobile operators, the SIM/RUIM registration process with biometrics verification including online national identity documents has been promulgated as mandatory compliance from 16 December 2015. As a result, total of 11 crore 21 lakh subscribers of all mobile operators have been re-registered their SIM/RUIM with biometrics process til 31-05-2016. Unregistered SIM have already been disconnected from 1st June’2016. Still there is an opportunity to activate the disconnected SIM with proper registration process. Till date, total of 13 crore 50 lakh subscribers of all mobile operators have been re-registered their SIM/RUIM with biometrics process. BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 33

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With approval of the government, the mobile phone subscriber re-registration process through biometrics verification which was strated on 16 December 2015 has been completed on 31st May, 2016. To monitor the verification activities and apply necessary regulatory tools to that system, a central biometrics verification monitoring platform has been set up in the Commission. Data centre of that central system has been set up on 8th floor of BTRC office and disaster recovery server has been installed in data centre of Bangladesh submerin Cable Company Limited located at Tejgaon. On June 16, 2017, the Central Biometrics Verification Monitoring Platform was fully launched. As a result, all mobile operators SIM/RIM registration, re-registration, de-activation, replacement, ownership changes are being fully monitored and the system has been established by the Commission to impose a rule on SIM / RUIM time to time. (b) Mobile Number Portability Guideline Mobile Numbers Portability (MNP) is a popular value-added service in the telecommunications world. To speed up the telecommunication services many countries around the world have already launched the MNP. MNP allows the mobile subscribers to retain the existing mobile number when the subscriber shifted from one mobile operator to another. Although MNP is a value-added service but it is considered as a "Regulatory Tools" in the telecommunication world. Basically it has been introduced to reduce the scope of the monopoly/exclusive business for mobile phone operators and increase competitive market amongst them. MNP has been introduced in such countries where the competition is comparatively higher. As a whole the MNP benefits the customers in such types of competitive market. However, during induction phase of the MNP, mobile operators in almost all countries remain concerned as every operator’s priority is to retain its own customers. However, initially every mobile operator of almost countries has reluctance about launch MNP. Already commission has introduced a directive on Mobile Number Portability which is yet to be implemented. However, on the basis of mobile operator’s application to extend the time for launching the service, a steering committee comprising MNOs, interconnection exchange (ICX) and the International Gateway (IGW) has been formed. According to Committee's report and the opinion of public consultation organized by the commission, it has been decided to introduce MNP in Bangladesh through a third party. In this regard a draft guideline has been sent to Post and Telecommunication division for approval. After finalization of the guideline BTRC received permision from the ministry to issue MNP licenses. After that, Post and Telecommunication Division sent a letter to the Commission titled 'amendmend of mobile number portability services guidelines and cancellation of auction’. According to the letter, commission has sent the amended draft guideline to post and telecommunication division. Now MNPS licensing guideline is under process in Post & Telecommunication Division for approval. (c) Tower Sharing Policy According to the present practice in Bangladesh, different mobile operators are establishing their own towers as per their choice. This helps us to get good network. At the same time it seems that tower locations are chosen without mutual coordination between operators as many towers are located in small area. This causes serious threat to people and nature with the increasing level of radiation. In some cases, the tower is being set up on the cultivated land, due to which the BTRC 34 Annual Report-2016-2017

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amount of cultivated land is decreasing. Also it is increasing the demand of electricity connections. Considering all things, the Commission has taken initiatives to prepare a guideline on “Tower Sharing”. Considering the total number of towers and shared Towers, various parameters/resources, different models of tower sharing and its advantage/disadvantages a draft copy of “Tower Sharing” Guideline has been send to Post & Telecommunication Division by commission for approval. After that post and telecommunication division sent a letter with direction. According to the ministry’s direction, commission has sent the amended draft guideline to Post & Telecommunication Division. Now “Tower Sharing” guideline is under process in Post & Telecommunication Division for approval. (d) ILDTS Policy As per the decision of the meeting which was held on 08/05/2017, where ICT Adviser and State Minister of Post & Telecommunication Division were present, BTRC has taken initiative to take consultancy from ITU’s consultant for reviewing the ILDTS policy. For recruiting consultant, BTRC has prepared a working procedure and sent it to ITU which process is on going. It is expected to complete soon. 3 Others Important Activities Besides, carrying out the above activities, SS division is also performing some other activities of which the important ones are discussed below: (a) National Security Related Activities BTRC & telecom operators are constantly assisting Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), Anti Corruption Commission, Customs, Courts & other offices/organizations for protecting the national security of Bangladesh. As a part of these activities, support/information is provided for the purpose of Call Detail Record (CDR), Subscribers Acquisition Form, Location Based Tracking, VoIP/Illegal telecommunication service detection, unregistered connection (SIM/ RUIM) termination etc. Besides this, for national security, biometric verification process has already been completed to ensure mobile subscriber’s registration. (b) Formation of BD-CSIRT Computer offense and punishment provision has been mentioned in Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Act, 2001 section 66 to 74. Under section 16, the power has been delegated to BTRC to form a committee for performing such kind of work. Bangladesh Computer Security Incident Response Team (BD-CSIRT) has been formed for protecting anything which imperils the security of the nation and Internet based offence like Data Intrusion, Identity Theft, Malware Infection and Cyber Crime. BD-CSIRT provides the Vulnerability Scanning Service to other organizations. Lots of anti-government and anti-religion content for which objections are raised from NTMC and different govt. organizations are blocked through IIG, except any ‘Dynamic-link’ based content/hosting repository. (c) Public Awareness Related Activities This division is responsible for sending free SMS to nationwide (only national level facts/activities) in response to the request by various ministries, government, international, multinational, service oriented and educational offices/organizations BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 35

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for enhancing public awareness. For implementing the task, Cellular Mobile Operators play an important and praiseworthy role. (d) Complaint Management Task Force The development of telecommunications system in Bangladesh is encouraging. This sector is contributing a substantial positive impact on the GDP. Among 160 million people, almost 120 million people are using mobile phone for their daily activities. Now telecom sector has changed from 2G to 3G although other developing countries are using modern and new technology with 4G. This technology sector is moving rapidly with its practical uses. As a result the complaints are also increasing based on the growing number of mobile subscribers. Every Mobile Operator has customer care center for settlement of customer complaints. For ensuring and monitoring the disposal of customer complaint, “Complaint Management Task Force” has been formed by the commission with the guidance of SS Division. Under the supervision of this task force, telecommunication related complaints and it’s automatically disposal process are being conducted by enlisted call center of the commission. Customers can submit their complaint and feedback through BTRC’s complaint hotline 2872. By increasing transparency and accountability, the “Complaint Management Task Force” is working for improving the quality of complaint management system and level of services as expected by the customer. (e) Social Obligation Fund Social Obligation Fund (SOF) Rules’-2014 was formulated by the Government of Bangladesh on 14/12/2014. According to the act, the formation of fund management committee with the representatives of different telecommunication organizatis is on final process. Already a member secretary has been nominated from the commission. According to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Act, 2001 of 21 (k), for implementation of telecommunication and information technology in underserved areas and to development of telecommunication system in disaster, ICT division is going to implement a project named “Establishment of ICT Network to Remote Areas (Connected Bangladesh)” which may be funded from this SOF. However, the proposal is under process in Post & Telecommunication division. (f) International SIM/RUIM/Data Card Sale People of Bangladesh are travelling to abroad for different reasons like employment/education/travel/hajj/treatment etc. Due to some barrier such as different rules and regulations for different countries, complexity for adoption of telecommunication services, language problems and restrictions in different areas of foreign citizens, etc., people are not able to buy telecom services. At the same time, it is not possible for corporate people to buy every country’s telecom SIM. Under this circumstance, on the basis of customers’ demand, SS Division of BTRC provides approval for International SIM/RUIM/Data cards of International Telecom Operator(s) in Bangladesh for international use outside Bangladesh. Similar permission is open for new applicants. As a result, a person is able to collect the foreign mobile operator's SIM before going abroad. BTRC 36 Annual Report-2016-2017

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(g) Review of International Call Termination Rate International Gateway (IGW) operators are always conducting their business within the government fixed tariff range. Although there is no direct negative business effect on IGWs operatos but rencently competition has increased as many entrepreneurs are being interested in this business. Thereby, the self-sustainability of IGW business became interrupted. So keeping correlation with competitive market systems, IGW operators are terminating international call at a lower rate than the fixed price which is contrary for sustainable business in this sector in long run. The main reason of this situation is by pass government's revenue through call-termination by illegal route. For this, IGW operators are facing business trouble. Considering the mentioned issues, Commision has sent a proposal to Ministry for international call termination rate on experimental basis as USD 0.015 per minute (revenue share calculated on USD 0.015). With approval of the government, the experimental international call termination rate is minimum USD 0.015 per minute (minimum rate; revenue share calculated on USD 0.015) from 18/09/2014 to till date. On 01/12/2016, a committee was formed with the reprensentative of Post and Telecommunication Division, BTRC, Finance Ministry and National Revenue Board for reviewing international call termination rate, revenue sharing model and ammendmend of guidelines. The committee was asked to submit a proposal with reset international call termination rate, revenue sharing model and related guidelines to the BTRC on the basis of market, demand and present situation. Committee members called for several meetings and discussed and reviewed the issue in details. At the same time, in order to take the opinion regarding this issue, committee has consulted with the concerned operators such as IGW operators - IOF, Interconnection Exchange (ICX) operators and mobile operators Forum-AMTOB in different time. Considering all the facts, committee has submitted a proposal to commission. (h) Cost Modelling Achieving economic growth is very important by ensuring affordable telecom services as well as creating a favorable environment for business and investment in telecom sector. Now 3G services have been launched in Bangladesh. Besides, the demand for the internet has increased. Reducing internet price is very important to increase internet penetration. In that contaxt, the dicision has taken to creat a data Cost modelling with the help of International Telecommunication Union (ITU). After the decision of 192nd commission meeting, cost modelling process has started. In June 2017, Stakeholders’ workshop was held with the presence of ITU expertise. In that workshop, details of the ‘Data Request template’ which were sent by ITU were presented to representatives of stakeholders. Accordingly, ‘Data Request template’ has already sent for collecting data. After collecting data, the next phase of activities will be started for observation and review. It is expected that the whole process will be completed in 2017-18. (i) Tariff Range of Mobile Operator, PSTN and IPTSP To protect the customer’s right, promote a competitive market for telecommunication service providers and provide reasonable and affordable telecommunication services, a tariff circuite has been fixed for mobile operator, PSTN and IPTSP operators for different services. All Telecommunications service providers are running their business within this tariff range. Tariff chart are as follow: BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 37

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Mobile Tariff Chart SL. Description Approved Mobile Tariff (Excluding VAT) 1. Tariff range Maximum BDT 2.00/min 2. Mobile (on-net) (Within the same Network) Minimum BDT 0.25/min 3. Mobile (off-net) (Termination in other Network) Minimum BDT 0.60/min 4. Mobile to International Outgoing Rate to be approved by BTRC 5. Interconnection Charge BDT 0.40/min (Originating Operator 45%, Terminating Operator 45% & ICX operator 10%) SMS Tariff Chart SL. Description Approved Tariff (Excluding VAT) 1. Subscriber to Subscriber SMS Maximum BDT 0.50/SMS 2. Subscriber to International outgoing SMS Maximum BDT 2.50/SMS 3. Other VAS SMS Rate to be approved by BTRC 4. Interconnection Charge BDT 0.10/SMS (Originating Operator 45%, Terminating Operator 45% & ICX operator 10%) IPTSP Tariff Char SL. Description Approved IPTSP Tariff (Excluding VAT) 1. Tariff range Maximum BDT 2.00/min 2. IPTSP (on-net) & IPTSP to IPTSP (Within the Maximum BDT 0.10/min same network & other IPTSP Network) 3. IPTSP (off-net) (Termination in other Network) Minimum BDT 0.30/min 4. IPTSP to International Outgoing Rate to be approved by BTRC 5. Interconnection Charge BDT 0.40/min (Originating Operator 45%, Terminating Operator 45% & ICX operator 10%) PSTN Tariff Chart SL. Description Approved IPTSP Tariff (Excluding VAT) 1. Tariff range Maximum BDT 2.00/min 2. PSTN (on-net) (Within the same Network) Minimum BDT 0.10/min 3. PSTN (off-net) (Termination in other Network) Minimum BDT 0.40/min 4. PSTN to International Outgoing Rate to be approved by BTRC 5. Interconnection Charge BDT 0.40/min (Originating Operator 45%, Terminating Operator 45% & ICX operator 10%) BTRC 38 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Spectrum Division BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 39

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Spectrum Division Radio communication is an intregal part of modern day telecommuncation system. This radio communication is only possible when the required medium i.e. radio spectrum is available and undoubtedly, wireless communication can be considered as the most significant usages of radio frequency amongst others. Due to the constraints of the invention of new technology the amount of usable radio frequency is limited though it is abundant in nature. Therefore the exclusive authority to manage this resource lies to the government in most of the countries. Spectrum is a precious national resource and Spectrum Division of BTRC does the planning, preparing and implementing guidelines for using spectrum and managing and monitoring of this spectrum on behalf of the government. Since the discovery of radio transmission, its use in telecommunications has been constantly increasing, as a consiquence managing the spectrum has grown increasingly challenging. Unplanned use of radio spectrum can cause interference and makes the valuable radio frequency unusable. Moreover, the domestic management of spectrum is closely tied to international agreements on spectrum use as spectrum cannot be limited within national boundaries. Therefore, while contributing in spectrum policy related issues at national and international level Spectrum Division is responsible for assigning radio frequencies for various services and carrying out spectrum monitoring activity. Measures have been initiated by this division for effective, accurate and expeditious ways to determine present and probable future demand for various frequency bands, making new frequencies usable and methods of allocation etc. and different other issues. As spectrum is a limited valuable national resource, Spectrum Division is determined to ensure its appropriate, accurate and optimal use. National Frequency Allocation Plan Though spectrum is a limited natural resource, the domains of its need and use are enormous. It has huge demand all over the world. When the same frequency is used in neighboring countries or by different technologies, there are possibilities of interference. In order to avoid such occurrence, every country has its own frequency allocation plan depending on technology based spectrum management in different ITU regions. This plan is known as National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP). After BTRC was established, initially NFAP was prepared by UK based consulting firm ‘Interconnect Communication’ in the year 2004, financed by the World Bank aided project ‘Strengthening the Regulatory Capacity of BTRC’. Due to evolving technology and to ensure best use of radio frequency, NFAP was modified again in 2010 by another UK based consulting firm ‘Helios Technologies Ltd’. The 9 KHz to 1000 GHz frequency band has been reserved for various services in NFAP. When frequency users/ operators apply to the Commission for spectrum, Commission assigns the frequency to the eligible users by consulting the NFAP and thus ensures appropriate and timely use of spectrum. Procedure of Spectrum Allocation According to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Act, 2001 the Commission shall have absolute authority regarding the allotment of radio frequency or using radio equipment. The Spectrum Management Division assigns frequency upon application to the Commission for the assignment of spectrum, in a prescribed form duly filled up, along BTRC 40 Annual Report-2016-2017

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with the payment of spectrum assignment fees and inclusion of necessary papers. The application is then reviewed on the basis of National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP) as per Section 56 (1) of the Bangladesh Telecommunication ACT, 2001. Thereafter, it is placed to the Spectrum Management Committee (SMC) for their opinion. The SMC comprises of 13 (Thirteen) members from the university, concerned security agencies of the government, concerned ministry and representatives from BTRC. The Commissioner of the Spectrum Division and Director of the Spectrum Management Directorate are respectively the convener and member secretary of the committee. It is worth mentioning that the sole responsibility of assigning spectrum belongs to the commission. According to the decision of the Commission the spectrum is assigned to the applicant. 4 (four) SMC meetings took place in 2016-2017 fiscal year, and several important decisions were made in those meetings. International Conference in Bangladesh 17th South Asian Telecommunication Regulators Council (SATRC) Meeting was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 4 to 6 October 2016. Approximately hundred participants mostly Telecommunication and ICT Regulatory Heads, Experts, Representatives from Government and Private Organizations related to this filed from 9 (nine) different countries of South Asia i.e. India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Iran and host country Bangladesh participated in that meeting. 11 (eleven) sessions and a round table conference on ‘Revolution of Regulatory Framework in South Asia and Asia Pacific-The Regulatory Tools Required’ headed by the Chairman of SATRC took place during this event. Issues including Broadband Access, Regulation of Spectrum and 5G, Digital Inclusion and SATRC Action Plan were discussed in different sessions of this meeting. Cross-Border Interference Most of the international border of Bangladesh is shared with India except some part in the southeast region which is with Myanmar. Because of the nature of propagation of radio wave it is necessary to have co-ordination with the neighboring countries before using it in the border region. Otherwise, there is high risk of cross border interference. Figure-1 Meeting held in New Delhi India in 2016-17 fiscal year regarding cross-border issue BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 41

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Such incident took place in some of the border areas of Bangladesh back in 2012 which was informed to the Indian counterpart through High Commission of India in Bangladesh. Recently interference has been reported in the frequency band assigned to Airtel Bangladesh Ltd. in 4 (four) bordering districts i.e. B-Baria, Comilla, Hobigonj and Chandpur. Later the investigation team of BTRC confirmed that the interference was caused by an Indian Mobile Operator Reliance JIO. In addition, interference complains was received in the assigned frequency band of another cellular phone operator Grameenphone in Rangpur, Nilphamari, Gaibandha, Panchagar, Thakurgaon, Dinajpur, Lalmonirhat, Kurigram, and Naogaon districts. In a joint investigation conducted by BTRC and Grameenphone it was deduced that the possible source of interference was in Siliguri of India. In order to resolve the interference created by Indian network in the border area of Bangladesh and to avoid any kind of interference not only for the cellular network but also for all other radio services in the border region area in future, a meeting among Department of Telecom, India (DoT), Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and BTRC was held at New Delhi, India under the leadership of the Chairman of BTRC and in the presence of Director General of Spectrum Division. In that meeting, officials from Grameenphone and Airtel of Bangladesh and Reliance Jio of India were present. In that meeting Indian Authority has confirmed that an initiative has been taken to shutting down the said transmission from Shiliguri of India. Also Reliance Jio, India agreed to coordinate with Airtel, Bangladeshin order to mitigate the interference in common border region between the two countries. 2G Cellular Mobile Phone Service This technology is used for providing services of second generation mobile communication. Subscribers can do voice call and can use data service as well. According to NFAP, spectrum of 900 MHz & 1800 MHz bands are allocated for second generation mobile service. At present, 6 (six) operators including state owned Teletalk Bangladesh Limited are providing this second generation mobile service by GSM technology. Amongst these, Airtel is providing their 2G service in ITU declared E-GSM band (900 MHz). Also a mobile service operator named Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd. is providing 2G service on 800 MHz band by using CDMA technology. In 2016-2017 financial year, the spectrum assignment of Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd. has been canceled, because the company failed to pay its dues i.e. spectrum fee and other charges to the Commission. During the same fiscal year, an initiative has been taken to merge Robi Axiata Ltd. and Airtel Bangladesh Limited, upon their application which is still under process. The spectrum assignment of 6 (six) operators are shown below who are providing 2G services by using GSM and CDMA technology in Bangladesh: Band Operator Name Assigned Remarks Spectrum (MHz) Grameenphone Ltd, 7.4 900 MHz Robi Axiata Ltd, Merger activities are (GSM) 7.4 under process. Banglalink Digital Communication Ltd, 5.0 BTRC 42 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Band Operator Name Assigned Remarks Spectrum (MHz) 900 MHz Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd, 5.2 (GSM) 900 MHz Returned 3.4 MHz (E-GSM) Airtel Bangladesh Ltd, 1.6 spectrum from previously assigned 5 MHz spectrum. Grameenphone Ltd, 14.6 7.4 Merger activities are under 1800 MHz Robi Axiata Ltd, process. (GSM) Airtel Bangladesh Ltd, Merger activities are under 10 process. Banglalink Digital 10 Communication Ltd, Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd, 10 8.82 (For Dhaka In 2016-2017 financial year, 800MHz Pacific Bangladesh Central Zone) the spectrum assignment (CDMA) Telecom Ltd, 6.3 (Rest of the of Pacific Bangladesh Country) Telecom Ltd (Citycell) has been cancelled. Table-1 Amount of spectrum assigned to 2G Cellular Mobile Phone Operators in Bangladesh 3G/4G/LTE Cellular Mobile Phone Service 3G/4G/LTE are considered as one of the effective technologies to spread high-speed mobile broadband service to the people of distant corners of the country. BTRC has taken initiative to inaugurate this service countrywide through the mobile phone operators of the country. As these services are completely dependent on radio spectrum, according to ITU Radio Regulation, 450-470, 703-748/758-803, 825-845/870-890, 890-915/935-960, 1710-1785/1805-1880, 1920-1980/2110-2170, 2500-2570/ 2620-2690 and 3400-3500/3500-3600 MHz frequency band have been reserved for International Mobile Telecommunication (IMT) in the NFAP of Bangladesh which can be used for 3G/4G/LTE services. But in Bangladesh as the cellular mobile phone operator license are not technology neutral 825-845/870-890, 890-915/935-960, 1710-1785/1805-1880 MHz frequency bands are only used for 2G technology. In order to provide services through 3G technology, in the year 2013, 35 (thirty five) MHz frequency have been assigned to 5 (five) operators i.e. Grameenphone Ltd, Banglalink Digital Communication Ltd, Robi Axiata Ltd, Airtel Bangladesh Ltd, through auction. In this auction each megahertz of spectrum was sold at the price of 21 (twenty one) million US dollar. The spectrum assignment in favor of 5 (five) Mobile Phone Service Operators who are providing 3G services by using WCDMA technology in Bangladesh is shown below: BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 43

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Band Operator Name Assigned Remarks Spectrum (MHz) Grameenphone Ltd, 10 2100 MHz (WCDMA) Robi Axiata Ltd, 5 Merger activities are Airtel Bangladesh Ltd, 5 under process. Banglalink Digital 5 Communication Ltd, Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd, 10 Table-2 List of the amount of spectrum assignment for 3G Service. All the operators have achieved their 3G network coverage target before the timeline with the aid from the spectrum division of BTRC. As a result, in addition to district headquarters 3G service is available in other cities of the country. 3G subscribers are availing high speed Internet while enjoying television in their mobile phones, video conferencing service and video on demand service. In addition to this, initiatives have been taken auction 2G and 3G spectrum and introduce ‘Technology Neutrality’. In 2016-2017 financial year, a draft guideline has been sent to the Ministry of Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology for approval, to introduce ‘Technology Neutrality’ in previously assigned spectrum (900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands) and to auction new spectrum from 2G and 3G frequency bands. It is to be noted that, if ‘Technology Neutral’ spectrum is auctioned the spectral efficiency of the frequency increases and as a consequence operators will be able to provide 4G/LTE in this band with lesser investment and more efficiency. Considering the growing developments in technology, the Spectrum Division has taken initiative to introduce 4G / LTE service in Bangladesh. In its continuation, frequency has been assigned for ‘Test and Trial’ purpose to various vendors and they have successfully completed their trial. Before introducing the 4G / LTE technology to the general people of Bangladesh, Spectrum Division has taken initiatives to evaluate the overall preparation of the government, mobile phone operators and of the vendors. With the commencement of 4G/LTE service the rural area and densely populated area of Bangladesh will be benefited by high speed Internet, network speed will be increased and improved customer service can be ensured. PSTN Service In order to reach fixed phone services to the door steps of the people of the country in parallel to mobile phone services, PSTN license was provided to 14 (fourteen) organizations. In this context, spectrum from CDMA 450 MHz, CDMA 800MHz and CDMA 1900 MHz band had been assigned to those organizations according to their demands. But later on, assigned spectrum of some PSTN operators had been cancelled due to their involvement in different illegal activities. Due to the lack of financial investment and failure to expand the network coverage, many operators have minimized their services or stopped completely. At present other than the state owned operator Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) and privately owned Ranks Telecom Limited and Banglaphone Limited, other PSTN operators do not have citable activity. To ensure the effective use of unused spectrum BTRC already cancelled the frequency in favor of S.A Telecom Limited and WorldTel Bangladesh Limited. BTRC 44 Annual Report-2016-2017

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BWA Service The operators Augere Wireless Broadband Ltd. and Banglalion Communications Ltd. each had been awarded 35MHz of spectrum from 2.3GHz & 2.5GHz band respectively for Broadband Wireless Access License through an open auction in 2008. Newly Bangladesh Internet Exchange Ltd. has been awarded a Broadband Wireless Access License with 40MHz spectrum from 2.5GHz band in 2013. In order to bring the distant area of the country under the high speed data connectivity, LTE is the best solution. BTRC has already approved the use of LTE technology to provide BWA service in favor of the said organizations. At present, the number of broadband subscribers in Bangladesh is about 0.5 million. It has been possible to bring 75% of the district towns of Bangladesh under wireless broadband network. For this reason, BTRC has implemented the reduced bandwidth price as planned, consulting with the ministry. To spread out the Internet service at the grass-root level and to develop the telecommunication infrastructure, Broadband wireless Access services is playing important role. Wireless Internet Service Provider There are total 14 (fourteen) ISP license holders who are providing the wireless internet service for data communication to their customers in accordance with the following spectrum assignments. These ISP operators are entitled for serving the internet services to the customer end. Frequency Sl. Frequency Sl. Name of the Name of the Band Band No. Organization Organization (MHz) No. (MHz) Bangladesh Internet 1 3500 9 Bangladesh On-line Ltd. 5200 Exchange Ltd. 3500 3500 2 ADN Telecom Ltd. 10 X-Net Ltd. 5600 5600 3 Poly Trade Ltd. 2300 11 Square Informatics Ltd. 3500 4 Agni Systems 3500 12 Link3 Technologies Ltd. 3500 5 Ranks ITT Ltd. 3500 13 Tackyon Ltd. 3500 6 Access Telecom Ltd. 3500 14 BDCom Online Ltd 5600 7 AAMRA Network Ltd. 3500 8 BRACNet Ltd. 3500 Table-3 List of Wireless Internet Service Providers In this fiscal year, the BDCom Online Ltd. has been allocated 10 MHz spectrum from the 5600 MHz band. All wireless ISP operators submit their frequency usage report to BTRC every month. From those reports it is possible to know the latest operational status of all ISP organizations. From this report it is possible to identify the ISP operators who are unable to ensure proper utilization of assigned spectrum. As a consequence and according to governments’ instruction spectrum is revoked/cancelled from non-compliant BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 45

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operators and thus efficient spectrum management is ensured. Wireless Internet Service Providers are providing Internet, data communication service, IP telephony service, CC camera solution, network security solution and video conferencing services to the customers using the above mentioned frequency. Along with licensed band spectrum, Wireless ISP license holders are allowed to provide Internet service in 2.40-2.483GHz and 5.725-5.850 GHz bands i.e. the ISM band spectrum. Terrestrial Television Broadcasting In Bangladesh only Bangladesh Television (BTV) is providing terrestrial television broadcasting service. BTV is using 174-230 MHz spectrum in VHF band for this transmission. It is to be noted that, worldwide Analog Broadcasting System is dissolving in various countries and Digital Broadcasting System with more advantages is introducing in lieu of that. Due to the spectral efficiency in digital terrestrial television broadcasting system, more channels can be accommodated in the same amount of spectrum comparing to analog technology. Moreover, in future the production of analog broadcasting transmission equipment is likely to be close down. Considering all these, BTRC has completed procedures of reserving spectrum of 522-698 MHz UHF band for Digital Terrestrial Service in Bangladesh. As a result various television broadcasting organizations will be able to provide different services including improved picture and sound, interactivity, video on demand and datacasting by using spectrum in digital terrestrial broadcasting system in future. Satellite Television Broadcasting The satellite television broadcasting license is issued from the Ministry of Information. Following the permission from Ministry of Information, Spectrum is assigned in favor of related satellite television service providers. As of today, up-link satellite frequency 6/9/12 MHz spectrum from 5.85-6.425 GHz band has been assigned to 36(thirty six) satellite televisions. The names of such spectrum assignees are given below: Sl.No. Name of the TV Channel Sl.No. Name of the TV Channel 1 BTV 11 Gazi Television Limited (GTV) 2 BTV World 12 Mohona Television Ltd. 3 Diganta Media Ltd. (Diganta TV) 13 My TV 4 Multimedia Productions Company Ltd. 14 SA Television Ltd. (SA TV) (ATN Bangla) 5 Ekushe Television (ETV) 15 Bijoy Television Ltd. 6 Impress Telefilm Ltd. (Channel I) 16 Channel-9 17 Times Media Ltd. (Channel 24) 7 International Television Limited 8 National Television Ltd. (RTV) 18 Asian Telecast Ltd. (Asian TV) 9 Shamol Bangla Media Ltd. (Bangla Vision) 19 Birds Eye Media & Communication Ltd. (Gaan Bangla) 10 Boishakhi Media Ltd. (Boishakhi TV) 20 Kazi Media Ltd. (Dipto TV) BTRC 46 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 45

21 Desh Television (Desh TV) 29 Rongdhonu Media Ltd. 22 Islamic Television Ltd. 30 ATV Ltd. (ATV) 23 Jamuna Television Ltd. 31 Barindo Media Ltd. (Resesa TV) 24 ATN News Ltd. 32 Jadu Media Ltd. 25 Independent Television Ltd. 33 East West Media Group Ltd, (News 24) 26 Maasranga Television Ltd. 34 Channel-21 (Broadcast World Bangladesh) 35 Dhaka Bangla & Communication Ltd. 27 Samay Television Ltd. (DBC) 28 Ekattur Media Ltd. (71 TV) 36 Bangla Television Ltd. Table-4: List of Satellite Television Broadcasters in Bangladesh The activity of Islamic Television Ltd. and Diganta Media Ltd. have been suspended for violating broadcasting policy of the country. In 2016-17 fiscal year ‘License to Operate Radio Equipment for satellite television broadcasting has been issued in favor of Bangla TV Ltd. FM Radio Broadcasting Radio wave is an easily accessible medium of mass communication. It is possible to send important news, news of development works, entertainment etc. to the people of the distant corner of the country very conveniently with the help of this medium. Public opinion regarding the welfare activities of the country, information related education, art, culture, history and heritage can be conveyed very easily to the mass people through this FM radio broadcasting. For this purpose, the license to operate FM radio broadcasting is provided from the Ministry of Information (MoI). Those who have been awarded the license to establish and operate FM radio broadcasting from the MoI, seek frequency to BTRC and spectrum is assigned from 87.5 to 108 MHz band i.e. ‘FM band’ from BTRC according to National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP).Each organization has been assigned 200 KHz bandwidth from the FM band and 200 KHz spectrum is kept empty as ‘Guard Band’ between two FM operators for FM radio broadcasting. As a result, it is possible to assign licenses/spectrum to 51 (fifty-one) organizations in total in the FM band. Till 2016-2017 fiscal years, licenses have been issued to state owned ‘Bangladesh Betar’ and 28 (twenty eight) private organizations for FM radio broadcasting. List of 29 (twenty nine) government and non-government organizations who have been assigned spectrum from BTRC for FM radio broadcasting are as follows: Assigned Sl. No. Name Of The Organization Frequency (Center) Bangladesh Betar (Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Rangpur 1 88.80 MHz and Dhaka) Bangladesh Betar (Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Rangpur and 90.00 MHz Dhaka) BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 47

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Bangladesh Betar (Thakurgaon, Gopalganj and Mymensingh) 92.00 MHz 1 Bangladesh Betar (Dhaka) 97.60 MHz Bangladesh Betar (Khulna) 100.00 MHz Bangladesh Betar (Comilla) 101.20 MHz Bangladesh Betar (Dhaka and Khulna) 102.00 MHz Bangladesh Betar (Dhaka and Rangamati) 103.20 MHz Bangladesh Betar (Comilla) 103.60 MHz Bangladesh Betar (Dhaka, Rajshahi and Bandarban) 104.00 MHz Bangladesh Betar (Rajshahi, Sylhet and Barisal) 105.00 MHz Bangladesh Betar (Barisal) 105.20 MHz Bangladesh Betar (Chittagong and Rangpur) 105.40 MHz Bangladesh Betar (Dhaka) 106.00 MHz 2 Radio Foorti Limited 88.00 MHz 3 Uniwave Broadcasting Ltd.(Radio Amar) 88.40 MHz 4 ABC Radio 89.20 MHz 5 Radio Broadcasting FM Ltd (Radio Today) 89.60 MHz 6 Dhaka FM Limited 90.40 MHz 7 Asian Radio Limited 90.80 MHz 8 Radio Dhoni Ltd. 91.20 MHz 9 People’s Radio Limited 91.60 MHz 10 Asiatic Marketing Communication Ltd. (Radio Shadhin) 92.40 MHz 11 Ganchill Media Ltd. (Radio Bhumi) 92.80 MHz 12 Enrich Net (Pvt.) Ltd. (Radio Next) 93.20 MHz 13 Vision Technologies Ltd. (Radio Din-Raat) 93.60 MHz 14 Araf Apparels (Radio Dhol) 94.00 MHz 15 Ekesi (Pvt.) Ltd. (Jagoo FM) 94.40 MHz 16 Bangla Radio 95.20 MHz 17 Inno-Vision (Radio Edge) 95.60 MHz 18 Media City Ltd. 96.00 MHz 19 Radio Masala Ltd. (Radio Masala) 96.40 MHz 20 CIUS (Pvt.) Ltd. (Radio CIUS) 96.80 MHz 21 Broadcast World BD Ltd. (Times Radio) 97.20 MHz BTRC 48 Annual Report-2016-2017

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22 Ratul Media & Communications Ltd. (Desh Radio) 98.00 MHz 23 Radio 71 Ltd. (Radio 71) 98.40 MHz 24 Media Today Ltd. (Radio City) 99.60 MHz 25 Dhanshiri Communications Ltd. (Radio Active) 100.40 MHz 26 Tune Bangladesh (Colours FM) 101.20 MHz 27 East-West Media Group Ltd. (Radio Capital) 98.80 MHz 28 Radio Masti 102.40 MHz 29 Gold FM 102.80 MHz Table-5: List of FM Radio Broadcasters in Bangladesh Recently, it was observed by the Spectrum Monitoring Directorate that some FM radio stations were using extra frequency beyond their assignment. Therefore, warning was issued to those non-complaint FM radio stations. As a result of regular spectrum monitoring, it is possible by all FM radio broadcasters to broadcast according to their frequency assignment. Community Radio Boradcasting In order to improve the quality of life of the people of certain geographical locality having similar socio-economic standard and cultural heritage by providing various information, Ministry of Information (MoI) issued Community Radio Installation, Transmission and Policy-2008. Under this policy, Ministry of Information (MoI) has issued approval/licenses to 31(thirty one) organizations for Community Radio broadcasting services till 2016-2017 fiscal year. Among those, 17 (seventeen) non-government organizations have been assigned spectrum from 87.5-108 MHz band from BTRC according to National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP). The 17 (seventeen) licensed organizations from Ministry of Information who have been assigned spectrum are as follows: Sl. No. Name of the Community Radio Region Assigned Frequency 01. RDRS Bangladesh Kurigram 02. CCD Bangladesh Rajshahi 03. Young power in Social Action Chittagong 99.20 MHz 04. BRAC Moulovibazar 05. LDRO Bogra 06. Nalta Hospital and Community Health Complex Satkhira 07. Barendra radio Naogaon BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 49

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Sl. No. Name of the Community Radio Region Assigned Frequency 01. RDRS Bangladesh Kurigram 02. CCD Bangladesh Rajshahi 03. Young Power in Social Action Chittagong 04. BRAC Moulovibazar 05. LDRO Bogra 06. Nalta Hospital and Community Health Complex Satkhira 99.20 MHz 07. Barendra Radio Naogaon 08. Srijoni Bangladesh Jhenaidah 09. Krishi Tothya Service Borguna 10. EC Bangladesh Munshiganj 11. Eklab Teknaf 12. Dip Unnayan Shangstha Noakhali 13. Broadcasting Asia of Bangladesh Khulna 14. Proyash Manob Unnayan Society ChapaiNababganj 98.80 MHz 15. Mass Line Media Center Borguna 16. SKS Foundation Gaibandha 17. Coastal Association for Social Transformation (Coast Trust) Bhola 99.00 MHz Table-6: List of Community Radios in Bangladesh The approved output power of community radio transmitter is 100 watt and its coverage area is 17 KM. In order to connect distant population of the country under the benefit of community radio, policy to increase the output power of the transmitter from 100 watt to 250 watt is under process. If the output power is increased, the coverage area will also increase and more people could be served with information. As the community radio will serve in a specific area only, the community radio service is being provided by reusing the 03 (three) FM frequencies with 200 KHz bandwidth. These are 98.80 MHz, 99.00 MHz and 99.20 MHz. Professional Mobile Radio Service (PMR) PMR is the short form of Professional Mobile Radio Service. Professional Mobile Radio is also known as Private Mobile Radio (PMR) in the UK, Land Mobile Radio (LMR) in the North America, which are basically field radio communications systems. PMR service is actually two way radio transceiver. According to International Telecommunication Union BTRC 50 Annual Report-2016-2017

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(ITU) regulation and National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP) of Bangladesh, Spectrum of PMR service in HF Band (3-30 MHz) and VHF Band (30-300 MHz) are reserved for walkie-talkie. Moreover some part of UHF Band (300-3000 MHz) is also used for PMR service. Beside this, for Citizen Band 26-27 MHz and for Short Business Radio (SBR) 245-246 MHz frequencies are used in shared basis only for walkie-talkie to walkie-talkie communication without repeater. At present, for all of the above services 12.5 KHz bandwidth is used. There is no alternative of using frequency to ensure effective, uninterrupted and secure communication. In order to ensure the security of government/non-government/private organizations, office-court, security agencies and law enforcing agencies of the government, United Nations Missions, diplomatic agencies, the use of walkie-talkie has immense importance. Currently 625 (six hundred and twenty five) institutions are assigned frequencies in different bands. Among those, most of the institutions have been assigned frequencies in HF, VHF and UHF band to communicate using base station, repeater and walkie-talkie. In the year 2016-2017, 115 (one hundred and fifteen) institutions are assigned frequencies in licensed and unlicensed bands (SBR and CB band, who are providing security in small scale). Additionally, with reference to NFAP, 02 (two) organizations are temporarily using frequencies in VHF band for research and development purpose. The usage of PMR is increasing day by day for the following reasons: 1. Point to Point and Point to Multipoint communication system. 2. Easy to maintain privacy. 3. Push to talk facility. 4. Wide area coverage. 5. Uninterrupted communication. 6. Usage of HF, VHF and UHF frequency bands. 7. Overall secure communication. Governmental Radio Service Some frequency bands are reserved for National Security Agencies and Law Enforcement Departments in National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP) of Bangladesh. These frequency bands are known as Governmental Radio Band. In order to provide security to the people and to maintain law and order, these frequencies are used by Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Air force, Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Police, Border Guard Bangladesh, Bangladesh Ansar and VDP, Coast Guard, Fire Service and Civil Defense. Governmental Radio Frequency is assigned to the organizations from BTRC by the advice of Armed Forces Division (AFD). ISM Radio Service In the National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP) of Bangladesh, 26.957-27.283 MHz band, 40.66-40.70 MHz band, 2.40-2.483 GHz band and 5.725-5.850 GHz band are identified as Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) bands. ITU Radio Regulations have identified such ISM bands as ‘Deregulated’ bands. BTRC however, allows these bands to be used for telecommunications under specific conditions. Telecom operator, Internet Service Provider, government/non-government office, Bank, insurance and financial organization, relevant organization with power and BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 51

Page 50

energy use these bands for radio links in a shared basis. At present, 2.40-2.483 GHz frequency is being used mostly to provide internet service through wi-fi network by Internet Service Providers. Recently, an instruction to provide service using 2.40-2.483GHz and 5.725-5.850 GHz bands has published. In this instruction, short ranges and low energy consumption has been specifically addressed so that applicants intend to use this band will have a definite idea. As a result this frequency is being utilized most efficiently. Aeronautical Radio Service As per NFAP of Bangladesh, 108.000 MHz to 117.975 MHz and 118.00 to 136.00 MHz spectrum are generally used for Aeronautical Radio Service. For safe and smooth flying in the sky, as well as landing of an aircraft, it is very important to communicate with air to air, air to ground and also ground to air. Spectrum is also needed in the aircraft and ground station for internal communication. The spectrum, which is used for above purpose is known as Aeronautical Band. In the aforesaid spectrum 108.000 MHz to 117.975 MHz is used for Instrumental Landing System (ILS) and 118.00 to 136.00 MHz spectrum is used for air to air, air to ground and also ground to air communications. As per Radio Regulation of ITU, 960.00 MHz to 1215.00 MHz spectrum is used for measuring the distance and to align the aircraft with the right track in the air. Two new organizations have got license for using aeronautical radio communication equipment from BTRC in fiscal year 2015-2016. In 2016-17 fiscal years BTRC assigned frequency and gave permission to use aircraft radio equipment to 9 (nine) aircrafts. Till date, BTRC has issued licensed to operate radio communications equipment in aeronautical band to 51 (fifty one) local and foreign organizations. BTRC also provides Call Sign and license to operate radio communications equipment for each aircraft after getting the appropriate revenue and maintaining the proper procedure. Maritime Service In the NFAP of Bangladesh some marine frequencies are allocated for various inland and ocean bound Maritime services. There are mainly 5 (five) types of Maritime frequency users in Bangladesh. They are as follows: 1. Fishing Trawler 2. Fishing Vessel 3. Ocean Going Ship 4. Oil Tanker 5. Merchant Ship HF and VHF bands are reserved for Maritime Radio Service as per ITU radio regulation’s Appendix 17 and 18. 2182 KHz and 156.800 MHz frequencies are used for distress call and safety services in maritime operations. Apart from these, 4116 KHz and 8207 KHz (bandwidth is 3 KHz) in the HF band and 156.325 MHz and 157.375 MHz (bandwidth is 25 KHz) under VHF marine band are used as carrier frequency. In 2016-17 fiscal year 5 (five) organizations applied for “License to operate Radio Communications Equipment (Maritime)” to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. Now a day’s ultra-modern satellite technology named Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) is being used for the communication of coastal stations with ocean going ship. Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) is installed by BIWTA (Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority) using satellite technology within the territory of Bangladesh. BTRC 52 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Determination of geo-location, hydrographic, water transport, survey, dredging at any place within the land of Bangladesh and related works are being possible to accomplish for the efficient usage of the this system. VSAT Service Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) is a wireless communication system that uses a combination of a small antenna and satellite terminal equipment. It is possible to provide high speed data and voice service very easily and uninterruptedly from any place of the world by broad and narrow band wireless service using orbital satellite. As an alternative of terrestrial, it provides various facilities. VSAT helps building cost effective unique communication network in any dispersed area. VSAT networks offer value-added satellite-based services capable of supporting the Internet, data, LAN, voice/fax communications and can provide powerful, dependable private and public network communications. At present, there are 04 (four) VSAT Providers (Hub License), 02 (two) VSAT provider Licensee, 16 (sixteen) VSAT User Licensee in our country. The VSAT providers (Hub License) provides satellite communication services to the users like Embassies, Corporate Offices, Banks, Branch offices etc. For Data circuit, the Remote Terminal bandwidth may be 512 kbps in case of symmetric service and maximum down link bandwidth may be 2048 kbps in case of asymmetric service. A figure regarding the configuration of VSAT is shown below: Figure-2: VSAT Network Amateur Radio Service Amateur radio (also known as ham radio) uses designated radio frequency spectrum for purposes of private recreation, non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training and emergency communication. Amateur radio is used to specify persons interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without direct pecuniary interest and to differentiate it from commercial broadcasting, public safety (such as police and fire brigade) or professional two-way radio services (such as maritime, aviation, taxis etc.). Amateur may serve as one of the important means of telecommunication in case of natural disasters or other emergencies. BTRC provides BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 53

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licenses with call-signs for amateur radio operators in the VHF and UHF bands. At present, in self-entrepreneurship, 144 (one hundred and forty four) persons are operating the said radio after getting amateur radio license. Figure-3: Amateur Radio In order to increase the number of amateur radio operators, BTRC took an examination for issuing Amateur Radio License on 9th November, 2013.The result published on 17th June, 2015 where 147 (one hundred and forty seven) examinees succeeded and already they have received passing certificate. At present the procedures of Amateur Radio license along with call-sign and importation of radio equipment to the applicant are in process. In order to increase the number of new amateur radio license, BTRC has already taken initiative to organize the ‘Amateur Radio Service Examination-2017’. The examination is scheduled to be held on August 19, 2017. Issuance of NOC for Wireless Devices According to clause 55 of ‘Bangladesh Telecommunication Act 2001’, it is one of the primary responsibilities of spectrum division of BTRC to issue No Objection Certificate (NOC) for wireless equipment. According to the Import Policy, prior approval of BTRC is required to import wireless equipment, and the rules and procedures of importing wireless communication devices are available in BTRC’s website. No Objection Certificate (NOC) for wireless equipment is issued after proper verification of application. Issuance of Dealer Possession and Radio Equipment Vendor Enlistment The total user of mobile phone reached 135.9 million in of June 2017 in Bangladesh. As a result, importation of mobile handset increasing day by day. For import the mobile phone handset importers are given ‘Radio Equipment Importer and Vendor Enlistment Certificate’ by Spectrum Division. By ‘Radio Equipment Importer and Vendor Enlistment Certificate’ mobile phone handset/others radio equipment importers are registered. By ‘Radio Equipment Importer and Vendor Enlistment Certificate’ enlisted/registered importers get permission for importation of all radio equipment like USB Modem, HF, VHF, UHF, Walkie-Talkie, Base/Repeaters, Cellular Mobile Phone, Fixed Wireless Phone etc. BTRC 54 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Till now 907 (nine hundred and seven) importers are given ‘Radio Equipment Importer and Vendor Enlistment Certificate. 35 Imported Mobile Phone Sets in Million 30 25 20 Smart Phone Bar Phone 15 Total 10 5 0 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 Graph-1: Imported Mobile Phone Sets For National security and public value, Spectrum Division takes necessary steps to ensure the correct IMEI number and standard mobile phone handset import and usage. To make the import process easier for importers and to make current import approval process up-to-date, NOC (No Objection Certificate) Automation Software preparation work is at the final stage. In order to prevent the intrusion of mobile phone sets with duplicate or fake IMEI into the market, the direction has been given for implementation of Equipment Identity Register (EIR) at the operators’ network. Spectrum Monitoring In the year 2009, BTRC established 06 (six) Fixed Monitoring Stations located in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Bogra and Rangpurunder the project naming “Strengthening the Regulatory Capacity of BTRC-Project”. Besides, 05 (five) Mobile Monitoring Stations, 01 (One) Portable Monitoring Station and 03 (three) Spectrum Analyzers were also procured under this project. Frequency in the range from 20 MHz to 3 GHz, can be monitored with the help of these 12 (twelve) Monitoring Stations. The project was successfully completed by 31 December 2009. Upon the successful completion of the project, BTRC owns a very strong spectrum monitoring system now. Therefore, proper utilization of spectrum assigned to different types of telecommunication service providers and users irrespective of government or private can be confirmed to the years 2009 and onwards. Spectrum assigned to different telecom operators are scanned on regular and emergency basis. It ensures the proper functioning of overall spectrum management as well as the required fruitful actions thereafter. Moreover, spectrum monitoring has a good role in frequency rearrangement also. It can easily be detectible if some interference problem exists after the frequency rearrangement activities are done. Through regular monitoring, any sort of unwanted or illegal radio transmissions can be prevented easily so that the legal users can use their spectrum very confidently and freely without any interference. With the help of the existing Spectrum Monitoring System, any interference issues experienced by the telecom service providers e.g. mobile phone operators, FM BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 55

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operators, BWA operators, government agencies etc. can be identified easily and resolved very promptly. With a view to strengthen the regulatory capacity 10 (ten) sets handheld spectrum monitoring devices are procured very recently. Using these latest devices both detection and DF (Direction Finder) of the frequency usage ranges from 20 MHz to 6 GHz is possible now. These devices are very effective in spectrum monitoring and thereby locating the target source. In addition upgradation of existing Spectrum Monitoring System is under consideration to increase the range of present monitoring capacity. Figure-4: Monitoring activities to identify the source of Interference Likewise the past few years, significant number of monitoring actions were conducted during the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year. All these were performed using the statistical data, interference allegations from the stakeholders and by continuing regular monitoring activities. Some remarkable activities during the said year are mentioned below: Reason behind the interference problem in 3G frequency (Uplink 1940-1945 MHz) of Grameenphone in 09 (nine) districts of Rajshahi and Rangpur was identified by the Spectrum Monitoring System of BTRC. It was occurring due to the cross border interference sources and was resolved through the discussion and necessary actions taken by the higher competent authority of both Bangladesh and India. Transmission problem in Sangsad Bangladesh Television of Bangladesh Parliament Secretariat was identified and resolved. Source of interference of Robi’s 3G frequency (Uplink 1945-1950 MHz) in Kustia was identified. The interfering source was a microwave link operated by BTCL. The issue is now resolved by facilitating interference free operation after shutting down of the link. Spectrum monitoring operations were conducted in several parts of Rajshahi and Sylhet districts with a view to resolve the interference problems in the network of Augere Wireless BTRC 56 Annual Report-2016-2017

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All enduring IIGs are managing their operations with 441.379 Gbps of which 160.371 Gbps have been taken from BSCCL and 281.008 Gbps from International Terrestrial Cable (ITC) operators. Recent status of IIG’s is given as below: Sl. No. Subject Information 1. Number of License 35 2. Operational 28 3. In Process to start operation 01 4. Total Capacity 441.379 Gbps 5. Total Uses Bandwidth 335.895 Gbps Submarine Cable System and International Terrestrial Cable System Competitive environment has been created which impact the bandwidth price as six new ITC operators have come into operation in addition with incumbent submarine cable operator BSCCL, a SEA-ME-WE-4 consortium member for international connectivity. Additionally, Service quality of ITC and BSCCL is improving day by day as the market is competitive. ITC operators are now carrying out gateway data and voice services to different locations of Bangladesh by building POP, following Infrastructure Guidelines. BSCCL & ITC Operator wise Usages of International Bandwidth (Jul'16-Jun'17) 250 200 BSCCL 150 Gbps 1Asia 100 [email protected] Mango 50 NovoCom Summit 0 Bd Link September' 16 November' 16 December' 16 February' 17 October' 16 January' 17 August' 16 March' 17 June' 17 April' 17 May' 17 July' 16 Month On 6 January 2015, during the visiting period of India's Honorable Prime Minister in Bangladesh, an agreement was signed between Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL) & Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) to export the bandwidth in presence of both Honorable Prime Minister. Both the Honorable Prime Ministers of Bangladesh & India inaugurated the bandwidth exporting program by using the Video BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 65

Page 56

Conferencing on 23 March 2016. According to the agreement BSCCL is exporting 10Gbps IP Bandwidth at Agartala state of Tripura in India at first stage which can be increased upto 40 Gbps. Due to increment of domestic bandwidth usage and international export, the use of bandwidth increased from 265.7Gbps to around 411 Gbps in last one year. The bandwidth growth rate is 54.68% (approx). Annual Usages of International Bandwidth (Jul'16-Jun'17) 450 400 350 300 250 Gbps 200 150 100 50 0 September' 16 November' 16 October' 16 February' 17 December' 16 August' 16 January' 17 June' 17 March' 17 May' 17 July' 16 April' 17 Month Considering the growing bandwidth demand, BSCCL has joined SEA-ME-WE-5 consortium to make a back up of existing submarine cable and direct connection to a new location. SEA-ME-WE-5 submarine cable has started its operation. As a result, an opportunity has been created for the Mass People, Educational Institutes & Industries of remote areas of the country to communicate Globally Foreign investors are becoming more interested to invest in different development sectors as ITC and BSCCL provide redundancy to each other. National Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN) Later in 2008, Government decided to formulate Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN) guidelines and the decision of providing such license was made. Motto of this license is to separate the access layer from the transmission layer and to create a common backbone of optical fiber network nationwide. BTRC 66 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Following is the list of licensed NTTN operators: Sl. Name of the Organization Date of Issued License 1 [email protected] Limited 07-01-2009 2 Summit Communications Limited 09-12-2009 3 BTCL 28-10-2014 4 PGCB 28-10-2014 5 Bangladesh Railway 20-11-2014 [email protected] limited received NTTN license on 7th January 2009. At the same time this licensee got the responsibilities to expand optical fiber network nationwide. BTRC provides 10 years roll out target obligation. According to that compulsion 1st year of roll out is 5%, 2nd year is 10%, 3rd year is 20%, 4th year is 30%, 5th year is 40% and in 10th year the 100% Upazilas shall be under the coverage of optical fiber network. Failure of fulfilling the target performance bank guarantee (PBG) of 10 crore is kept. Later 9th December 2009, summit communications limited awarded with NTTN license under the same licensing obligation. Following is the current status of [email protected] limited and Summit Communications Limited - [email protected] Limited: According to NTTN licensing guideline, year wise rollout target and progress of NTTN operator [email protected] limited is as follows: Year wise [email protected]’s upazilla Year License obligation Coverage 2011 (1st year) 5% i.e. 24 Upazillas 20 Upazilas 2012(2nd year) 10% i.e. 48 Upazillas Additional 24 i.e. total of 49 Upazilas 2013(3rd year) 20% i.e. 97 Upazillas Additional 49 i.e. total of 98 Upazilas 2014 (4th Year) 30% i.e. 145 Upazillas Additional 47 i.e. total of 145 Upazilas 2015 (5th Year) 40% i.e. 194 Upazillas Additional 54 i.e. total of 199 Upazilas 2020 (10th Year) 100% i.e. 485 Upazillas I.e. within next 5 years total additional coverage 291 Upazilas Current Status of [email protected] Limited: Network Coverage : 30,598 Km. Upazila Coverage : 404. District Coverage :64. Lease Fiber (PGCB) 1,901 km (as NSP). Swapping Fiber (BTCL) 1,384 Km. BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 67

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Summit Communications Limited: According to NTTN licensing guideline, year wise rollout target and progress of NTTN operator Summit Communication limited is as follows: Year wise [email protected]’s upazilla Year License obligation Coverage 2011 (1st year) 5% i.e. 24 Upazillas 25 Upazilas 2012(2nd year) 10% i.e. 48 Upazillas Additional 24 i.e. total of 49 Upazilas 2013(3rd year) 20% i.e. 97 Upazillas Additional 66 i.e. total of 115 Upazilas 2014 (4th Year) 30% i.e. 145 Upazillas Additional 40 i.e. total of 159 Upazilas 2015 (5th Year) 40% i.e. 194 Upazillas Additional 98 i.e. total of 257 Upazilas 2020 (10th Year) 100% i.e. 485 Upazillas I.e. within next 5 years total additional coverage 228 Upazilas Current Status of Summit Communications Limited : Network Coverage : 26,732 Km (Overhead & Underground OFC) Upazilas Coverage : 355 District Coverage : 64 Lease Fiber (PGCB) 1800 km (as NSP) To summarize this, the district and Upazila coverage of [email protected] limited is 64 and 384 and for Summit Communications Limited they are 64 and 317. NSP (network Service Provider) coverage and planning of [email protected] Limited and Summit communications Limited: At the 11th meeting of Domestic Network Coordination committee (DNCC) it had been decided to provide internet connectivity to all government offices nationwide. In this regards the 1 core of optical fiber of PGCB has been distributed based on zones among two private NTTN operators, [email protected] Limited and Summit communications limited. These two organization have been awarded NSP (network service provider) and in a lease agreement with PGCB for 15 years of time. District Based Distribution: Name of Operator Division/District Remarks Chittagong and Barisal Division 101+40=141 Upazillas Rajshahi Division(31)+Ishshordi Upazilla 32 Upazillas [email protected] Limited +Pabna Rongpur Division 13 Upazillas 122+59= 181 Dhaka + Khulna Division Upazillas BTRC 68 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 59

Name of Operator Division/District Remarks Greater Mymensingh (Mymensingh + 101+40=141 Upazillas Summit Sherpur+Netrokona+Jamalpur) Communications Sylhet Division 14 Upazillas Limited Sirajgonj +Pabna(Except Ishshordi Upazilla ) 13 Upazillas Operators are obligated to fulfill the roll out target of their respective zones which is the expansion of optical fiber network in 64 districts, 250 upazilas,4500 unions by 3 years of period. Optical Fiber Network of Mobile Operator: Since the mobile operator got their licenses, they started building their own optical fiber network optical fiber network and allow only NTTN operators to build such infrastructure. As a result, the expansion of optical fiber infrastructure of mobile operators is stopped completely. And followed by the regulation and the permission from the commission they are allowed to build their optical network only if the presence of NTTN network is not available in such area. Following is the upazilla based optical fiber coverage of mobile operators: Organization Own OFC Network Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited (PBTL) 1127 km Grameenphone Limited 2490 km Banglalink Digital Communications Limited 3000 km Robi Axiata Limited 730 km Airtel Bangladesh Limited 303 km Teletalk Bangladesh Limited 101 km BTCL: BTCL provides optical fiber network connectivity in 64 districts. Besides 1100 unions have been connected under “The Project of Fiber Optic Development in 1000 Union Parishad”. Moreover Districts, Upazillas & Unions are being connecting by the Fiber Optic under “The Project on Establishment Wireless Broadband Network (4G/LTE) for Digital Bangladesh” in Nationwide. At present, BTCL are deploying their networks by the different projects of ICT division. Bangladesh Railway: In the year 1997, Bangladesh Railway provided lease to Grameenphone for 2 core of 2010 km optical fiber network till the year 2027. Later due to the expiration of the lifetime of that BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 69

Page 60

optical fiber Grameenphone took the initiation to upgrade that existing fiber from 2 cores to 32 or 48 cores based on the location. Grameenphone also handed 4 cores optical fiber to Bangladesh railway for using in their signaling purpose. Besides recently, Bangladesh railway has deployed 412 km 48 cores optical fiber cables. PGCB: Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. (PGCB) provides electricity through high voltage grid lines nationwide. That organization has 5549 km OPGW (optical ground wire) high voltage transmission line nationwide that covers 197 upazillas. This fiber core is 4 or 24. However, these electrical transmission optical fiber cables basically use for signaling and the requirement for that is really low. As a result huge unutilized resources are available. For the maximum utilization of resources, with the permission from BTRC, PFCB is leasing dark fiber to different telecom operators. Interactive GIS Map Vision of digital Bangladesh demands a nationwide, independent, strong infrastructure which will transmit data up to the rural lives. The key component of these infrastructures is optical fiber network. Since 1997, as there was no separate license for building transmission, optical fiber cables have been established but the mobile operators for their nationwide coverage. Even though telecom-operators have own optical fiber infrastructures but due to lack of any combined information bank it was not possible for the policy makers to make any decision regarding the proper utilization of the access resources. The requirement of this combined interactive optical fiber infrastructure has been identified at the domestic network coordination meeting presided by the principle secretary and as a result that responsibility of implementation was given to Bangladesh telecommunication regulatory commission. BTRC made an agreement with the Center of Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS) for preparing interactive GIS based optical fiber map. A committee is formed with the members of all telecom operators and the authority of BTRC along with CEGIS programmers. Based on the data proved by the operators this map is now at testing phase. Each operator is given individual password and id for verifying their information. BTRC 70 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 61

According to the contract, till 11.08.2017 BTRC will maintain and update the data through CEGIS but after the due date operators will be liable for updating their own information. Currently through this map it is possible to find out the nationwide OFC status up to the union level. However for using any information from this GIS map, a prior permission is required from the commission. Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) To increase the Broadband services all over the country, the Commission awarded two Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) licenses to Banglalion Communication Ltd (BCL) and Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd (AWBBL) in 2008 and Bangladesh Internet Exchange Ltd. (BIEL) in 2013. All three licensees have the obligation to spread their network within specified zone area. At present AWBBL has their network presence to seven (07) Divisional Headquarters with 2 ASN gateways located at Dhaka and Chittagong. Besides this, Narayanganj, Chandpur, Lakkhipur, Nator, Nowga, Shirajganj, Comilla, Feni, Coxbazar, Pabna, Bogra, Rangpur , Dinajpur, Nilphamari,thakurgoan, Kurigram, Panchagor,Jaypurhat, Chapainababgonj, Munshigonj,Gaibandga and Lalmonirhat districts are also covered in the Network Coverage. Khagrachori, Rangamati, Bandorban are not have network coverage yet. Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Total Active subscriber of AWBBL 26,317 107,906 126,286 135,456 104,593 82,798 49,987 32,832 Like AWBBL, Banglalion Communications Ltd also has their network presence to all divisional Headquarters with 2 ANS gateways located at Dhaka and Chittagong. At present Munshigonj, Narayangonj, Chandpur, Lakkhipur, Noakhali, Feni, Comilla, Coxsbazar, Kustia, Meherpur, Chuadanga, Jhinaidoho, Magura, Jessor, Bagerhat, Shatkhira, Pirojpur, Jhalokathi, Bargona, Potuakhali,Bhola, Rajbari, Faridpur, Narail,Gopalgonj, Madaripur, Shariyatpur, Mymensing, Gazipur and Bogra districts are also covered in the Network Coverage. Only Khagrachori, Rangamati, & Bandorban districts are not yet covered by BCL network. Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Total Active subscriber 22,034 1,43,511 1,88,498 1,80,339 1,64,958 96,989 61,959 40,933 of BCL The third licensee Bangladesh Internet Exchange Ltd (BIEL) is giving their service by the Gateway which is established at Dhaka. at present BIEL has deployed their Network in Jesshore, Gopalganj, Sylhet, Moulovibazar, Rangpur, Rajshahi, Barishal, Mymensing, Pabna, Meherpur District. BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 71

Page 62

Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Total Active subscriber 0 0 0 0 0 0 1,011 1,627 of BIEL The year of 2015-2016 subscribers of mobile internet user has increased. But the Wimax users decreased drastically after 3G license announced officially. Reports Have Been Published this issue several tires Regarding this issue. All over the ISP Operators can provide their services by overhead cable in a cheaper rate which is also one of the reasons of decreasing BWA subscribers’ .Moreover the participation and contributions of BWA operators in many Govt projects, developments of national and social works are appreciated many times. Setting up stand ands on quality of BWA service is still in progress. Finally BWA Operators have the scope to play important and powerful role to build the government planned wireless environmentally friendly and beauty capital in our country. Call Centre Call Centre is one of the most promising sectors in Bangladesh. To address the need for promoting ‘Call Center’ in Bangladesh for generating employment and earning foreign currency, BTRC started issuing licenses to Call Centers in April 2008. With the participation of local entrepreneurs and non-resident Bangladeshis the industry began to flourish. Currently, call centers of different companies from the US, Canada, UK, Australia and other countries are operating here in Bangladesh. BTRC undertakes a number of initiatives to speed up the development of call center industry. In this regard, BTRC and Bangladesh Association of Call Centers & Outsourcing (BACCO) together with the World BPO ITO Forum to familiarize Bangladesh with Callcenter Industry in the world, detailed discussions and initiatives on existing opportunities and functions for the development of call center in Bangladesh. Raise it. Although the sector started with just 700 employees, the number of workers in this sector was more than 40 thousand more. In 2008, the income from this sector was $ 4 million, which is expected to reach $ 100 million by 2021. Apart from licensing at a nominal price and simultaneously providing Revenue Sharing Holidays with the age of 3 to 5 years, 60 percent of the discount for purchasing of the Bandwidth (IP / IPLC) of call centers carries the incentive of BTRC incentives in the development of art. Presently, ITC organizations have started functioning as well as submarine cable for international connection, due to the use of bandwidth, redundant path has been created which will play an important role in the development of art of callcenter. A comparative statistic of the call center industry is mentioned below: Description 2015-2016 2016-2017 Existing Call Centre Licensee/Registration Certificate 365 201 Operational International Call Centres 60 65 Operational Domestic Call Centres 30 32 Employment 24,000+ 40,000+ BTRC 72 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 63

Bangladesh has huge potential for business process outsourcing (BPO) and call center business. The entrepreneurs will be encouraged by various incentives and active initiatives of the BTRC and along with the provision of the jobs of the unemployed educated unemployed youth of the country, as well as access to foreign currencies in the country. Quality of Service (QoS) In general term, Quality of Service (QoS) refers to the ability of a network or service to satisfy the end user. Quality of Service (QoS) is defined in ITU-T Recommendation E.800 as “the collective effect of service performances, which determine the degree of satisfaction of a user of the service”. BTRC is working with high priority to improve quality of service and ensure consumer right. Considering these obligations, BTRC has issued directives on Quality of Service (QoS) for Mobile operators. BTRC has defined threshold for various Key Performance Indicator (lcpl) such as call drop rate, Data Throughput, Network Coverage in the directives. Mobile operators have been preserving the records and submitting to the Commission monthly reports on its compliance with each of the QoS standards specified in the directives. The Commission is assessing the quality of the service continuously through inspection and instructing necessary optimization plan. BTRC has procured QoS monitoring tools from Finland based company Anite Finland Ltd. Using the tools, BTRC is measuring Call Drop, Data Throughput, Network Coverage and other KPIs of Mobile Cellular and Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) services in specific areas without taking any help from operators. User experience while using various social apps such as Facebook and Youtube is also being measured. As a result, BTRC is working more actively to ensure the quality of service and to make necessary up-gradation. BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 73

Page 64

Infrastructure Sharing BTRC issued Infrastructure For sharing the infrastructure between telecom operators Sharing Guideline. Environment friendly infrastructure & maximum utilization of resources main objectives of this Guideline. Invest cost of Telecom service providers will remit on infrastructure, discontinuance of consecutive investment on same infrastructure. Above all the transcendental uses of the network infrastructure will possible by the Infrastructure Sharing. At present time every operator gives priority for sharing their own/ another infrastructure in comparison to build the new infrastructure. As a result a way has been opened for providing service to the customer in very fast time & at low cost. Only passive infrastructure allowed under the BTRC’s issued guideline, not active infrastructure. Mobile phone operators make agreement for sharing infrastructure to each other under this existing guideline and they are sharing Tower, Place, Fiber Optic Cable & Generator in jointly according this. Besides here, BTRC are examining to make scope for implementation of Active Infrastructure Sharing. IP-PABX BTRC approves the use of IP-PABX system in the light of a specific policy imposing certain conditions for non-commercial intra office communication within the country. Under the circumstances, currently many government and private organizations are using this technology. It is should be noted that IP-PABX is a cost effective and modern solution for internal communion within organizations; using this system the business organizations have acquired technological skills. IP-Telephony Bangladesh government is working continuously to introduce new and modern telecommunication technologies and services for domestic as well as international communication. BTRC is directly involved in the introduction of new telecom technologies and their transformation into reasonably priced services suited to modern day customers’ needs. Internet Protocol Telephony, commonly known as IP Telephony, is the most affordable technology of transmitting voice calls through internet in the form of data packets. It is one of the most affordable ways of making international voice calls on the internet. BTRC has already issued 42 IP Telephony licenses (IPTSP) to the Internet Service Providers under certain terms and conditions. At present, 26 IPTSP operators are in operation. This new service provisioning would significantly contribute to the rural telephony offering an affordable alternative for the people to stay connected. No Objection Certificate (NOC) Engineering and Operations division issues NOC to import the non-wireless telecommunication equipment to licensed telecom operators and other entities. This is done in accordance with the respective licensing guidelines and related directives to ensure maintenance of standards for telecommunication equipment. In the last financial year, the Engineering & Operations division issued NOCs to operators for importing huge quantities of various transmission and switching equipment, routers, modems, rectifiers, amplifiers, cables etc. BTRC thus assists in maintaining the quality and standards of telecommunication accessories in the domestic market in Bangladesh BTRC 74 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 65

Prevent Illegal call Termination High powered monitoring committee of BTRC has enhanced the control mechanism to protect illegal call termination. BTRC, nominated officials Law enforcing agencies are directly involved in the Committee.To prevent illegal call termination The necessary steps which have been taken by BTRC are as follows: 1 To Conduct Operation: The Committee formed by BTRC and law enforcing agencies are conducting operation regularly to identify the illegal installations abusing VoIP technology of malicious users. BTRC always prompt to identify the SIM Box users those who are using new technique and various technical strategy is adopting to conduct operation. Generally in these types of operations, Channel Box, Gateway, Server, illegally registered SIM, Computer along with other related equipments are blocked. Regular cases have been lodged to the respective police station after conducting operation. 2 Monitoring to protect illegal usage of bandwidth: It is continuing to monitor the wrong usage of bandwidth of illegal installations using VoIP technology of various International Internet Gateway (IIG) and Internet Service Provider (ISP). Following of that, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) link monitoring is a continuous process including the issuance of necessary warning letter to the respective operators. Recently BTRC has discouraged the illegal usage by bandwidth limit; control the UL/DL ratio etc. for the limited time. 3 To analyze Call Detail Record (CDR): CDR Terminal from all IGW operators has already been established at BTRC to analyze the call volume among all operators as well as to ensure accurate statistics. Report is prepared from the thorough analysis and examination of retrieved CDR from the terminal. Besides statistics of call from different tabular format are collecting from all operators and then in depth analysis & cross examination applies for call volume among all operators. Wrong information or mismatch can be detected through this process. Already CDR mismatches and misdeclaration has been detected and necessary directives have been issued to maintain ethical operational activities. It can be worked as a catalyst to ensure the true revenue from the operator end. 4 SIM BOX Detection System: SIM Box Detection System has been established at BTRC in associated with the all mobile operators to discourage fraud registration and malicious users of illegal SIM Box. Recently increment of additional hits including virtual circuits has been rearranged into the SIM Box detection system as per BTRC directives. It will be effective for incremental detection of many suspicious numbers in the system. 5 Self Regulations System: BTRC has taken necessary steps at different time to prevent illegal VoIP. As a part of this, various types of methods has been taken to detect and deactivate those SIM/RUIM that has been used in illegal VoIP. To detect the illegally used SIM/RUIM, BTRC has developed some logics which are known as self regulations system. Those logics are implemented every day by all mobile operators at a fixed time interval to detect illegally BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 75

Page 66

used SIM/RUIM. As per direction of Commission it is mandatory for respective operator to deactivate to that SIM/RUIM. BTRC also change or extend those logics time to time by analyzing the situation. As a result, usage of SIM/RUIM in illegal VoIP is discouraged. 6 Regular Operational Activities: Inspection is conducting into the operators’ premises licensed by BTRC. By this way, operators are becoming more conscious about proper utilization of their network. Also the concern official of BTRC can be acknowledged regarding the application of licensing condition, guideline and respective directives. Besides these inspection/investigation has been conducted according to the report of various newspapers and from different sources. Video Conferencing Commission has issued a directive on video conferencing for government and private organizations for domestic and international use. However, no tariff has been imposed for the domestic and non-commercial use. In the light of the above, currently many government and private organizations are continuing video conferencing with their branch and associate organizations. Demand of video conferencing is increasing day by day among corporate entities, educational institutions, government organizations and NGOs. Internet Service Provider (ISP) The role of ISPs has been instrumental in providing the latest technology services to meet the ever growing demands of clients. ISPs are playing a pivotal role in providing digital communications, spreading ICT education and increasing internet penetration in Bangladesh. Total Internet solutions; i.e. Dial UP, Cable, Wireless & DSL Broadband internet connection for home and corporate clients, data connectivity (L2/L3 Connectivity, IP-VPN & MPLS-VPN, MPLS & SDH) and other services like domain registration, web design, web hosting, managed network solutions, network security solutions, DNS Parking, video conferencing, email hosting, streaming and FTP server related services are being provided by the ISPs. Currently Six types of ISPs are providing Service in Bangladesh. There are 129 Nationwide, 70 Central Zone and 76 Zonal Licensed ISPs.To provide better and quality service, there are also 477 Category A,B and C ISPs are pproviding Internet Service in District and thana level. ISPs have expended their service in most of the districts in Bangladesh. At present 495 ISPs are operational; they are providing bandwidth to end users after collecting bandwidth from IIG operators. SI. Type Of License Licensed ISP Operational ISP 1. Nationwide 129 105 2. Central Zone 70 54 3. Zonal 76 60 4. Category-A 325 221 5. Category-B 31 9 6. Category-C 91 46 Total 722 495 BTRC 76 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 67

Data Information System (DIS) Data Information System (DIS) is an online media to get operation related information of International Long Distance Cable (ILDC), International Internet Gateway (IIG), Internet Service Provider (Nationwide/Central Zone/Zonal) and Category (A/B/C). Presently, on the system, the ILDC and IIG operators are directly submitting the monthly bandwidth information. These lincensees are also submitting the general information, equipment and IP information to the Commission using DIS system. Registration process of ISP operators is going on. After complete implementation of the system, information will be ensured quickly and it will help reduce the use of paper. Apart from providing information according to the needs of the parliamentary committees or ministries, the revenue collection of the government from IIGs will be iincreased significantly as the DIS system ensuring the information. VoIP Service Provider (VSP) With the view to facilitate international incoming calls, applications for VoIP Service Providers (VSP) license were invited in March 2012. A total of 1504 applications were received in this regard. After evaluation, BTRC issued 842 VSP licenses primarily duly approved by the government. Being directed by the government, BTRC issued another 40 VSP licenses in the second phase. Currently there are 881 VSP licenses in total. According to the licensing guideline, all VSPs are operating as non-facility based operator and each operator is allowed to use a maximum of 90 ports from only one IGW operator. Since there are only 23 IGW operators are operational, each IGW operator is allocated with a maximum of 90 VSP operators. Among those, IGW operators were primarily allowed to select 20 VSPs on their own choice the remaining 70 VSPs are assigned in phases by BTRC. If Any VSP operator applied for further changes of connectivity of IGW, commission c onsider it and give thepermission accordingly. BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 77

Page 68

National Numbering Plan& Short Code To meet the ever-growing challenges of the telecom industry and in conformity with the ITU standards, BTRC formulated the Numbering Plan in 2005. In the Numbering Plan, the dialing procedure follows ITU-T recommended E.164. As per New Numbering Plan, the numbering patterns of different operators are as follows: Sl no Name of the operators Subscriber Number in Each Zone 1 BTCL 2-T-XYZ-ABCDE [100 (XY) exchanges of 10 Lac capacity in each Zone or even 1000 (XYZ) exchanges of 1 Lac Capacity] 2 M/s Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd 11 – ABCDEFGH 100 million capacity for (Citycell) each all over country] 3 M/s Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. 15 – ABCDEFGH 4 M/s Airtel Bangladesh Ltd. 16 – ABCDEFGH 5 M/s Grameenphone Ltd. 17 – ABCDEFGH 6 M/s RobiAxiata Ltd. 18 – ABCDEFGH 7 M/s Banglalink Digital Communicatios 19 – ABCDEFGH Ltd. 8 M/s. Westec Limited 31-T-XY-ABCDE 9 M/s. One Tel Communication Limited 33-T-XY-ABCDE 10 M/s. Bangla Phone Limited 35-T-XY-ABCDE 11 M/s. Tele Barta Ltd. 36-T-XY-ABCDE 12 M/s. S.A Telecom System Ltd. 39-T-XY-ABCDE 13 M/s. Jalalabad Telecom Limited 40-T-XY-ABCDE 14 M/s. Integrated Service Limited 42-T-XY-ABCDE 15 Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) 61X-ABCDEFG [10 (X) operators of 10 million capacity for each all over country] 16 Internet Protocol Telephony Service 96XX-ABCDEF Provider (IPTSP) [10 (XX) operators of 01 million capacity for each all over country or licensed zone] The E&O division allocates short codes to operators/ organizations for offering special/value added services. Short codes are special telephone numbers, significantly shorter than full telephone numbers that can be used to address SMS, MMS messages or dial up service from mobile phones or fixed phones.Short codes are designed to be easier to read and to remember than normal telephone numbers. Like telephone numbers, short codes are unique BTRC 78 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 69

to each operator at the technological level. Short codes are widely used for value-added services. As per Numbering Plan, level ‘1’ is used for accessing special/value added services like emergency services, supplementary services, enquiry and operator-assisted services etc. Some codes are also defined for intra operator network. BTRC is working on Intra Network Service Short code procedure. Short codes allocated to different operators/organizations during 2016-2017 for different services are as follows: Alloca Sl ted Organization Name Short Type of Services no Code 1 Access to Information (a2i) Programme 104 ‘Government Service Information’ 2 ¯^v¯’¨ I cwievi Kj¨vY gš¿Yvjq 103 Emergency Ambulance Service 3 S.A Telecom System Ltd. 123 Post Paid Billing 4 Information Communication Technology Division 999 National Help Desk Service 5 Bangladesh Railway 131 Railway Information Service 6 Ali Hospital 10602 Emergency Medical Service 7 Catharsis Medical Centre Ltd. 10612 Emergency Medical Service 8 Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) 2828 Customer Care Service 9 US-Bangla Airlines Ltd. 13605 Flight Information Service 10 Chittagong City Corporation 16104 Citizen Help Line 11 16171 ‘General Information Service 12 ZIP IT Ltd. 16214 ‘e-Infotainment (Music Radio, Video, App, Music, WAP, Games)’ 13 Elite Technologies Ltd. 16355 Customer Care Service 14 I am digital Ltd. 16417 E-Information (Braking News, Funny/Famous Quotes, Life Style, Sports News) 15 Union Communications Ltd. 16418 ‘E-entertainment service (News Service, Sports Update, Follow/BlogService, Horoscope, Jokes)’ 16 Stellar Digital Ltd. 16443 ‘e-entertainment Service (Breaking News, Music, Video, Ringtones, Life style, Soprt update)’ 17 Software Shop Ltd. 16444 e service' (news, entertainment, iformation) 18 ProgGyan Ltd. 16445 ‘e-information (Knowledge base)’ 19 Hash Tag Solutions 16446 ‘e-infotainment (Music, Jokes, News Update, Sports update, Horoscope, Tips, Ringtones, Video)’ 20 E.B. Solutions Ltd. 16447 ‘e-information (Music, News update, Jokes, Horoscope, Ringtones, Love quote)’ 21 Bangla Trac Ltd. 16448 ‘e-information (Music, News update, Jokes, Horoscope, Ringtones, Love quote)’ BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 79

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Alloca Sl ted Organization Name Short Type of Services no Code 22 Avis Technologies Ltd. 16449 General Knowledge Service’ 23 Digi Tech24 16450 ‘e-service (information, entertainment, news)’ 24 New Eagle Video & VCD 16451 ‘e-infotainment (Music, Jokes, Horoscope, Tips, Ringtones, Video)’ 25 AD65 Ltd. 16452 ‘e-infotainment (News update, Movie udater, Sports update, Software Clients Information)’ 26 Public Health Services & Solutions Ltd. 16454 ‘Customer Care Service’ 27 SmartGo Solution Ltd. 16455 ‘e-service (entertainment, information, e-marketing related information)’ 28 next online limited 16456 ‘Customer Care Service’ 29 Green Delta Insurance Company Ltd. 16457 ‘Customer Care Service’ 30 Axiom Technologies Ltd. 16458 ‘e-information’ 31 Bengal Communication Ltd. 16459 ‘Customer Care Service’ 32 RobiAxita Ltd. 16460 ‘Robi Ticketing Service’ 33 RNG Mobile Ltd. 16461 ‘e-infotainment (Music, Jokes, News Update, Sports update, Horoscope, Tips, Ringtones, Video)’ 33 Six Generation IT Ltd. 16462 ‘e-infotainment (Weather update, Prayer Time, News, Jokes, Horoscope, Music, Job Alert)’ 34 Aamra holdings Ltd. 16463 ‘Customer Care Service’ 35 Bangladesh export import Co. Ltd. 16464 ‘Customer Care Service’ 36 Traumalink Bangladesh Ltd. 16465 ‘e-information (medi care service)’ 37 electro soft 16466 ‘e-infotainment (news update, sports update, music, tips, ringtone, jokes, horoscope)’ 38 Ezzy Enterprise 16467 ‘Security/Emergency Alert Service’ 39 M/s. Digital Solution 16468 ‘e-infotainment (news updates, sports upadate, tips, job alerts, music, ringtone, horoscope, jokes)’ 40 ACI Logistics Ltd 16469 Call Centre service’ 41 Japan Solartech (Bangladesh) Limited 16470 “Customar Care Service” 42 Contel Technology 16471 ‘e-entertainment (News update, Sports update, Music, ’ 43 United Media Ltd. 16472 ‘Breaking News Service’ 44 Inviews 16473 ‘e-entertainment (News update, Sports update, Music,Lifestyle, e-book, games, celebristynews,Video,) 45 Dhaka Bank Ltd. 16474 ‘Banking Service’ BTRC 80 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 71

Cases filed and disposed against and on behalf of the Commission from the financial year 2010-2011 to 2016-2017: Sl No Financial year Cases filed Cases disposed of 1. 2016-2017 52 15 2. 2015-2016 30 21 3. 2014-2015 48 27 4. 2013-2014 33 5 5. 2012-2013 20 16 6. 2011-2012 51 18 7. 2010-2011 14 12 Year wise Statistics of Cases filed and disposed against and on behalf of the Commission from the financial year 2010-2011 to 2016-2017: 60 50 40 30 Cases Filed 20 Cases disposed 10 0 1 5 4 2 7 3 6 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 10 14 13 11 16 12 15 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 Cases pending in the lower judiciary BTRC takes legal action against any person for providing telecom service without any license or permit from the Commission. Generally, criminal action is taken against the offender by lodging G.R cases to the concerned police station. In order to achieve positive result in favor of Commission and to protect Government interest, this Directorate always guides and cooperates with the complainants and the investigation officers in the legal proceedings. Moreover, employees like Assistant Director to Director of the Commission submit their statements and documents in presence before the Court through appointed lawyer under section 80(7) of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation Act, 2001. Inspite of having weakness in the investigation of technical issue made by police, absence of adequate witness before court, after recovering administrative fine Govt./Commission withdraw cases, absence of adequate information regarding absconding accused, Govt./Commission won 52.17% of the criminal cases. It is to be noted that the Commission lodges certificate cases as per the provisions of the Public Demands Recovery Act, 1913 and conducts such cases actively for recovery of outstanding against different non-compliant operator. Commission actively conducts the suits filed against it. As a result, almost hundred percent judgments go in favor of the Commission. At present, the number of the total pending BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 97

Page 72

criminal cases lodged by the Commission in the lower judiciary is 155 (One hundred and fifty five), among these criminal cases under trial are 75, disposed of are 32 and civil cases under trial are 40, disposed of are 8 in number. Approval of CS/FR in the illegal VoIP related criminal cases According to section 61, 78 and relative sections of The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation Act, 2001, the authority has given to the law enforcement authority to take necessary legal action to prevent illegal VoIP. According to section 78(9) of The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation Act, 2001, investigation officer has obligation to take approval from the Commission to submit investigation report in the investigation of the offence of this Act. According to that, the officer powered by commission, Director General (LL), after analyzing case diary (CD), supplementary case diary (SCD), charge sheet (CS) or final report (FR) gives written approval or necessary legal order. Cases pending in the higher judiciary This Division conducts various cases filed against the Commission by any individual/ organization. It may be mentioned that the aggrieved persons generally seek relief by filing Writ of Mandamus and Writ of Certiorari under the writ jurisdiction of the Honorable High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Relief is also sought by filing criminal revisions against the orders for framing of charge by the Session Courts. To contest the cases, LL Division prepares affidavit in opposition for filing to the concerned Bench and conducts the hearing through concerned law chamber. Besides, the preliminary tasks such as preparing letter of authorization for swearing the affidavit, power (Vakalatnama) and notice, and collection of all documents for making annexure to the concerned affidavit in opposition, are also performed by the LL Division. As a result, around 86.39% judgments are passed in favor of the Commission. From the establishment of the commission, a total of 372 (Three hundred and Seventy Two) cases were lodged in the Higher judiciary, in which 184 (One hundred and Eighty Four) cases are in hearing stage and 188 (One hundred and Eighty Eight) cases are disposed of in the Honorable High Court Division and Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Administrative Fine In case of any violation of any conditions of any license or directives or provisions of the Act/ Regulations by the licensee, LL Division issues a show cause notice to the concern licensee under section 31(l), 46(3)(c), 46(3)(d), 63(3), 64(3), 65 of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation Act, 2001 and the related Licensing conditions for putting forward their statement. If the reply of the licensee is not satisfactory, it is placed to the Commission for taking decision of imposing fine to the concern licensee. Legal and Licensing Division execute the decision of the Commission. Dispute Resolution If any operator or a subscriber lodges a well-founded complaint to the Commission about another operator, the Commission may, within 7(seven) days of receipt of such complaints, direct the concerned party to redress/ resolve the grievance/ matter. The LL division may also summon the concerned operators to resolve the dispute amicably. If any dispute arises among the Licensees or Operators, the Commission may take step to resolve the matter under the provision of section 31(2)(f), 31(2)(r) of the Bangladesh BTRC 98 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 73

Telecommunication Regulation Act, 2001 and Regulation 10 of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (Interconnection) Regulations, 2004. It is obligatory for the licensees of the Commission to abide by the decision of the Commission regarding any dispute among the licensees. At present, there have some dispute resolution among the operators under process in the commission. Success of BTRC in this year on some exceptional cases filed against Commission 1. Money Suit No. 33 of 2013 was filed against Commission claiming damages of 960 (Nine Hundred and Sixty) crore Tk. in the Court of 1st Joint District Judge, Dhaka by PSTN operator National Telecom Ltd., which was shut down by Commission in accusation of illegal VoIP activities. The Commission contested the suit and submitted written statement and plaint rejection petition. After long hearing, the learned Court was pleased to grant the plaint rejection petition in last 27 August 2015, submitted by the Commission. As a result, judgment passed in favor of Commission in the above mentioned suit. 2. Money Suit No. 32 of 2013 was filed against Commission claiming damages of 5,53,20,00,000 (Five Hundred Fifty Three crore and Twenty lac) Tk. in the Court of 1st Joint District Judge, Dhaka by PSTN operator WorldTel Bangladesh Ltd., which was shut down by Commission in accusation of illegal VoIP activities. The Commission contested the suit and submitted written statement and plaint rejection petition. After long hearing, the learned Court was pleased to grant the plaint rejection petition in last 27 August 2015, submitted by the Commission. As a result, judgment passed in favor of Commission in the above mentioned suit. 3. A Certificate Case was filed against Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd. for the recovery of dues revenue of Commission. On the contrary, the Commission contested in the CPLA No. 2782 of 2016 arising out of Company Matter No. 167 of 2015 filed by the organization in the Honorable High Court Division. As a result, the Commission received 2,44,65,95,444 (Two Hundred Forty Four crore Sixty Five lac Ninety Five thousand Four hundred and Forty Four) Tk. from the organization. 4. The Commission contested the Writ Petition No. 830 of 2016 filed by PSTN operator WorldTel Bangladesh Ltd. for the activities of the cancellation of allocated spectrum of it in accusation of illegal VoIP activities. As a result, 7.4 MHz spectrum has been freed, which has a market value of about 1776 (One thousand Seven hundred Seventy Six) crore Tk. through the dismissal order of the Honorable High Court Division. 5. The Commission contested the 7 (Seven) Writ Petition filed by Bangla Phone Ltd. for taking different steps against it in accusation of providing NTTN service without license and under expired permit. As a result, the legality, reasonability, regularity and validity of the directions and activities of Commission have been proved through the dismissal order in all of the above mentioned Writ Petition by Honorable High Court Division. By this order, discipline in telecom sector has been ensured for the compliance of other operator in line with those directions and activities through the performance of proper role of Commission as telecom regulator. Moreover, Commission resolved different issues in question through imposition and collection of administrative fine from non-compliant operator, resultantly concerned cases and disposed of. As a result, tendency for becoming non-compliant by the BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 99

Page 74

operator has been decreased and huge amount of revenue deposited to Government Exchequer. About few hundreds crore Tk. of the Government has been collected through dues revenue collection related cases. Commission has saved about 1.5 thousand crore Tk. by actively conducted the cases filed against it for claiming compensation or damages. Opportunity also has been created to earn thousands crore Tk. through conducting cases relating to cancellation of spectrum allocation as well. As a result, almost hundred percent judgments go in favor of the Commission. After all, discipline in telecom sector has been ensured for the compliance of other operator in line with the directions and activities through the performance of proper role of Commission as telecom regulator. As a result, it has been possible to maintain discipline and at a time orderly development of a telecommunication system has been ensured. Licensing Directorate Licensing directorate takes necessary steps to issue, renew, amend and cancel all kinds of licenses relating to telecommunication and to make different regulations under the provisions of The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation Act, 2001. Licensing directorate also implements all decisions of the Commission relating to licenses, with prior approval of the Government. These include issuance/ revalidation/ renewal/ suspension/ cancellation/ surrender/ amendment/ merger of licenses and amendment of licensing conditions. This directorate performs all activities relating to obtaining Government approval for invitation of application for licenses, acceptance of proposal, evaluation of application, issuance and renewal of license, to update the information relating to the licenses on BTRC website etc. Activities of Licensing Directorate: Some important activities of this directorate are as follows in a nut shell: 1) Implement all decisions of the Commission relating to licenses, with prior approval of the Government. 2) Invitation of application for licenses through advertisement. 3) Acceptance of proposal for license and evaluation of application or proposal. 4) Send the evaluation report of license to the Ministry. 5) Preparation of license as per the decision of Ministry. 6) Issuance all types of license. 7) Renewal all types of license. 8) Receive and settle the annual endorsement of license. 9) Issuing show-cause notice on violation of licensing conditions. 10) Issuing all types of guidelines compiled by Commission. 11) Assist to audit activities of Commission. 12) Assist to preparation of different types of licensing report including annual report. 13) Preserve and update all information regarding issuance and cancellation of license and published on BTRC website. 14) To take steps for implementation of the decision of Commission relating to issuance/ revalidation/ renewal/ suspension/ cancellation/ surrender/ amendment/ merger of licenses and amendment of licensing conditions. BTRC 100 Annual Report-2016-2017

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15) Do all activities regarding impose of licensing conditions. 16) To take steps to approve the different types of telecommunication service in consistence with the policy of the Government. 17) Name and address change of licensing organization. 18) Present the agenda relating to license to the Commission meeting for decision. 19) Implement the decision of Commission meeting. 20) Execute the Compulsory Implementation Order. 21) Preserve, deduct and release of Bank guarantee relating to roll out. 22) Communication with ministry and implementation of the decision regarding license. 23) Settle the application regarding share transfer. 24) Settle the issue regarding merger of company. 25) Do any other activities by order of superior authority. Issuance of License: The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (Licensing Procedure) Regulations, 2004 (BTRC Regulation No. 1 of 2004) has compiled in view of issued license to the organization serving telecommunication service in consistent with and implementation of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation Act, 2001. According to the said licensing regulation, license for telecommunication service has been issued by bidding/ auction and open procedure. 1. Open Licensing procedure: The licenses for providing ISP, IPTSP call center, vehicle tracking, NTTN, NIX and VSAT services are issued by the Commission following the open licensing procedure. After receiving the applications for these licenses, a committee detailed by the Commission inspects the applicants’ establishment to verify the legal requirements and submit a report to the commission. A report basing on the committee’s proceeding is sent to the government for the approval for issuance of license. After obtaining approval of the government the license is issued from the Commission. Here, the types of licenses issued by the Commission through open licensing procedure are given below as flowchart: ISP VTS IPTSP Call Cpen Cyber Center Licensing Cafe NIX VSAT NTTN BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 101

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2.Bidding/auction licensing procedure: These licenses are limited in number and are awarded through bidding system. Generally, the licenses are awarded according to the guidelines made for licensing procedure for every type of license. The Commission forms an evaluation committee for proper scrutiny and examination of applications applied for each type of license. The concerned evaluation committee evaluates all applications and recommends for the eligible applicants. This division sends the aforesaid views/ recommendation to the MoPTIT for obtaining prior approval of the government to take subsequent action. As a valuable and precious property of the country, spectrum related licenses are awarded by bidding or auction. The auction is done following the procedure described in the concerned guidelines which is duly approved by the Commission and the Government. Here, the types of licenses issued by the Commission through bidding licensing procedure are given below on flowchart: BTRC 102 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Since the formation time of Commission to 30th June, 2017 with the view of issuance of various license the following guidelines are issued: Category Name of the Guidelines Issue No. Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for PSTN PSTN Operator License, 2004 Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for GSM BTRC/LL/New Cellular Mobile (218)/2005- 2G Cellular Mobile Cellular Mobile Telecommunication Services 1729, Dated: 05-10-2005 Central Zone PSTN Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for PSTN BTRC/LL/Central Zone/PSTN (227)/2006- Services in Central Zone 1916, Dated: 23-03-2006 Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for International BTRC/LL/IGW(247)/2007-3447, Dated: IGW Gateway (IGW) Services 08-10-2007 ICX Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for BTRC/LL/ICX(248)/2007-3448, Dated: Interconnection Exchange (ICX) Services 08-10-2007 IIG Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for International BTRC/LL/IIG(249)/2007-3452, Dated: Internet Gateway (IIG) Services 16-10-2007 Zonal PSTN License ‡_‡K National License G BTRC/LL/PSTN Conversion (235)/2006- PSTN Conversion Conversion Kivi c×wZ I m¤¢ve¨ kZ©vejx 2996, Dated: 04-07-2007 Infrastructure Sharing Amended Guidelines for Infrastructure Sharing BTRC/LL/INF-Sharing (304)/2008-227, Dated: 07-07-2007 Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for Broadband BTRC/LL/BWA(275)/2008-1033, Dated: BWA 06-08-2008 Wireless Access Services in Bangladesh NTTN Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for National BTRC/LL/NTTN(307)/2008-1346, Dated: Telecommunication Transmission Network 30-11-2008 Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for Internet BTRC/LL/IP Telephony(276)/2008-260, IPTSP Protocol Telephony Service Provider License Dated: 15-04-2009 Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines (Amended) for BTRC/LL/Vehicle Tracking (311)/2008-277, VTS Vehicle Tracking Service Dated: 26-04-2009 Call Center Amended Guidelines on Call Center Licensing BTRC/LL/Call Center/Licensing Procedure (268)/2008-503(1), Dated: 14-07-2009 Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for International BTRC/LL/ITC(369)/2008-178, ITC Terrestrial Cable (ITC) Systems and Services in Dated: 31-03-2011 Bangladesh SC Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for Submarine BTRC/LL/SC(270)/2008-177, Cable Systems and Services Dated: 31-03-2011 Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for issuing BTRC/LL/NIX(387)/2011-845, NIX License to National Internet Exchange Dated: 27-06-2012 Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for Invitation of IGW Proposals/Offers for Issuing License for Establishing, BTRC/LL/IGW(383)/2011-699, Operating and Maintaining International Gateway (IGW) Dated: 20-10-2011 Services in Bangladesh Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for Invitation of BTRC/LL/ICX(384)/2011-700, Proposals/Offers for Issuing License for ICX Interconnection Exchange (ICX) Services Establishing, Dated: 20-10-2011 Operating and Maintaining Services in Bangladesh Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for Invitation of Proposals/Offers for Issuing License for Establishing, BTRC/LL/IIG(385)/2011-701, IIG Operating and Maintaining International Internet Dated: 20-10-2011 Gateway (IIG) Services in Bangladesh Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for Renewal of Cellular Mobile Phone Operator License for BTRC/LL/Mobile/License Renewal(342)/ 2G Cellular Mobile Establishing, Operating and Maintaining Cellular 2009-563, Dated: 11-09-2011 (Renewal) Mobile Phone Systems and Services in Bangladesh Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for issuing BTRC/LL/VSP(392)/2012-889, VSP License to VoIP Service Provider (VSP) Dated: 22-07-2012 in Bangladesh Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for Invitation of 3G Proposals/Offers for Issuing License for Establishing, BTRC/LL/3G Guideline (394)/Part-1/2012- Operating and Maintaining 3G Cellular Mobile Phone 148, Dated:14-02-2013 Services in Bangladesh Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for Mobile 14.32.0000., MNP Number Portability Services in Bangladesh. Dated:15-06-2016 BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 103

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A brief description of the service of licenses issued by the Commission is provided below: 1. International Gateway (IGW) License: This license has been issued with the view to earn government revenue by routing international voice transmission through legal routes. IGW is switching system through which international voice can be received and transmitted. The traffic flow can be monitored in the IGW. The Commission has issued 23 (Twenty Three) IGW licenses with the prior approval of the Government. All IGW operators have been performing their activities abiding by rules & regulations. 2. Interconnection Exchange (ICX) License: For the convenience of call management of both international and domestic voice calls, ICX licenses have been issued. ICX refers to switching system which provides interconnection network among the existing/ future telecommunication network of the operators and allows monitoring, lawful interception facilities and roaming of number portability. The Commission issued 26 (Twenty Six) ICX licenses with the prior approval of the Government. All ICX operators have been performing their activities abiding by rules & regulations. 3. International Internet Gateway (IIG) License: IIG licenses have been issued in order to ensure proper use of internet bandwidth and to analyse different usage of the internet subscribers. IIG is a system through which data traffic is recieved and transmitted internationally. The Commission, with the prior approval of the Government has issued 35 (Thirty Five) IIG licenses. All IGW operators have been performing their activities abiding by rules & regulations. 4. Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) License: This license has been issued to link the rural people of the country with the information super highway by providing high speed data services along with the voice services through mobile phones. The aim of this license to introduce wireless broadband in the country to keep pace with the new technology. WiMAX is such a platform from where operators can provide newer value added services to the interest based people of the country. The Commission has issued 3 (Three) BWA licenses. All BWA operators have been performing their activities abiding by rules & regulations. 5. International Terrestrial Cable (ITC) License: The idea is to link up with the neighboring country and through them to connect with the international super highway i.e., submarine cable by laying optical fiber network within the country. Through this service, uninterrupted telecommunication services of both data and voice can be ensured around the globe. 7 (Seven) ITC licenses have been issued with the prior approval of the Government. All ITC operators have been performing their activities abiding by rules & regulations. 6. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Operator License: This license was issued in order to reach fixed phone services to the door steps of the people of the country in parallel to provide mobile phone services. In PSTN, people are served with telecommunication services by using wire and WLL system. The Commission has issued 12 (Twelve) PSTN licenses. All PSTN operators have been performing their activities abiding by rules & regulations. 7. National Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN) License: BTRC has issued NTTN licenses for building a unique and common telecommunication extension network and for its maintenance throughout the country. The main objective of this is to help making ‘Digital bangladesh’ by creating an opportunity for all BTRC 104 Annual Report-2016-2017

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telecommunication service providers to use a country wide transmission network backbone.The Commission, with the prior approval of the Government has issued 5 (Five) NTTN licenses. All NTTN operators have been performing their activities abiding by rules & regulations. 8. Vehicle Tracking Services (VTS) License: This service enables to locate all types of transports of the entire country through mobile phone. The technology of GPS and cellular mobile phone system used in this field. 22 (Twenty Two) Vehicle Tracking Services licenses and 3 (Three) Vehicle Tracking Service Approval have been issued with the prior approval of the Government. All Vehicle Tracking Service Providers have been performing their activities abiding by rules & regulations. 9. Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider (IPTSP) License: Internet Protocol Telephony is commonly known as IP Telephony by which voice calls can be transformed into data packets to transmit from one point to another through internet. Through this telecommunication system a voice call can be made in a cheap rate by using internet. The Commission, with the prior approval of the Government has issued 34 (Thirty Four) IPTSP licenses. All IPTSP operators have been performing their activities abiding by rules & regulations. 10. Internet Service Provider (ISP) License: ISP operators provide the service of dialup, cable, wireless and DSL broadband internet connection, data connectivity to various organizations and to individual subscribers. They also provide other services like domain registration, web design, web hosting, managed network solution, network security solution, DNS parking, video conference, e-mail hosting etc. The Commission issued 308 (Three Hundred Eight) ISP licenses with the prior approval of the Government. All ISP operators have been performing their activities abiding by rules & regulations. 11. Internet Service Provider including Cyber Café License: Small entrepreneurs can provide internet and cyber café service investing a short capital. Generally, cyber cafes are providing services in the city for reaching easy internet access to the urban people. The cyber cafés have been brought under the Licensing format to prevent the student folk from unexpected illegal activities by the unobstructed use of cyber café. The Commission, with the prior approval of the Government has issued 346 (Three Hundred Forty Six) Cyber Café licenses. All Cyber Café operators have been performing their activities abiding by rules & regulations. 12. Call Center License: A Call center can provide services like exchange of information, conducting business, marketing etc., to a third party by using telecommunication facilities and internet. Call center is one of the promising sectors of Bangladesh. Call Center was introduced as a new era of earning foreign exchange and to create employment opportunity in Bangladesh since 2008. Call Center service will expand further with the establishment of a redundant submarine cable in our country. The Commission issued 180 (One Hundred Eighty) Call Center licenses. Recently with the prior approval of the Government the Commission introduces call center registration instead of license by excluding call center from telecom service. In the mean time, 117 (One Hundred Seventeen) organizations have registered for providing different categories’ service related call center. It is expecting that for the above mentioned decision all kind of call center will developed and it will contribute in socio economic sector of the country. All Call Center operators have been performing their activities abiding by rules & regulations. BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 105

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13. National Internet Exchange (NIX) License: National Internet Exchange is the neutral peering point of internet service providers. The main objective of having NIX is to ensure routing of domestic internet traffic. NIX would help the development of local contents, web hosting and ease the routing of domestic traffic and thereby would minimize use of international bandwidth to save foreign currency.The Commission, with the prior approval of the Government has issued 02 (Two) National Internet Exchange (NIX) licenses. All NIX operators have been performing their activities abiding by rules & regulations. 14. VoIP service Provider (VSP) License: VoIP is a voice conversation system over internet or internet network protocol. Here voice data are transmitted using packet switch network instead of dedicated circuit switch voice transmission line.The Commission, with the prior approval of the Government has issued 881 (Eight Hundred Eighty One) VoIP service Provider (VSP)licenses. All VSP operators have been performing their activities abiding by rules & regulations. Status of the licenses in the year of 2016-2017 The Commission has issued various licenses in the financial year of 2016-2017 for providing various telecom services like National Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN), Vehicle Tracking Services, Internet protocol Telephony Service Provider, ISP and Call Center etc. A total of 268 (Two hundred sixty eight) different licenses were issued by the Commission in this financial year. The description is given below: S/No. Category of License No. of Issued License 1 Internet Service Provider- Nationwide 05 2 Internet Service Provider- Zonal (Central Zone) 03 3 Internet Service Provider- Zonal (South-East) 01 4 Internet Service Provider- Zonal (South-West) 03 5 Internet Service Provider- Zonal (North-East) 03 6 Internet Service Provider- Zonal (North-West) 04 7 Internet Service Provider including cyber cafe- Category A 145 8 Internet Service Provider including cyber cafe - Category B 07 9 Internet Service Provider including cyber cafe - Category C 41 10 Call Center Registration Certificate 48 11. VSAT-User 01 12. Vehicle Tracking Services 07 Total 268 BTRC 106 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Statistics of the issued licenses by the Commission in the financial year of 2016-2017 The list of newly issued Nationwide ISP and Zonal ISP License in the year of 2016-2017 No. Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 1. Air Max 14.32.0000.007.55.832.16.106, Date: 05-09-2016 2. M/s. Skylink Solution International 14.32.0000.007.55.875.15.114, Date: 12-02-2017 3. Global Voice.Com 14.32.0000.007.55.794.16.112, Date: 15-12-2016 4. Advance Telecom 14.32.0000.007.55.885.16.111, Date: 18-12-2016 5. Bee Connection 14.32.0000.007.55.885.16.111, Date: 18-12-2016 6. Technocore bangladesh 14.32.0000.007.55.742.16.113, Date: 08-01-2017 7. M/s. Speed Net 14.32.0000.007.55.793.15.108, Date: 24-11-2016 8. Creativa IT 14.32.0000.007.55.830.16.111, Date: 15-12-2016 9. IT Next Technology 14.32.0000.007.55.883.15.115, Date: 21-05-2016 10. Shariatpur Online .Net 14.32.0000.007.55.880.15.110, Date: 15-12-2016 11. City Net IT 14.32.0000.007.55.833.16.109, Date: 08-12-2016 12. One Sky Communications Limited 14.32.0000.007.55.617.16.125, Date: 21-11-2016 13. Antaranga Dot Com Ltd 14.32.0000.007.55.612.16.126, Date: 07-12-2016 14. Planet Information Technology Solution Ltd 14.32.0000.007.55.603.15.127, Date: 15-12-2016 15. SK Traders 14.32.0000., Date: 15-11-2016 16. DB Technologies 14.32.0000., Date: 22-11-2016 17. Cosmopolitan Communications Ltd 14.32.0000., Date: 05-12-2016 18. Business Zone Limited 14.32.0000., Date: 15-12-2016 19. Triangle Services Limited 14.32.0000., Date: 26-12-2016 BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 107

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The list of newly issued ISP including Cyber Cafe License in the year of 2016-2017 No. Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 1. Combined Soft 14.32.0000., Date: 11-07-2016 2. Alamin Computer 14.32.0000.007.56.331.15.236, Date: 27-07-2016 3. New Bangla Speed. Net 14.32.0000.007.56.334.15.235, Date: 24-07-2016 4. Classic Network 14.32.0000., Date: 31-10-2016 5. Seba It. 14.32.0000.007.56.324.15.237, Date: 24-10-2016 6. Alion Online 14.32.0000.007.56.347.15.238, Date: 24-10-2016 7. Media Online 14.32.0000.007.56.348.15.239, Date: 24-10-2016 8. I Smart Bd 14.32.0000., Date: 15-11-2016 9. Vintag Network 14.32.0000.007.56.326.15.242, Date: 60-11-2016 10. JGC Broadband & Solution 14.32.0000.007.56.344.16.241, date: 03-11-2016 11. Best Online 14.32.0000., Date: 14-11-2016 12. Goti Net 14.32.0000.007.56.424.15.245, Date: 14-11-2016 13. J H Global Technology 14.32.0000.007.56.424.15.252, Date: 20-11-2016 14. On Touch Computer 14.32.0000.007.56.424.15.253,Date: 20-11-2016 15. Sun Online 14.32.0000.007.56.346.15.254, Date: 23-10-2017 16. A-1Dot Ne 14.32.0000.007.56.381.15.250, Date: 17-11-2016 17. IBD Communication 14.32.0000.007.56.381.15.249, Date: 17-11-2016 18. Asianet Online Services 14.32.0000.007.56.381.15.248, Date: 17-11-2016 19. Ava Bd Network 14.32.0000.007.56.398.15.251, Date: 17-11-2016 20. Alifa Cyber Café 14.32.0000., Date: 24-10-2016 21. Fast Net BD 14.32.0000., Date: 24-10-2016 22. Duronto Online 14.32.0000.007.56.424.15.253, Date: 24-10-2016 23. Next Generation Network BD 14.32.0000., Date: 24-10-2016 24. Tejgoan Fiber Net 14.32.0000., Date: 24-10-2016 25. Mahir Dot Net 14.32.0000.007.56.318.15.255, Date: 24-10-2016 26. UK BD Corporation 14.32.0000.007.56.345.15.256, Date: 24-10-2016 27. Automation System 14.32.0000.007.56.336.15.260, Date: 24-10-2016 28. Cnet Communication 14.32.0000.007.56.455.15.262, Date: 24-10-2016 29. Dhaka Online 14.32.0000.007.56.397.15.266, Date: 24-10-2016 30. Reign ICT 14.32.0000., Date: 24-10-2016 31. Desh Online 14.32.0000., Date: 24-10-2016 32. Micro Link Communication 14.32.0000., Date: 28-11-2016 33. Quick Net BD 14.32.0000., Date: 29-11-2016 34. My Net System 14.32.0000., Date: 28-11-2016 35 Extreme Net 14.32.0000.007.56.418.15.270, Date: 28-11-2016 36 Taltola.Net 14.32.0000., Date: 28-11-2016 37 PCA Online 14.32.0000., Date: 28-11-2016 38 Cyber City 14.32.0000., Date: 29-11-2016 39 Mostofa Trade Corporation 14.32.0000.007.56.508.15.278, Date: 29-11-2016 40 I nox Net Communication 14.32.0000.007.56.430.15.281, Date: 01-12-2016 41 Super Link It Solution 14.32.0000., Date: 29-11-2016 42 Apon Computer Training Institute 14.32.0000.007.56.448.15.273, Date: 29-11-2016 43 Digital Communication 14.32.0000.007.56.419.15.279, Date: 29-11-2016 44 Extreme Net 1 14.32.0000.007.56.416.15.277, Date: 29-11-2016 45 F4 Internet Solutions 14.32.0000.007.56.496.15.276, Date: 29-11-2016 46 Boishakhee Net 14.32.0000., Date: 29-11-2016 47 Net Zone Computers 14.32.0000.007.56.302.15.283, Date: 01-12-2016 48 Fast Net 14.32.0000., Date: 01-12-2016 49 UTSO Communication 14.32.0000.007.56.919.15.285, Date: 01-12-2016 50 NR Falcon Online 14.32.0000., Date: 01-12-2016 51 Look Media Network 14.32.0000.007.56.427.15.282, Date: 01-12-2016 BTRC 108 Annual Report-2016-2017

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52 Low Speed Network 14.32.0000.007.56.453.15.286, Date: 01-12-2016 53 Global Network 14.32.0000., Date: 01-12-2016 54 S Link 14.32.0000.007.56.408.15.294, Date: 18-12-2016 55 Multi Net 14.32.0000., Date: 19-12-2016 56 Turka Link Enterprise 14.32.0000.007.56.461.15.298, Date: 19-12-2016 57 ABC Net 14.32.0000.007.56.449.15.300, Date: 19-12-2016 58 Bit Net Technology 14.32.0000.007.56.351.15.289, Date: 12-12-2016 59 Sreejon Online.Com 14.32.0000., Date: 12-12-2016 60 Home Link Business Corner 14.32.0000.007.56.360.15.300, Date: 19-12-2016 61 Brothers Internet 14.32.0000., Date: 14-12-2016 62 SM Network 14.32.0000.007.56.4818.15.297, Date: 19-12-2016 63 Voyager Internet Service 14.32.0000.007.56.445.15.293, Date: 19-12-2016 64 E-Jogajog 14.32.0000.007.56.355.15.295, Date: 19-12-2016 65 Btek Limited 14.32.0000.007.56.903.15.296, Date: 19-12-2016 66 Wink Communication 14.32.0000.007.56.305.16.291, Date: 19-12-2016 67 IP-Link Network 14.32.0000., Date: 08-01-2017 68 Mixon Online 14.32.0000., Date: 19-12-2016 69 Click Comuunication 14.32.0000., Date: 16-12-2016 70 Akbor Power Net 14.32.0000.007.56.388.15.303, date: 28-12-2016 71 Mars Computer Net 14.32.0000.007.56.382.15.302, date: 26-12-2016 72 Bani net works Ltd 14.32.0000., date: 08-01-2017 73 MS Technology 14.32.0000., date: 05-01-2017 74 Ideal Communication Services 14.32.0000.007.56.494.15.308, date: 08-01-2017 75 Active Network 14.32.0000., date: 02-01-2017 76 Pollobi Online 14.32.0000.007.56.383.15.304, date: 02-01-2017 77 Smart Digital 14.32.0000.007.56.479.15.305, date: 02-01-2017 78 Mega Net Systems 14.32.0000.007.56.908.16.319, date: 12-12-2016 79 IT Communication 14.32.0000., date: 23-01-2017 80 City.Net 14.32.0000.007.56.460.15.311, date: 08-01-2017 81 Expert Online 14.32.0000.007.56.392.15.313, date: 11-01-2017 82 Fast track BD.Net 14.32.0000., date: 19-01-2017 83 Sky Link Broadband Internet 14.32.0000., date: 26-01-2017 84 GK Network 14.32.0000.007.56.921.16.318, Date: 12-01-2017 85 RL café net 14.32.0000.007.56.503.15.336, Date: 26-01-2017 86 Speed Link 14.32.0000., Date: 11-01-2017 87 Maisha Net 14.32.0000.007.56.904.16.312, Date: 11-01-2017 88 AG Communication 14.32.0000.007.56.497.16.315, Date: 11-01-2017 89 MSN Technology Bangladesh 14.32.0000.007.56.361.16.322, Date: 23-01-2017 90 Hossain Business Center 14.32.0000.007.56.504.16.317, Date: 12-01-2017 91 Abroad 14.32.0000., Date: 01-02-2017 92 Hi-Tech Online Services 14.32.0000.007.56.346.16.328, Date: 25-01-2017 93 Netlink BD 14.32.0000.007.56.335.16.330, Date: 25-01-2017 94 Fast Cyber Network 14.32.0000.007.56.499.16.327, Date: 25-01-2017 95 SegunBagicha Safenet Online 14.32.0000.007.56.474.16.335, Date: 26-01-2017 96 One Tech Communication 14.32.0000.007.56.320.16.333, Date: 25-01-2017 97 Speed Online 14.32.0000.007.56.313.16.339, Date: 30-01-2017 98 Active Multimedia 14.32.0000., Date: 24-01-2017 99 Future Tech Broadband 14.32.0000.007.56.499.16.326, Date: 25-01-2017 100 Sky Net 14.32.0000.007.56.483.16.329, Date: 25-01-2017 101 Web Net 14.32.0000.007.56.915.16.324, Date: 24-01-2017 102 Safia Online 14.32.0000.007.56.493.16.331, Date: 25-01-2017 103 Fair Net 14.32.0000.007.56.317.16.332, Date: 25-01-2017 104 FM Cyber Cafe 14.32.0000.007.56.354.16.341, Date: 31-01-2017 105 Fiber Communication 14.32.0000.007.56.341.16.338, Date: 29-01-2017 106 Adel Online Technology 14.32.0000.007.56.329.16.347, Date: 05-02-2017 107 Networking & Telecommunication Linked Group 14.32.0000.007.56.357.16.340, Date: 30-01-2017 BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 109

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108 Net Two Home BD 14.32.0000.007.56.482.16.337, Date: 29-01-2017 109 Aftab Nagar Online Services(ANOS) 14.32.0000.007.56.468.16.342, Date: 31-01-2017 110 Net View Online Service 14.32.0000., Date: 14-03-2017 111 IT Net 14.32.0000.007.56.472.16.343, Date: 01-02-2017 112 PC Net 14.32.0000., Date: 05-02-2017 113 Cyber Hub Ltd 14.32.0000.007.56.918.16.345, Date: 02-02-2017 114 ZS Net 14.32.0000.007.56.343.16.349, Date: 05-02-2017 115 SA Cyber Net 14.32.0000.007.56.905.16.358, Date: 14-02-2017 116 Sarder Communications & Training Center 14.32.0000.007.56.323.16.366, Date: 05-03-2017 117 It Future 14.32.0000., Date: 05-02-2017 118 Net Vision 14.32.0000., Date: 06-02-2017 119 BD Max 14.32.0000.007.56.349.16.368, Date: 14-03-2017 120 Jatrabari Online 14.32.0000.007.56.359.16.348, Date: 05-02-2017 121 Touch Off Network 14.32.0000.007.56.385.16.355, Date: 07-02-2017 122 NA Internet 14.32.0000.007.56.350.16.352, Date: 07-02-2017 123 Amader Network 14.32.0000.007.56.391.16.353, Date: 07-02-2017 124 Quick Online 14.32.0000.007.56.352.16.354, Date: 07-02-2017 125 The 1 Web Solution 14.32.0000.007.56.924.16.357, Date: 14-02-2017 126 Athoy Cyber Net 14.32.0000.007.56.410.16.360, Date: 22-02-2017 127 GSM Network 14.32.0000.007.56.339.16.232, Date: 16-06-2017 128 Univision Technology 14.32.0000.007.56.922.16.356, Date: 13-02-2017 129 Mahin Online 14.32.0000.007.56.911.16.365, Date: 27-02-2017 130 Taqwa IT 14.32.0000., Date: 22-02-2017 131 Web Solution 14.32.0000.007.56.303.16.363, Date: 23-02-2017 132 Asian Communication 14.32.0000.007.56.340.16.364, Date: 23-02-2017 133 SS Internet 14.32.0000.007.56.346.16.362, Date: 22-02-2017 134 Mega City Link 14.32.0000., Date: 15-03-2017 135 Star Network 14.32.0000.007.56.426.16.367, Date: 14-03-2017 136 Pulse Communication 14.32.0000.007.56.386.16.371, Date: 16-03-2017 137 Real Station Broadband 14.32.0000., Date: 05-04-2017 138 City Net Internet Songjog 14.32.0000., Date: 11-04-2017 139 Smart Net 14.32.0000.007.56.501.16.374, Date: 12-04-2017 140 M/s. Evoluation Net 14.32.0000., Date: 09-05-2017 141 Banasreee Dot Net 14.32.0000., Date: 21-05-2017 142 Nikunja Communication 14.32.0000., Date: 21-05-2017 143 Skynet Online Bd 14.32.0000., Date: 05-06-2017 144 Desh Communication 14.32.0000., Date: 14-06-2017 145 M/s. Net Connect 14.32.0000.007.56.353.16.380, Date: 22-06-2017 146 M/s. Speed Links 14.32.0000.007.56.550.16.32, Date: 11-11-2016 147 M/s. Mux Technologies 14.32.0000.007.56.569.16.33, Date: 02-01-2017 148 M/s. Zubair IT Expert 14.32.0000.007.56.568.15.34, Date: 25-01-2017 149 M/s. Green Broadband Network Service 14.32.0000.007.56.556.16.35, Date: 25-02-2017 150 M/s. Unique Online 14.32.0000.007.56.571.16.36, Date: 16-02-2017 151 M/s. Empowering Net 14.32.0000.007.56.562.16.37, Date: 26-02-2017 152 M/s. City Net & Communication 14.32.0000.007.56.548.16.38, Date: 05-04-2017 153 Shihab IT 14.32.0000.007.56.787.16.243, Date: 10-11-2016 154 Fair Vision Broadband Internet 14.32.0000.007.56.805.16.244, Date: 10-11-2016 155 Creation Online 14.32.0000.007.56.753.15.53.74, Date: 13-11-2016 156 Net Zone 14.32.0000.007.56.753.15.53.75, Date: 22-11-2016 157 Moheshpur Telecom 14.32.0000.007.56.753.15.791.80, Date: 24-11-2016 158 Hello Multimedia 14.32.0000.007.56.753.15.815.79, Date: 24-11-2016 159 Sky Link Net 14.32.0000.007.56.753.15.815.77, Date: 24-11-2016 160 Allef Network 14.32.0000.007.56.790.15.78, Data: 24-11-2016 161 Toranga Net 14.32.0000.007.56.814.16.81, Date: 24-11-2016 162 Pabna Fiber Net 14.32.0000.007.56.8833.16.87, Date: 29-11-2016 163 J S Technology 14.32.0000.007.56.808.15.84, Date: 29-11-2016 BTRC 110 Annual Report-2016-2017

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163 J S Technology 14.32.0000.007.56.808.15.84, Date: 29-11-2016 164 Speed Broadband 14.32.0000.007.56.840.16.83, Date: 29-11-2016 165 Soha Broadband internet 14.32.0000.007.56.868.15.85, Date: 29-11-2016 166 Adorsho online Network 14.32.0000.007.56.811.15.86, Date: 29-11-2016 167 Asian Network 14.32.0000.007.56.822.16.82, Date: 29-11-2016 168 Saif Telecom Bd 14.32.0000.007.56.789.15.88, Date: 01-12-2016 169 Star Internet Service 14.32.0000.007.56.857.15.89, Date: 01-12-2016 170 Fast Online 14.32.0000., Date: 19-12-2016 171 D Net Service 14.32.0000.007.56.794.15.316, Date: 11-01-2017 172 Nandina Dot Net 14.32.0000.007.56.786.15.93, Date: 19-12-2016 173 Madbar Internet Service Cable 14.32.0000.007.56.783.15.92, Date: 19-12-2016 174 Nahid Telecom 14.32.0000.007.56.872.15.90, Date: 14-12-2016 175 Flynet Networking System 14.32.0000.007.56.855.15.95, Date: 19-12-2016 176 Laksam Online 14.32.0000.007.56.807.16.98, Date: 05-01-2017 177 Joypara Online 14.32.0000.007.56.867.15.97, Date: 01-01-2017 178 Harun Construction 14.32.0000.007.56.785.15.100, Date: 24-01-2017 179 Smart Zone Comm 14.32.0000.007.56.785.15.91, Date: 29-12-2016 180 Shibchar Digital Net 14.32.0000.007.56.788.15.76, Date: 24-11-2016 181 Fair Vision Broadband 14.32.0000.007.56.872.15.90, Date: 10-11-2016 182 Shihab It 14.32.0000.007.56.787.15.244, Date: 10-11-2016 183 Hasib IT Link 14.32.0000.007.56.806.16.102, Date: 29-01-2017 184 Elma Multimedia 14.32.0000.007.56.798.16.99, Date: 23-01-2017 185 Micro Link 14.32.0000.007.56.827.16.101, Date: 25-01-2017 186 3G Point Internet 14.32.0000.007.56.856.16.103, Date: 29-02-2017 187 Chadpur Net 14.32.0000.007.56.874.16.105, Date: 26-02-2017 188 Net IT Solution 14.32.0000.007.56.865.16.106, Date: 05-03-2017 189 Khan Online 14.32.0000.007.56.754.15.107, Date: 27-03-2017 190 Jamalpur Online 14.32.0000.007.56.839.16.108, Date: 10-04-2017 191 Advance Technology 14.32.0000.007.56.854.16.104, Date: 13-02-2017 192 Feni Fiber Net 14.32.0000.007.56.863.16.109, Date: 08-05-2017 193 Mars Network 14.32.0000.007.56.858.16.112, Date: 13-06-2017 The list of newly issued Vehicle Tracking Services (VTS) in the year of 2016-2017 No Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 1. IFAD Information & Technology Ltd 14.32.0000., Date: 08-01-2017 2. Linkxtek Limited 14.32.0000., Date: 19-02-2017 3. Solution World Limited 14.32.0000., Date: 06-02-2017 4. Green IT Solution 14.32.0000., Date: 22-02-2017 5. PixelNet Technologies Ltd. 14.32.0000., Date: 14-02-2017 6. Linkxtek Limited 14.32.0000., Date: 07-05-2017 7. Star Tech 14.32.0000., Date: 03-07-2017 BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 111

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The list of newly issued Call Center Registration Certificate in the year of 2016-2017 No Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 1. Prime Resource Solution Ltd 14.32.0000.007.57.354.16.149, Date: 16-08-2016 2. Field Nation Ltd 14.32.0000.007.57.357.16.150, Date: 17-08-2016 3. M/s One Stop Media & Entertainment 14.32.0000.007.57.356.16.151, Date: 18-06-2016 4. Technology Soft Zone Ltd. 14.32.0000.007.57.347.16.152, Date: 21-08-2016 5. M/s Euro-Vigil Business Solutions. 14.32.0000.007.57.355.16.153, Date: 23-08-2016 6. Encom Valley Ltd 14.32.0000.007.57.349.16.154, Date: 23-08-2016 7. M/s SPOC Communication Services. 14.32.0000.007.57.358.16.155, Date: 28-08-2016 8. Dnet 14.32.0000.007.57360.16.156, Date: 10/2/2016 9. Mir Technologies Ltd. 14.32.0000.007.57.355.16.157, Date: 10/2/2016 10. Kinship Solution 14.32.0000.007.57.351.16.158, Date: 10/2/2016 11. eRED Technologies Limited 14.32.0000.007.57.362.16.159, Date: 10/2/2016 12. S S Agro And Fisheries 14.32.0000.007.57.363.16.160, Date: 10/2/2016 13. Marie Stopes Bangladesh 14.32.0000.007.57.364.16.161, Date: 10/2/2016 14. Nano Tech Solution and Consultancy Ltd. 14.32.0000.007.57.371.16.162, Date: 15-12-2016 15. Multimedia Content & Communications Ltd. 14.32.0000.007.57.368.16.163, Date: 15-12-2016 16. Green Tech Solutions 14.32.0000.007.57.374.16. 164, Date: 15-12-2016 17. Salaam Network Solutions Limited 14.32.0000.007.57.365.16.165, Date: 15-12-2016 18. MKM Corporation Ltd 14.32.0000.007.57.367.16.166, Date: 15-12-2016 19. Uddom Business Services Limited 14.32.0000.007.57.359.16.167, Date: 15-12-2016 20. Cubic Markating Limited 14.32.0000.007.57.372.16.168, Date: 15-12-2016 21. M/s. Mahir Tahsin Enterprise 14.32.0000.007.57.3373.16.169, Date: 18-12-2016 22. Tech Valley Networks Ltd 14.32.0000.007.57.366.16.170, Date: 18-12-2016 23. Bangla Trac Limited 14.32.0000.007.57.369.16.171, Date: 19-12-2016 24. White Cloud Technogies 14.32.0000.007.57.370.16.172, Date: 26-12-2016 25. Business Networking Solution 14.32.0000.007.57.380.17.173, Date: 16-01-2017 26. Net71 Communication Ltd 14.32.0000.007.57.376.16.174, Date: 19-01-2017 27. O & A IT international Call Center Limited 14.32.0000.007.57.379.16.175, Date: 22/01/2017 28. Levin Tel Limited 14.32.0000.007.57.378.16.176, Date: 23-01-2017 29. Cloud World Limited 14.32.0000.007.57.375.16.177, Date: 29-01-2017 30. Regent KCS Ltd. 14.32.0000.007.57.384.17.178, Date: 07-02-2017 31. Tele Plus IT solution 14.32.0000.007.57.381.16.179, Date: 07-02-2017 32. ISON BPO Bangladesh Limited 14.32.0000.007.57.386.17.180, Date: 22-02-2017 33. The Cubicle 14.32.0000.007.57.387.17.181, Date: 23-02-2017 34. Chaklader Corp 14.32.0000.007.57.385.16.182, Date: 05-03-2017 35. I-Venture Limited 14.32.0000.007.57.388.17.183, Date: 05-03-2017 36. Redsun Call Centre 14.32.0000.007.57.383.17.184, Date: 06-03-2017 37. Techno World BD 14.32.0000.007.57.389.17.185, Date: 09-04-2017 38. Imam Enterprise 14.32.0000.007.57.395.17.186, Date: 17-04-2017 39. 4DL Bangladesh Ltd 14.32.0000.007.57.3394.17.187, Date: 17-04-2017 40. Zik Desk 14.32.0000.007.57.392.17.188, Date: 18-04-2017 41. 24x7 Tele Services 14.32.0000.007.57.352.17.189, Date: 20-04-2017 42. UK Business Solution Ltd. 14.32.0000.007.57.352.17.190, Date: 08-05-2017 43. Ubrella Outsource (Pvt) LTD 14.32.0000.007.57.397.17.191 Date: 08-05-2017 44. Eicra Soft Ltd 14.32.0000.007.57.391.17.192, Date: 16-05-2017 45. Xumra Communication Technology 14.32.0000.007.57.396.17.193, Date: 24-05-2017 46. MF Asia Ltd. 14.32.0000.007.57.398.17.194, Date: 13-06-2017 47. Cpaital Fashion Ltd. 14.32.0000.007.57.404.17.195, Date: 20-06-2017 48. HN It Care 14.32.0000.007.57.401.17.196, Date: 22-06-2017 BTRC 112 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Status of Different Active Licenses: The list of different licenses issued from BTRC that are active as on 30 June, 2017 is mentioned below: S/No. Category of License No. of Licensee 1. International Gateway (IGW) 23 2. Interconnection Exchange (ICX) 26 3. International Internet Gateway (IIG) 35 4. National Internet Exchange (NIX) 2 5. Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) 3 6. Cellular Mobile Telecom Operator 6 7. 3G Cellular Mobile Phone Service Operator 4 8. International Terrestrial Cable (ITC) 7 9. Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) Operator 12 10. Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN) 5 11. Vehicle Tracking Services (VTS) 25 12. Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider- Nationwide 30 13. Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider- Central Zone 2 14. Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider- Zonal 2 15. Internet Service Provider-Nationwide 134 16. Internet Service Provider-Central Zone 99 17. Internet Service Provider-Zonal 75 18. Internet Service Provider including Cyber Café-Category-A 278 19. Internet Service Provider including Cyber Café-Category-B 17 20. Internet Service Provider including Cyber Café-Category-C 83 21. VSAT-User 20 22. VSAT-Provider 5 23. VSAT-Provider with Hub 5 24. Call Center License 21 25. Call Center Registration Certificate 181 26. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service Provider (VSP) 881 Total 1981 Statistics of issued license by the Commission: 1000 881 800 600 378 400 308 202 200 23 26 35 6 4 3 2 7 5 34 25 30 12 0 Active License BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 113

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The Year-Based Developing Images of License is issued by the Commission from starting to 30 June, 2017 Statistics of Issuance of License based on number 2,200 1,650 1,100 550 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 0 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Share Transfer and Merger of Licensee of the year of 2016-2017 On receipt of an application from any operator regarding transfer of their share or to merge with other operator/ company/ entity, LL division, on behalf of the Commission, examines the application in reference to section 37(2)(i) of The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation Act, 2001. If the applicant fulfills the conditions mentioned therein, the report is forwarded to the MoPTIT for prior approval of government. License Cancellation, Withholding and Issuance of Enforcement Order If any Licensee/ Operator fail to comply with or violate any of the applicable licensing conditions of The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation Act, 2001, the LL division takes steps for cancellation/ withholding as per section 46 of The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation Act, 2001. The process requires the LL division to issue a show cause notice to the licensee asking him/ her to explain within 30 (Thirty) days specifying the reasons as to why the license will not be cancelled/ suspended. If the licensee does not reply or if the reply given by the licensee/ operator is not considered satisfactory, then the matter is sent as a report to MoPTIT according to the provisions laid in section 46 (3) of the Act. The Commission takes necessary action basing on the government decision. BTRC 114 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Besides, if any licensee/ holder of a certificate or permit violates any provision of this Act or its regulations or any other condition of operation or service provision as provided in the license/ permit or has procured the license/ permit/ technical acceptance certificate by furnishing a false information, the Commission may direct the licensee/ holder of the permit or certificate to show cause within 30 days as to why an enforcement order shall not be issued license/ permit/ certificate shall not be cancelled. If the licensee fails to reply or if the reply given is not deemed satisfactory, then a decision is sought on the matter from the Commission under section 63(3) of the Act. This Division also informs the licensee/ operator of decision of the Commission regarding any permit or administrative fines/ suspension/ cancellation. The list of Cancelled IGW License in the year of 2016-2017 No Name of Licensee Licensee Number and Issue date 1 Apple GlobalTel Communications Ltd. BTRC/LL/IGW(10)Apple/2012-10, date: 12-04-2012 2 Bestec Telecom Limited BTRC/LL/IGW(25)Bestec/2012-25, date: 25-10-2012 The list of Cancelled IIG License in the year of 2016-2017 No Name of Licensee Licensee Number and Issue date 1 FM-Spectrum Telecom Limited BTRC/LL/IIG(24)FM-Spectrum/2012-24, dated: 12-04-2012 2 Integrated Business Systems & BTRC/LL/IIG(13)Integrated Business/2012-13, Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. dated: 12-04-2012 BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 115

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The list of Cancelled ISP Including Cyber Cafe License in the year of 2016-2017 No Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 1. M/S. Matrix Online BTRC/LL/ISP-Cyber(3)Cat:A (Matrix Online)/2009-03, Dated: 03-02-2009 2. M/S. Global-Soft Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(11) Global-Soft/2009-1, Dated: 03-02-2009 3. M/s. Unilink BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(19) Unilink/2009-19, Dated: 08-04-2009 4. M/s. Mak-Link BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(26)Mak-Link/2009-25, Dated: 08-04-2009 5. Eriksson Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(28) Eriksson/2009-26, Dated: 08-04-2009 6. MSN Technology (BD) Ltd. BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(29)MSN /2009-27, Dated: 08-04-2009 7. ASK Net Technologies BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(30)ASK Net/2009-28, Dated: 08-04-2009 8. M/s. Netgate Online BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(31)Netgate/2009-29, Dated: 08-04-2009 9. M/s. Hi-Tech Online BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(40)Hi-Tech/2009-39, Dated: 11-06-2009 10. M/s. NSM Software BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(41)NSM /2009-40, Dated: 11-06-2009 11. M/s. Appolo Computers BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(50) Appolo/2009-46, Dated: 11-06-2009 12. M/s. Cyber World Link BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(51)Cyber /2009-47, Dated: 11-06-2009 13. M/s. The Computer BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(53) Computek/2009-48, Dated: 11-06-2009 14. M/s. Techpark BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(57) Techpark/2009-52, Dated: 11-06-2009 15. M/s. Reliance Network BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(63) Reliance/2009-57, Dated: 11-06-2009 16. M/s. Star Computer & Network BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(65)Star /2009-59, Dated: 11-06-2009 17. M/s. Silicon (BD) BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(67) Silicon/2009-60, Dated: 11-06-2009 18. M/s. Hi-Link Computer Network BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(52)Hi-Tech/2009-63, Dated: 15-06-2009 19. M/s. 3G Networks Technology BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(66)3G /2009-64, Dated: 15-06-2009 20. M/s. Optic Technologies BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(68)Optic /2009-65, Dated: 15-06-2009 21. M/s. Intrepid International BTRC/LL/ISP- Cat:A (71) Intrepid/2009-68, Dated: 15-06-2009 22. M/s. Easynet Systems BTRC/LL/ISP- Cat:A (74) Easynet/2009-70, Dated: 15-06-2009 23. M/s. M Tel BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(75)M Tel/2009-75, Dated: 26-07-2009 24. M/s. Future Communication & Network BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(A)Future /2009-77, Dated: 09-08-2009 25. M/s. WideMax Communications BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(80) WideMax/2009-80, Dated: 09-08-2009 26. M/s. Protiva Computers BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(81) Protiva/2009-81, Dated: 09-08-2009 27. M/s. Speednet Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(82) Speednet/2009-82, Dated: 09-08-2009 28. M/s. Farhan Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(85) Farhan/2009-85, Dated: 09-08-2009 29. M/s. Smart Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(86) Smart/2009-86, Dated: 09-08-2009 30. M/s. Business Zone BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(88) Business/2009-87, Dated: 09-08-2009 31. M/s. Link Net BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(89)Link Net/2009-88, Dated: 09-08-2009 32. M/s. Globus Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(90) Globus/2009-89, Dated: 09-08-2009 33. M/s. Agila Networks & Communication BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(96)Agila /2009-95, Dated: 16-08-2009 34. M/s. Banglaspeed.Net BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(97) Bangla/2009-96, Dated: 24-08-2009 35. M/s. Rain Communication BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(98)Rain /2009-97, Dated: 13-10-2009 36. M/s. Design Idea BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(101) Design/2009-100, Dated: 25-11-2009 37. M/s. Digitech Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(102) Digitech/2009-101, Dated: 25-11-2009 38. M/s. Pallabi Business Services BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(103) PBS/2009-102, Dated: 25-11-2009 39. M/s. Dhaka City Link BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(106) DCL/2010-105, Dated: 11-02-2010 40. M/s. No Wire BD BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(108)No Wire/2010-107, Dated: 24-03-2010 41. M/s. SM Computer Institute. BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(112)SM/2010-111, Dated: 04-07-2010 42. Micro Leads Limited. BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A(115)Micro/2010-113, Dated: 29-07-2010 43. M/s. Online Link BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(1)Online/2009-1, Dated: 13-05-2009 BTRC 116 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 44. M/s. Green Communication & Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(2)Green/2009-2, Dated: 13-05-2009 45. M/s. Chartered Computer BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(3) Chartered/2009-3, Dated: 13-05-2009 46. M/s. Dot Com BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(4)Dot Com/2009-4, Dated: 13-05-2009 47. Nextgen Online Limited BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(6) Nextgen/2009-6, Dated: 09-08-2009 48. M/s. CYBERINN BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(8) CYBERINN/2009-8, Dated: 09-08-2009 49. M/s. Go Fast Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(9)Go Fast/2009-9, Dated: 16-08-2009 50. M/s. Nova Cyber Café & Telecom BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(10)Nova /2009-10, Dated: 16-08-2009 51. M/s. CCT Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(11)CCT /2009-11, Dated: 16-08-2009 52. M/s. New Yahoo Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(12)New Yahoo/2009-12, Dated: 16-08-2009 53 M/s. Desh Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(13)Desh /2009-13, Dated: 16-08-2009 54. M/s. Isa Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(14)Isa /2009-14, Dated: 16-08-2009 55 M/s. Alif Infotech BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(15)Alif /2009-15, Dated: 16-08-2009 56. M/s. Genius Cyber Net BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(16) Genius/2009-16, Dated: 24-08-2009 57. M/s. Dolphin Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(17) Dolphin/2010-17, Dated: 08-03-2010 58. M/s. Compu Me. BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(18) Compu/2010-18, Dated: 04-07-2010 59. M/s. Unique Computer Education. BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(19) Unique/2010-19, Dated: 04-07-2010 60. M/s. Cyber Zone Cyber Cafe. BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(21) Cyber/2010-20, Dated: 04-07-2010 61. M/s. Telecom Media Service. BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(20)TelecomMedia/2010-21, Dated: 13-07-2010 62. M/s. Synonym Solution. BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:B(22) Synonym/2010-22, Dated: 13-07-2010 63. M/s. Lives Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:C(1)Lives/2009-1, Dated: 13-05-2009 64. M/s. SDOTNet Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:C(4) SDOTNet/2009-4, Dated: 13-05-2009 65. M/s. Gausia Online BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:C(5)Gausia /2009-5, Dated: 25-11-2009 66. M/s. Rangpur-Net BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:C(6) Rangpur/2010-6, Dated: 13-05-2009 67. M/s. e-zone BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:C(07) e-zone/2010-7, Dated: 13-05-2009 68. M/s. B.Baria Net. BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:C(08) B.Baria/2010-8, Dated: 13-05-2009 BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 117

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The list of Cancelled Call Center License in the year of 2016-2017 No Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 1. Windmill Advertising Limited BTRC/LL/CC(1)Windmill/2008-1, Dated: 28-04-2008 2. SS Seven Telecom Limited BTRC/LL/CC(6)SS7/2008-4,Dated: 28-04-2008 3. M/S. Hitech IT Solutions BTRC/LL/CC(7)Hitech/2008-5, Dated: 28-04-2008 4. Decent Trade International BTRC/LL/CC(14)Decent/2008-8,Dated: 28-04-2008 5. Rupganj Online Limited BTRC/LL/CC(17)Rupganj/2008-14, Dated: 08-05-2008 6. M/S. bGlobal Trading BTRC/LL/CC(20)bGlobal/2008-16, Dated: 08-05-2008 7. M/S. Nicety International BTRC/LL/CC(23)Nicety/2008-17, Dated: 08-05-2008 8. M/S. Microtouch BTRC/LL/CC(26)Microtouch/2008-19, Dated: 08-05-2008 9. M/s. IQURA MEDIA CENTRE BTRC/LL/CC(35) Iqura /2008-27, Dated: 08-05-2008 10. M/s. SmartTech BTRC/LL/CC(36) Smart /2008-28, Dated:-08-05-2008 11. Q-Callnet Limited BTRC/LL/CC(37) Q-Callnet/2008-29, Dated:-08-05-2008 12. M/s. SouthAsia MultiMedia BTRC/LL/CC(65)SAMM/2008-60, Dated: 20-05-2008 13. Superior Internet Solutions Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(77)Superior/2008-72,Dated: 20-05-2008. 14. M/s. S. S. Tele Corporation BTRC/LL/CC(80)S.S./2008-75, Dated: 20-05-2008. 15. Consultancy and Development Venture Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(83)CADVL/2008-78, Dated: 20-05-2008. 16. ASA BTRC/LL/CC(86)ASA/2008-81, Dated: 20-05-2008. 17. M/s. Voicetel Communications BTRC/LL/CC(87)Voicetel/2008-82, Dated: 20-05-2008. 18. M/s. Info Solution BTRC/LL/CC(91)Info/2008-86, Dated: 20-05-2008. 19. Capital Designs Limited BTRC/LL/CC(92)Capital/2008-87, Dated: 20-05-2008. 20. M/s. Hello World Communications BTRC/LL/CC(94)HWC/2008-89, Dated: 20-05-2008. 21. M/s. Asiana Telecommunication BTRC/LL/CC(99)ASIANA/2008-97, Dated: 04-06-2008. 22. M/s. Al-Amir International Call Center BTRC/LL/CC(101)Al-AMIR /2008-99, Dated: 04-06-2008. 23. Domain Software Technologies Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(102)DSTL/2008-100, Dated: 04-06-2008. 24. M/s. eHighway BTRC/LL/CC(109)eHighway/2008-107, Dated: 04-06-2008. 25. M/s. A-Square Services International BTRC/LL/CC(119) A-Square/2008-117, Dated: 04-06-2008. 26. Smart Technologies (BD) Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(121) Smart/2008-119, Dated: 04-06-2008. 27. M/s. Daemon Systems BTRC/LL/CC(124)Daemon /2008-122, Dated: 04-06-2008. 28. Times Aviation Systems Limited BTRC/LL/CC(125)TASL/2008-123, Dated: 04-06-2008. 29. M/s. World Trade Information Center BTRC/LL/CC(129)WTIC/2008-127, Dated: 04-06-2008. 30. Yellow Pages (Pvt.) Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(132)Yellow/2008-130, Dated: 04-06-2008. 31. M/s. Likhon’s Inc. BTRC/LL/CC(135)Likhon’s/2008-133, Dated: 04-06-2008. 32. Orbit Communications Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(146)Orbit/2008-138, Dated: 29-06-2008 33. Technovista Limited BTRC/LL/CC(178)Technovista/2008-139, Dated: 29-06-2008. 34. M/s. Riddima Trade International BTRC/LL/CC(148)Riddima /2008-140, Dated: 29-06-2008. 35. M/s. BSTELECOMM BTRC/LL/CC(154)BSTELECOMM /2008-154, Dated: 29-06-2008. 36. US Software Limited BTRC/LL/CC(158)US/2008-158, Dated: 29-06-2008. 37. M/s. Four Square Computer & Telecom BTRC/LL/CC(164)Four Square/2008-163, Dated: 29-06-2008. 38. M/s. Real Life Enterprise BTRC/LL/CC(171)Real/2008-169, Dated: 29-06-2008. 39. Aamra outsourcing limited BTRC/LL/CC(180)aamra/2008-176, Dated: 21-07-2008. 40. Japan Bangladesh Friendship Medical BTRC/LL/CC(184)JBFH/2008-180, Dated: 21-07-2008. 41. M/s. Janata Store BTRC/LL/CC(185)Janata/2008-181, Dated: 21-07-08. 42. Electropac Industries Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(191) EIL/2008-187, Dated: 21-07-2008. BTRC 118 Annual Report-2016-2017

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43. Trust Bank Limited BTRC/LL/CC(207)Trust/2008-200, Dated: 09-09-2008 44. Khan Brothers Infotech Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(214)KBIL/2008-201, Dated: 09-09-2008 45. M/S. Eva Telecommunication BTRC/LL/CC(213)Eva/2008-203, Dated: 09-09-2008 46. M/S. Trio Trade BTRC/LL/CC(226)Trio/2008-205, Dated: 09-09-2008 47. Sakaimex Limited BTRC/LL/CC(220)Sakaimex/2008-207, Dated: 09-09-2008 48. M/S. E-Vista Technologies BTRC/LL/CC(221)E-Vista/2008-208, Dated: 09-09-2008 49. M/S. A2Z BPO BTRC/LL/CC(231)A2Z BPO/2008-214, Dated: 23-11-2008 50. M/S. Siddiqui Telemarketing BTRC/LL/CC(237)Siddiqui /2008-220, Dated: 23-11-2008 51. M/S. Sky Tel International BTRC/LL/CC(238)Sky Tel/2008-221, Dated: 23-11-2008 52. Meenhar Securities Limited BTRC/LL/CC(247)MSL/2008-230, Dated: 27-01-2009 53. M/S. Innovative Professionals BTRC/LL/CC(250)Innovative/2008-232, Dated: 27-01-2009 54. M/S. Niagra ICT BTRC/LL/CC(261)Niagra/2008-241, Dated: 27-01-2009 55. M/S. Syntax Solutions BTRC/LL/CC(264)Syntax/2009-244,Dated: 02-04-2009 56. ATN Call Center Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(267)/2009-247,Dated: 02-04-2009 57. Computer Source Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(268)Computer Source/2009-248, Dated: 02-04-2009 58. STS Telecom Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(269)STS/2009-249, Dated: 02-04-2009 59. Sun Info-Tech Limited BTRC/LL/CC(274)Sun Info/2009-251,Dated: 02-04-2009 60. Nova Consultancy Bangla Limited BTRC/LL/CC(280)Nova/2009-253,Dated: 02-04-2009 61. 1 Touch (BD) Online Limited BTRC/LL/CC(282)1 Touch/2009-254, Dated: 02-04-2009 62. M/S. Bilkis Rabeya International Call Center BTRC/LL/CC(276)B R Int./2009-269, Dated: 28-05-2009 63. Ryans Archives limited BTRC/LL/CC(289)Ryans/2009-260, Dated: 07-05-2009 64. M/S. Dynamic Technology BTRC/LL/CC(294)Dynamic/2009-261, Dated: 07-05-2009 65. M/s. Hello Network BTRC/LL/CC(307)Hello Net./2009-268, Dated: 28-05-2009 66. M/s. Link 24x7 BTRC/LL/CC(303)Link 24x7/2009-269(1), Dated: 04-06-2009 67. M/s. Link 365 BTRC/LL/CC(302)Link365/2009-270, Dated: 04-06-2009 68. M/S. Shuvro Enterprise BTRC/LL/CC(278)Shuvro/2009-271, Dated: 04-06-2009 69. M/s. Evernet Telecommunication BTRC/LL/CC(291)Evernet/2009-272, Dated: 04-06-2009 70. M/s. Chowdhury Telecom BTRC/LL/CC(306)Chowdhury /2009-273, Dated: 17-06-2009 71. M/s. ICON BTRC/LL/CC(270)ICON/2009-274, Dated: 28-06-2009 72. M/s. Hosaf Call Centre BTRC/LL/CC(284)Hosaf/2009-275, Dated: 23-06-2009 73. M/s. H Telecom BTRC/LL/CC(285)H Telecom/2009 -276, Dated: 23-06-2009 74. M/s. Software Solution and Logistics Enterprise BTRC/LL/CC(305)SSLE/2009-277, Dated: 23-06-2009 75. Getco Business Solutions Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(310)Getco/2009-279, Dated: 23-06-2009 76. M/s. Rasa Traders BTRC/LL/CC(312)Rasa/2009-280, Dated: 28-06-2009 77. M/s. b-phone Communication BTRC/LL/CC(313)b-phone/2009-281, Dated: 28-06-2009 78. M/s. Saidul International BTRC/LL/CC(315)Saidul/2009-283, Dated: 28-06-2009 79. ZAP Technologies Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(334)ZAP Tec/2009-284, Dated: 14-07-2009 80. Rigtel Limited BTRC/LL/CC(332)rigtel/2009-286, Dated: 28-07-2009 81. M/s. Just a Click away Consultation BTRC/LL/CC(316)JustClick/2009-287, Dated: 29-07-2009 82. M/s. S K Trade Internation BTRC/LL/CC(327)S K Trade/2009-288, Dated: 29-07-2009 83. M/s. Cosmica Call Centre BTRC/LL/CC(283)Cosmica/2009-289, Dated: 29-07-2009 84. M/s. Out Sourcing 2 Bangladesh BTRC/LL/CC(287)OS2B/2009-290, Dated: 29-07-2009 85. M/s. Bright Travels BTRC/LL/CC(318)Bright/2009-291, Dated: 29-07-2009 86. M/s. HEQC International Call Center BTRC/LL/CC()HEQC/2009-292, Dated: 29-07-2009 BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 119

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87. M/s. Excellence Trade BTRC/LL/CC(322)Excellence/2009-293, Dated: 29-07-2009 88. M/s. Prime Communication BTRC/LL/CC(323)Prime/2009-294, Dated: 29-07-2009 89. M/s. ORBIT DOTCOM BTRC/LL/CC(324)Orbit/2009-295, Dated: 29-07-2009 90. M/s. Mymensingh Development Corporation BTRC/LL/CC(329)Mymensingh /2009-296, Dated: 29-07-2009 91. M/s. Virgo BTRC/LL/CC(335)Virgo/2009-298, Dated: 29-07-2009 92. M/s. Trans Links BTRC/LL/CC(325)Translinks/2009-299, Dated: 05-08-2009 93. M/s. Deepte Services BTRC/LL/CC(333)Deepte/2009-300, Dated: 09-08-2009 94. M/s. Dhaka Call Center International BTRC/LL/CC(337)Dhaka/2009-301, Dated: 09-08-2009 95. M/S. QSR Systems BTRC/LL/CC(319)QSR/2009-302, Dated: 28-08-2009 96. M/S. Digital Vision BTRC/LL/CC(326)Digital Vision /2009-303, Dated: 28-08-2009 97. M/S. INS Telecom BTRC/LL/CC(328)INS Tel/2009-304, Dated: 28-08-2009 98. M/S. Scarenet Telecom BTRC/LL/CC(336)Scarnet/2009-305, Dated: 28-08-2009 99. M/S. Octagon Communication BTRC/LL/CC(340)Octagon/2009-306, Dated: 28-08-2009 100. M/S. Sigma Traders BTRC/LL/CC(343)Sigma/2009-308, Dated: 28-08-2009 101. DYSAR Business Solutions Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(345)Dysar/2009-309, Dated: 20-08-2009 102. M/S. Net World BTRC/LL/CC(346)Net/2009-310, Dated: 20-08-2009 103. M/S. Raquib Enterprise BTRC/LL/CC(348)Raquib/2009-311, Dated: 28-08-2009 104. M/s. Faisal Call Center Solutions & Services BTRC/LL/CC(358)Faisal/2009-312, Dated: 13-10-2009 105. M/s. M Tel BTRC/LL/CC(354)M Tel/2009-313, Dated: 13-10-2009 106. M/s. Afra Telecommunication BTRC/LL/CC(355)Afra/2009-314, Dated: 18-10-2009 107. M/s. Athena World Dialup BTRC/LL/CC(351)Athena/2009-315, Dated: 22-10-2009 108. M/s. KRS Co. BTRC/LL/CC(347)/KRS/2009-318, Dated: 25-10-2009 109. M/s. Data One Technologies BTRC/LL/CC(349)Data One/2009-319, Dated: 25-10-2009 110. M/s. STL Trade BTRC/LL/CC(350)STL/2009-320, Dated: 25-10-2009 111. M/s. World Trade BTRC/LL/CC(353)World/2009-321, Dated: 25-10-2009 112. M/s. 24*7 Teleservices BTRC/LL/CC(357)24*7/2009-322, Dated: 25-10-2009 113. M/s. Crown Information Transfer Center BTRC/LL/CC(356)Crown/2009-323, Dated: 08-11-2009 114. Alternate Access BD (Pvt.) Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(359)Alternate/2009-324, Dated: 08-11-2009 115. M/s. Maple Services BTRC/LL/CC(360)Maple/2009-325, Dated: 08-11-2009 116. M/s. A1 Call Center BTRC/LL/CC(344)A1 Call/2009-326, Dated: 25-11-2009 117. M/s. S M Telecom & Technologies BTRC/LL/CC(362)S.M Telecom /2009-327, Dated: 25-11-2009 118. Konnect Global Limited BTRC/LL/CC(263)Konnect/2009-328, Dated: 25-11-2009 119. M/s. AIMMS BD Call Center BTRC/LL/CC(364)AIMMS/2009-329, Dated: 25-11-2009 120. M/s. Senstar Incorporation BTRC/LL/CC(366)Senstar/2009-330, Dated: 25-11-2009 121. M/s. Fast Tech BTRC/LL/CC(367)Fast/2009-331, Dated: 25-11-2009 122. M/s. K K Call Center BTRC/LL/CC(365)K.K/2009-332, Dated: 31-12-2009 123. M/s. Soft Eye Computer BTRC/LL/CC(371)Softeye/2009-333, Dated: 11-02-2010 124. M/s. Western Communication BTRC/LL/CC(372)Western/2009-334, Dated: 11-02-2010 125. M/s. N P Technologies BTRC/LL/CC(373)NP Tech/2009-335, Dated: 11-02-2010 126. M/s. AIM Global Network BTRC/LL/CC(379)AIM/2009-337, Dated: 11-02-2010 127. AGI Communication Limited BTRC/LL/CC(378)Agi Com/2009-339, Dated: 15-03-2010 128. Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development BTRC/LL/CC(361)BIID/2009-340, Dated: 15-03-2010 129. M/s. Daiyan Corporation BTRC/LL/CC(381)Daiyan/2010-341, Dated: 01-04-2010 130. Union Call Center & Services Ltd BTRC/LL/CC(376)Union/2009-343, Dated: 03-05-2010 BTRC 120 Annual Report-2016-2017

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131. M/s. MHK Imp-Ex Company BTRC/LL/CC(382)MHK/2010-344, Dated: 03-05-2010 132. Connect Plus Limited BTRC/LL/CC(383)ConnectPlus/ 2010-345, Dated: 03-05-2010 133. Integrated Business Systems and Solution Private Limited BTRC/LL/CC(385)IntegratedLtd/ 2010-346, Dated: 03-05-2010 134. M/s. Mega Call Center BTRC/LL/CC(390)MegaCall/ 2010-349, Dated: 03-05-2010 135. Youfindnew Limited BTRC/LL/CC(388)Youfind/ 2010-350, Dated: 30-06-2010 136. M/s. First Call BTRC/LL/CC(392)FirstCall/ 2010-351, Dated: 30-06-2010 137. First Ring Limited BTRC/LL/CC(384)FirstRing/ 2010-353, Dated: 29-07-2010 138. M/s. R&D Application BTRC/LL/CC(396)R&D/2010-354, Dated: 29-07-2010 139. M/s. Internet Communication BTRC/LL/CC(395)Internet/2010-355, Dated: 03-08-2010 140. Genuity Systems Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(389)GenuitySys/2010-360, Dated: 30-12-2010 141. DotCom Systems Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(399)DotCom/2010-363, Dated: 05-01-2011 142. M/s. TM Online BTRC/LL/CC(400)TM/2010-357, Dated: 30-12-2010 143. M/s. Bangla Services BTRC/LL/CC(401)Bangla/2010-361, Dated: 30-12-2010 144. M/s. Nirjhor Information Technology BTRC/LL/CC(404)NirjhorInformation/2010-359, Dated: 30-12-2010 145. M/s. Kazi IT Center BTRC/LL/CC(405)Kazi/2010-365, Dated: 05-01-2011 146. M/s. Radisson Technologies BTRC/LL/CC(397)Radisson/2010-358, Dated: 30-12-2010 147. M/s. HSS Infosys BTRC/LL/CC(394)HSS/2010-362, Dated: 05-01-2011 148. M/s. Deshi Digital SDN BHD BTRC/LL/CC(402)DeshiDigital/ 2010-364, Dated: 05-01-2011 149. Virtual American Companies (BD) Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(413)Virtual/ 2011-372, Dated: 06-03-2011 150 M/s. Runner System Technology BTRC/LL/CC(410)RUNNER/ 2010-370, Dated: 01-03-2011 151. B2M Technologies Ltd. BTRC/LL/CC(411)B2M/ 2010-371, Dated: 01-03-2011 152. Stamford Group Limited BTRC/LL/CC(407)Stamford Ltd./ 2010-367, Dated: 01-03-2011 153. Grameenphone Ltd. BTRC/LL/ICC(2)Grameen/ 2009-02, Dated: 01-10-2009 154. Emerging Communications Limited BTRC/LL/CC(409)Emerging/ 2010-368, Dated: 01-03-2011 155. Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Limited BTRC/LL/ICC(01)ORASCOM/ 2009-01, Dated: 01-10-2009 156. M/s. Oidip IT BTRC/LL/CC(414)Oidip/ 2010-366, Dated: 27-02-2011 157. M/s. Just Call Penta BTRC/LL/CC(418)JCP/ 2011-374, Dated: 07-07-2011 The list of Cancelled IPTSP License in the year of 2016-2017 No. Name License Number & Issue Date 1. Global Access Limited BTRC/LL/IPTSP-Nationwide (29)G Access/2009-10, Dated: 20-08-2009 2. Broad Band Telecom Services Limited BTRC/LL/IPTSP-Nationwide (13)BBTS/2009-15, Dated: 03-09-2009 3. IDS Bangladesh BTRC/LL/IPTSP-Nationwide (30)iDS/2009-28, Dated: 11-02-2010 4. Sine-10 (BD) Ltd. BTRC/LL/IPTSP-Central Zone(11)Sine-10/2010-7, dated: 21-07-2010 5. IT Connect Limited. BTRC/LL/IPTSP-Central Zone (9)ITConnect/2010-6, Dated: 21-07-2010 6. M/s. Media & Multimedia BTRC/LL/IPTSP-Central Zone (5)Media/2009-3, Dated: 03-09-2009 7. J F Optical Services BTRC/LL/IPTSP-Central Zone (7)JF/2009-5, Dated: 11-02-2010 The list of Surrendered IPTSP Licenses in the year of 2016-2017 No. Name License Number & Issue Date 1. Akij Online Limited BTRC/LL/IPTSP-Nationwide (27)Akij/2009-25, Dated: 01-10-2009 2. HN TELECOM BTRC/LL/IPTSP-N W Zone(04) HNTel/2010-4, Dated: 19-04-2011 BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 121

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The list of Surrendered ISP including Cyber Cafe Licenses in the year of 2016-2017 No. Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 1. Mazeda Cyber Café & SFN BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat: A (08) Mazeda/2009-08, dated: 03-02-2009 2. X press Technology BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat: A (188) X press/2014-172, dated: 20-07-2014 The list of Surrendered Vehicle Tracking Services (VTS) Licenses in the year of 2016-2017 No. Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 1. Security & Management Services International Ltd. 14.32.0000., Date: 25-01-2011 2. Optimax Communication Ltd. 14.32.0000., date: 25-08-2011 Renewal of License in the year 2016-2017 Usually, license renewal is done as per the conditions laid down in a license and on the payment of such fees as may be prescribed in the license or relevant circular/ administrative orders issued by the Commission and on the basis of performance of the licensee, a report is sent to the government. Finally, on the approval of the MoPTIT, the license renewal activities are completed. In 2016-2017, a total of 41 (forty one) licenses have been renewed; list of which are shown below: Sl No. Category of licenses No. of Renewed Licensee 1 Internet Service Provider- Nationwide 05 2 Internet Service Provider- Central Zone 02 3 Internet Service Provider- Zonal 00 4 Cyber Café- Category A 15 5 Call Center Registration Certificate 12 6 VSAT User 02 7 VSAT Provider 03 8 VSAT Provider with Hub 01 9 Vehicle Tracking Services 01 Total 41 Statistics of the renewed licenses by the Commission in the year 2016-2017 Call Center 2% ISP 17% Cyber Café 37% VSAT 42% VTS 2% BTRC 122 Annual Report-2016-2017

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The list of renewed Nationwide ISP and Zonal ISP License in the year of 2016-2017 No. Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 1. Dhaka Fiber Net Ltd BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (100) DFN/2010-93, Dated:01-04-2010. 2. ACE IT Networks Limited BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (31) AINL/2008-27, Dated:02-07-2008. 3. IP Communications Ltd BTRC/LL/ISP-Nationwide (131) IP Comm/2010-121, Dated: 13-07-2010. 4. M/s. ICC Communication BTRC/LL/ISP-Nationwide (140) ICC/2010-132, Dated: 30-12-2010. 5. University Grants Commission of Bangladesh BTRC/LL/ISP-Nationwide (135) UGCB/2010-127, Dated:25-07-2010. 6. Always On Network Bangladesh Ltd BTRC/LL/ISP-Nationwide (38) AONBL/2008-76, Dated: 25-09-2008. 7. Winer Communication BTRC/LL/ISP-Nationwide (113) Winer/2009-109, Dated: 05-01-2010. The list of renewed ISP including Cyber Café License in the year of 2016-2017 No. Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 1. M/s. N Tech Communication BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A (69) N Tech/2009-66, Date: 15-06-2009. 2. M/s. New Lava Video & Communication BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A (55) New Lava/2009-50, Date: 11-06-2009. 3. M/s. Speed 69. Net BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A (107) Speed69/2010-106, Date: 08-03-2010. 4. M/s. Elite Computer & Technology BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A (95) Elite/2009-94, Date: 16-08-2009. 5. M/s. VIP. Com BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A (39) VIP.Com/2009-38, Date: 11-06-2009. 6. M/s. Genius IT BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A (25) Genius/2009-24, Date: 08-04-2009. 7. M/s. Touchnet Broadband Connection BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A (109) Touch/2010-108, Date: 04-07-2010. 8. M/s. Crescent Network Service BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A (33) CNS/2009-72, Date: 28-06-2009. 9. M/s. Multitech Online BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A (92) MultiTech/2009-91, Date: 09-08-2009. 10. M/s. Speed Tech Online BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A (111) Speed Tech/2010-110, Date: 04-07-2010. 11. M/s. Karsan Cyber Café BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A (93) Karsan/2009-93, Date: 16-08-2009. 12. M/s. Mega Speed Net BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A (114) Mega/2010-112, Date: 13-07-2010. 13. M/s. Xp Online BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A (54) Xp/2009-49, Date: 11-06-2009. 14. M/s. 29 Communication BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A (37) 29 Com/2009-34, Date: 08-04-2009. 15. M/s. BCL Online Service BTRC/LL/ISP-Cat:A (94) BCL/2009-92, Date: 09-08-2009 The list of renewed VSAT User License in the year of 2016-2017 No. Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 1. M/s. Standard Chartered Bank BTRC/LL/VSAT-U(43)Standard Chartered Dhaka)/2008-41, Dated: 10-02-2009 2. United Nations High Commissioner for BTRC/LL/VSAT-U(122)UNITED NATIONS(Cox’s Bazar)/2006-104 Refugees (UNHCR) Dated: 07-09-2006 3. Bangladesh Meteorological Department BTRC/LL/VSAT-U(128)Meteorological (Dhaka)/2006-19,Dated: 15-06-2008. 4. Bangladesh Meteorological Department BTRC/LL/VSAT-U(126)Meteorological (Cox’sBazar)/2006-20, Dated: 15-06-2008. 5. Bangladesh Meteorological Department BTRC/LL/VSAT-U(13)Meteorological (Cox’sBazar)/2007-21, Dated: 15-06-2008. 6. Bangladesh Meteorological Department BTRC/LL/VSAT-U(65)Meteorological (Moulovibazar)/2008-48, Dated: 26-05-2009 7. Bangladesh Meteorological Department BTRC/LL/VSAT-U(135)Meteorological(Rangpur)/2012-923, Dated: 02-08-2012 8. Bangladesh Meteorological Department BTRC/LL/VSAT-U(136)Meteorological(Dhaka)/2012-924, Dated: 02-08-2012 9. Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty BTRC/LL/VSAT-U(38)CTBTO(Dhaka) /2008-66Dated: 07-07-2010 Organization (CTBTO) 10. Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) BTRC/LL/VSAT-U(57)CTBTO(Chittagong) /2008-67.Dated: 07-07-2010 11. United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) BTRC/LL/VSAT-U(37)Unicef(Dhaka)/2008-69Dated: 04-07-2010 12. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC BTRC/LL/VSAT-U(130)CBOC/2011-83,Dated: 21-07-2011 BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 123

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The list of renewed VSAT Provider License in the year of 2016-2017 No. Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 1. PCCW Global (HK) Limited BTRC/LL/VSAT-P(17)PCCW(Hong Kong) /2008-26, Local Agent: M/s. Dactel Systems Dated: 24-02-2010 2. Bangladesh Export Import Company Limited BTRC/LL/VSAT-P(18)Beximco(Dhaka) /2009-21, Dated: 11-11-2009 The list of renewed VSAT Provider with HUB License in the year of 2016-2017 No. Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 1. DNS SatComm Limited BTRC/LL/VSAT-P/H(10)DNS SatComm /2007-6, Dated: 30-07-2009 2. Square Informatix Limited BTRC/LL/VSAT-P/H(2)Square(Dhaka) /2007-8, Dated: 27-07-2010 3. M/s. Gazi Communications No. BTRC/VSAT-P/H(16)Gazi(Dhaka) /2008-7, Dated: 05-01-2010 The list of renewed BPO/Call Center Registration Certificate License in the year of 2016-2017 No. Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 1. Guardian IT Limited BTRC/LL/CC(380)Guardian/2010-338, Dated: 11-02-2010 The list of renewed Vehicle Tracking Services (VTS) License in the year of 2016-2017 No. Name of licensee License Number & Issue Date 1. BDCOM Online Limited BTRC/LL/Vehicle Tracking(15) BDCOM/2010/11, Date: 25-01-2011 Amendment of Conditions of License In order to fulfill the objective of section 39 of The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation Act, 2001, the Commission may, amend any condition of any of the license subject to the prior approval of government. When the Commission, on its own initiative, issues any amendment in the conditions of a license, LL division serves a notice to the licensee informing the reasons for the proposed changes with a scope to submit his/ her comments. In response, if there is any reply/ comment from the licensee, the changes/ amendments are sent to the MoPTIT in the form of a report by LL division. The Commission takes necessary steps on the decision of the Government. Besides these, the Government may take step to change the condition of license by its own accord or operators may apply to change the condition for reasonable ground to the Government/ Commission. Notable description of the licenses issued in the financial year 2016-2017 1. 3G Network Rollout: Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, with the approval of the Government, issued 3G license in favor of Grameenphone Ltd, Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd, Robi Axiata Ltd and Airtel Bangladesh Ltd. on 19-09-2013. As per the provisions of the license the operators having 3G licenses have to complete their network coverage in divisional HQs within 09 (nine) months, in 30% of district HQ within 18 (eighteen) months and in all district HQs within 36 (thirty six) months. BTRC 124 Annual Report-2016-2017

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As Grameenphone Ltd, Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd, RobiAxiata Ltd and Airtel Bangladesh Ltd have already complied with the provisions of 3G license to complete all the phases within the stipulated timeframe mentioned in the 3G license, the Commission has released their performance bank guarantee amounting to 150 crore BDT. 2. Mobile Number Portability Services (MNPS) Mobile Number Portability Services (MNPS) is a service that allows subscribers to change the mobile operator without changing their existing mobile number. To implement and ensure this service in Bangladesh, the draft Mobile Number Portability Services (MNPS) Guideline was sent to the Posts and Telecommunications Division (PTD) on 10-06-2015. Later on, it was reviewed and sent again to PTD on 17-01-2016. PTD has approved the guideline on 18-05-2016. The Commission had organized a press briefing for public awareness on 14-06-2016. Mobile Number Portability Services (MNPS) Guidelines was issued on 15-06-2016 and published in the website of BTRC. Besides these, an advertisement for the application of Mobile Number Portability Services (MNPS) license was published in 03 (three) Bengali and 03 (three) English dailies on 16-06-2016. In the said guideline, it is stated that the last date for submission of application is 11-08-2016 and the auction date is 21-09-2016. But due to security reason, the auction procedure was postponed. Later on, the said guideline was drafted again by including the provision of Beauty Contest and sent to the PTD on 01-03-2017 for seeking approval from the Government. 3. Second Submarine Cable: With the goal of connecting the second submarine cable (SEA-ME-WE-5 consortium), Bangladesh signed a memorandum of understanding at Dec 28, 2011. Currently the connecting process of second submarine cable is under construction to make the physical structure of the landing station of second submarine cable with in the fiscal year 2016-2017 is planned and hopes that all activities to connect with second submarine cable will be finished at the end of 2016. Noted that, tender has been invited from the commission with the goal of issuing submarine cable service license. Due to unavailable of competent organization, such license could not be issued. If government gives permission, advertisement will be published. At present Govt. owned Submarine Cable Co. Ltd. provides Submarine Cable service with the permission of BTRC. 4. Social Obligation Fund Rules: According to section 21 (Ka) of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation Act, 2001, there has a provision to form a fund with the name of ‘Social Obligation Fund’. Government has approved the condition to pay 1% subscription from total income of mobile phone operator to the ‘Social Obligation Fund’ of commission in license renewal related guideline according to the provision of law. Activities of ‘Social Obligation Fund’ has been started as immediate as the execution of ‘2G Cellular Mobile Phone Operator Guideline’ in 11-09-2011. Commission has already formed ‘Social Obligation Fund’ and opens an account in specific scheduled bank. To ensure proper and right use of the fund, Commission has drafted ‘Social Obligation Fund Rules, 2012’ and sent to the Ministry of Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology in 03-06-2012 and according this letter, the Guideline was issued in 09-12-2014 which was published in Gazette in 14-12-2014. BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 125

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There has been described in details about deposit and withdrawal of money and procedure of running account, procedure of collecting dues, income and expenditure, subscription rate, procedure and time of payment, fund management committee, power and functions of fund management committee and duties and responsibilities of Commission regarding fund administration and proper utilization of fund. Social Obligation Fund management committee has been formed comprising the Minister, Ministry of Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology; Secretary, Post and Telecommunication Division, Ministry of Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology; Secretary, Information Technology Division, Ministry of Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology; Secretary, Ministry of Social Welfare, Chairman and Vice Chairman of BTRC; MD of BTCL; representative of AMTOB; representative of Association of PSTN operators of Bangladesh and DG, System and Services Division, BTRC. All power of fund administration and management vested on that Committee. 5. Information regarding the merger of Robi Axiata Ltd and Airtel Bangladesh Ltd Robi Axiata Ltd. and Airtel Bangladesh Ltd. both applied to the Commission for company merger on 17-09-2015. In response, the Commission decided to conduct a survey regarding technical and financial effect of the merger, take public opinion through hearing and discuss about it with other four operators. Considering the huge volume of work and due to time constraint, the Commission divided the whole survey into two parts. Technical part is led by Dr. ABM Siddique Hossain, Professor & Dean of Engineering Faculty, American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) and the socio-economic part is led by Dr. S. M. Mahfuzur Rahman, Professor, International Business Department, Dhaka University. Public hearing regarding merger was held on 17-02-2016. Out of 280 interested people, randomly selected 165 people were requested to attend public hearing. The Commission took the opinion from other mobile operators. After overall consideration, the Commission sent recommendations to Posts and Telecommunications Division. After that, the Government approved the merger of Robi Axiata Ltd. and Airtel Bangladesh Ltd. subject to compliance of 15 (fifteen) nos. of terms and conditions through a letter submitted by Post and Telecommunication Division to the Commission on 01-08-2016. Accordingly, the merger scheme of Robi Axiata Ltd. and Airtel Bangladesh Ltd. was approved through the verdict of Hon’ble High Court Division on 31-08-2016. As per the approval of the Government and the verdict of Hon’ble High Court Division, the Commission approves the merger of the aforesaid 02 (two) companies subject to compliance of 21 (twenty one) nos. of terms and conditions. After that, subject to the compliance of aforementioned terms and conditions, the “Order of Merger of License” of the 02 (two) companies named Robi Axiata Ltd. and Airtel Bangladesh Ltd. will be finalized and issued from the Commission. In 2007, due to the easy access of technology, telecommunication business in Bangladesh started growing without any control. To curb the uncontrolled development, the government took the first step to address the issue by approving “International Long DistanceTelecommunications Service (ILDTS) Policy 2007”; on the demand of non-resident Bangladeshis, local business entrepreneurs and multinational companies. Later, with the careful analysis of the experience and problems of the implementation of ILDTS policy 2007, the MoPTIT, acting under the power set out in section 33 of The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation Act, 2001 (Act 18 of 2001), approved and promulgated ILDTS Policy, 2010. BTRC 126 Annual Report-2016-2017

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The ILDTS Policy, 2010 has an important role in materializing the present Government’s declaration of the vision of making Digital Bangladesh by the year 2021. With the prior approval of the Government, the Commission has issued a total of 1838(One thousand eight hundred and thirty eight) licenses in 27 (Twenty seven) different categories to the interest of the subscribers for providing international telecommunication facilities at an affordable price and to encourage the local entrepreneurs to invest in the telecom sector using modern technologies. The present Government is strongly determined to turn Bangladesh into a poverty free country by using ICT properly. With a sound plan for providing telecommunication facilities, Bangladesh would be focused as a modern country in the world by 2021. The Government has already started amending to update the National Telecom Policy, 1998. Under the changed situation, the internal telecommunication system is being modernized for keeping pace with the modern world by ensuring speedy information flow arrangements and making new infrastructures. It is expected that Bangladesh will become digital technology dependent middle income country before 2021 if the trend of the developement continues in this way. BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 127

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Finance, Accounts & Revenue Directorate BTRC 128 Annual Report-2016-2017

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Finance, Accounts & Revenue Directorate Finance, Accounts and Revenue is the pivotal department of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).This department prepares income & expenditure budget of the commission. The main function of Accounts section is to prepare monthly pay bills of all officers and staff of the commission and disbursement of salary in due time. Accounts section is responsible for the preparation and expenditure of travelling allowance bills, contingency bills and it bears the responsibility of deducting income tax and VAT from the bills of suppliers and contractors and deposit the same into government treasury through Challan. Accounts section prepares monthly statement of expenditure, makes reconciliation of bank statement. This section prepares annual income and expenditure statement. Preparation of Balance Sheet is the most important task of this department. The Balance Sheet reflects actual financial position of the Commission. BTRC is responsible for collection of non-tax revenue of the government from the Telecom operators. The main sources of income are the collection of License fee, License Renewal fee, Revenue Sharing and Spectrum Charge as well as service charge from different telecom operators. It collects revenue from Mobile Operators as well as PSTN, IGW, ICX, IIG, ISP & VSAT licensees. According to the provision of VAT Act, Revenue section of the Commission collects VAT from all kinds of license fees, license renewal fees, spectrum charges and deposit the collected VAT to Bangladesh Bank through Treasury Challan. These are the day to day job of the Revenue and Accounts section of the Commission. 1.Synopsis of income and expenditure accounts of the financial year 2016-2017. In the financial year 2016-2017, the target of revenue collection of the commission was taka 4,060.00 crore. Administrative expenditure target was taka 114.12 crore while capital expenditure target was taka 25.84 crore. The total expenditure budget was taka 139.96 crore. In the fiscal year 2016-2017, actual revenue collection was taka 4,066.48 crore and administrative expenditure was taka 78.10 crore and capital expenditure was taka 0.46 crore. A lot of money was saved in expenditure sector due to strict compliance of the expenditure control. 2.Revenue collection details in the year of 2016-2017: S/N Description Actual Revenue (Taka in Crore) 01 License fee 194.09 02 Revenue Sharing 2,648.90 03 Spectrum Charge 949.25 04 License Acquisition Fee 96.72 05 Income from Application & Evaluation fee 0.21 06 Income from Administrative fine & Illegal Operation 0.48 07 Income from late fee 44.87 08 Merger fee 90.00 09 Other Income 41.96 Total Revenue 4,066.48 BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 129

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3. A Comparative feature of revenue collection since Formation of BTRC : Actual Revenue Financial Target amount of revenue collection collection S/N Year (Taka in crore) (Taka in Crore) 01 2001-2002 04.26 3.45 02 2002-2003 89.00 120.07 03 2003-2004 91.00 147.85 04 2004-2005 270.00 357.14 05 2005-2006 449.25 735.70 06 2006-2007 512.31 565.61 07 2007-2008 1,501.92 1,677.85 08 2008-2009 2,547.68 3,195.38 09 2009-2010 2,135.35 2,370.98 10 2010-2011 2,556.74 3,047.28 11 2011-2012 6,302.57 6,957.70 12 2012-2013 5,159.32 5,404.69 13 2013-2014 9,497.00 10,085.35 14 2014-2015 7,000.00 4,219.19 15 2015-2016 4,181.10 4,207.94 16 2016-2017 4,060.00 4066.48 Total 46,357.5 47,162.66 BTRC 130 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 105

Revenue collection (taka in crore) by Chart: 12000 10000 8000 6000 Series1 Series2 4000 2000 0 2001-2002 2002-2003 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Taka in Crore 4. Information System Audit: According to the provisions of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Act 2001, Information System Audit of the Mobile Operators is mandatory to execute in the proper way. As part of that, Auditing of the Mobile Operators has been started from the fiscal year 2015-16 including Grameen Phone and Robi successively and it is going on now. 5.Social Obligation Fund: Social obligation Fund (SOF) has been formed according to the provisions of the clause 21-KA of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Act 2001 (Amended Act 2010). The fund has been raised for extending telecom facilities for the underprivileged population i.e. to the telecom facility deprived area. This would also develop the socio-economic condition, alleviate poverty and contribute in the economic progress of the country. The receivable amount of money from the following sources is deposited in this fund:- I. Government grant, II. Any other native, overseas or international organization’s grant, III. Subscription from the telecom and radio stakeholders and IV. Contribution from any other legal sources. Money of SOF is being deposited in a scheduled bank, as determined by the commission. According to the provision of the licensing guideline, the Mobile operators have to subscribe at the rate of 1% on their gross audited revenue to the SOF. This fund is to be invested with the approval of the commission in order to make telecommunication facilities available to the poor and to the people of remote areas where there is deprivation of Telecom facilities. An amount of taka 518.50 crore has so far been collected as on 30th June’2017 and deposited in the SOF account. BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 131

Page 106

6.Steps taken for the welfare of officers/staff: (A)Contributory Provident Fund (CPF): CPF scheme has been introduced for the welfare of officers and staff of BTRC. According to CPF Rules -1979, 10% of basic of each officer/staff is deducted from monthly pay. The Commission also pays equal contribution i.e. 10% from Commission’s fund to the employee’s CPF Fund Account. A total amount of taka 6.70 crore has been deposited in the CPF account as on 30th June’2017. (B) Medical Assistance: In case of illness, an employee or dependent members of his family including dependent parents are provided medical assistance in the form of money usually not exceeding one month’s basic pay of that employee. The amount is payable to the employee on production of doctor’s prescription, medical test report and vouchers in support of purchase of medicine. (C) Trusty Board : According to the provisions of Benevolent Fund & Group Insurance ordinance, 1982, Group insurance & Benevolent Fund has been formed for the welfare of the officers/staff of the Commission. The Commission has formed an eleven (11) member Trusty Board with one Commissioner as the Chairperson for a three year term. The Trusty Board maintains Benevolent and Group Insurance fund according to the rules and procedures of Benevolent fund & Group Insurance Ordinance-1982. The Trusty board is to submit its report along with expenditure statement to the Commission within two months at the end of every financial year. (D) Pension Allowance & Pensionary Benefit Scheme: The Commission has introduced Contributory Provident Fund for the benefit of the employees. The Commission has also formed Employees Gratuity Fund to extend retirement benefit to the employees immediately after retirement. 7. Annual Audit: According to the provision of Article 27(2) of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Act, 2001, Annual Income and Expenditure Account of the Commission is to be audited by a registered Chartered Accountant Firm within 60 (sixty) days after the closing of each financial year and to be forwarded it to the Ministry in order to produce before the parliament within the next 60 (sixty) days. Besides, the Auditor General of Bangladesh conducts Audit of accounts of BTRC after the expiry of each financial year according to the provision of Bangladesh Constitution. BTRC 132 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 107

BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 133

Page 108

BTRC 134 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 109

BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 135

Page 110

Media and Publications Wing BTRC 136 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 111

Bangabandhu Satellite Launching Project Bangabandhu Satellite-1 launching is the first step for Bangladesh towards Space after we conquer the sea. With a vision to be a part of the elite club having its own satellite the activities of Bangabandhu Satellite Launching Project is being implemented rapidly by BTRC under the supervision of Posts & Telecommunications Division. The ECNEC approved this project with an estimated cost of 2967.95 crore taka on 16 September 2014. A turnkey contract is signed with the winning bidder Thales Alenia Space France on 11 November 2015 to procure ‘Bangabandhu Satellite System’. As per the contract the manufacturing activities of Bangabandhu Satellite-1 is on going at Cannes and Toulouse city of France. As on June 2017, 88% of the manufacturing activity for Bangabandhu Satellite-1 is complete. The major tasks to procure Bangabandhu Satellite System under the contract signed with Thales Alenia Space France are: Satellite Manufacturing, Launch Services, Civil works for 02 (two) Ground Control Strations and its equipments installation, Launch plus 1 year in-orbit insurance and OPEX of 3 years after the launching of Satellite. Name of the Project Bangabandhu Satellite Launching Project Ministry/Division Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications & Information Technology (Posts & Telecommunications Division) Implementing Agency Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Implementation Period 1 July, 2014 to 30 June, 2018 Total Estimated Cost 2967.95 Crore taka (GOB 1315.51 crore taka & Bidder’s financing 1652.44 crore taka) Contract Price withThales 1951.75 crore taka Besides, a USA based Consultancy firm ‘Space Partnership International’ (SPI) is providing technical consultancy services under “Preparatory Functions and Supervision in Launching a Communication and Broadcasting Satellite (First Revised)- Project since 29 March 2012 and will continue providing its services till 28 March 2018. Among the major tasks of the foreign consultancy firm, Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies, preparation of a Business Plan, prepare a framework for forming an ‘Operating Company’, exploration of various sources for Project Funding, providing assistance in developing the DPP for the ‘Bangabandu Satellite Launching Project’, Orbital Slot Analysis and its Frequency Coordination, Preparation of tender document along with Technical Specifications, providing assistance with Contract Negotiations works are completed. The technical monitoring and supervision during Satellite Manufacturing, Launching, ‘In-Orbit Testing (IOT)’, installation of Ground Station equipment, Network Acceptance Testing and commissioning activities will be completed time to time as per work plan. BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 161

Page 112

Benifits of Bangabandhu Satellite: • Establish an uninterrupted Telecommunication and Broadcasting services within the territory of Bangladesh. • Saving approx. 14 M USD per year which is being paid as transponder rental charge. • Revenue generation opportunity through national and international sales of bandwidth, license fees from new services and spectrum charge of various satellite services. • Provide tele-medicine, e-learning, e-education, DTH services along with telecommunications and Broadcasting services. • Ensure uninterrupted telecommunication services during disaster period. • Create social and community benefits, for example, first response communications in disaster areas. • Create new jobs to operate the satellite and to manage the overall traffic through the satellite. A Progress of the Project Remarkable progress has been achieved on this Project during the fiscal year 2017 – 2016. The progress under ‘Bangabandhu Satellite Launching Project and ‘Preparatory Functions & Supervision in Launching a Communications and Broadcasting Satellite (first revised) Project is as follows: 1) Manufacturing Progress of Bangabandhu Satellite-1: Finalizing the Technical Specification: According to the primary design of Bangabandhu Satellite System, Bangabandhu Satellite-1 will have a total of 40 transponders. In it, 14 C-Bands and 26 Ku-Band Transponders. From the orbital position 119.1 ° East longitude, Bangladesh, the SAARC countries, Indonesia, the Philippines and the “STAN” countries (such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc.) will be covered. Final Model of “Bangabandhu Satellite-1” BTRC 162 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 113

Technical Specification of Bangabandhu Satellite-1 Orbital Position 119.1° E Platform SPACEBUS 4000 B2 Solar Array 3-panels per wing with GaAs cells Batteries Li-Ion Mono-battery Propulsion Full chemical Launch Mass 3600 Kg on Falcon 9 Mission Life Minimum 15 Years Manufacturing of 'Bangabandhu Satellite-1' is underway in Thales Alenia Space France's Cannes and Toulouse Facilities. In the meantime, the satellite's main two modules: the completion of the mating work and the completion of the communications and service modules is complete. Solar panels, antenna construction work are also finished, then assembly, integration and test will be started. Two experienced subject matter experts of Foreign consultancy Firm, SPI, USA are supervising the Manufacturing of Bangabandhu Satellite-1. Honorable State Minister and the Secretary of the Posts and Telecommunications Division visited the progress of the construction of Bangabandhu Satellite-1 in the Cannes facility at Thales during 22-24 May, 2017. A meeting held with Thales in the presence of honorable state minister, on various important aspects of management level including the progress of Bangabandhu satellite-1, training, satellite operations manpower etc. In addition, the delegation visited the Satellite's ongoing Assembly Integration and Test (AIT) activities. It is expected that the construction of Bangabandhu satellite-1 in France will be completed by November 2017. Hon’ble State Minister, Posts and Telecommunications Division visits Thales Alenia Space France Facility to witness the progress of Bangabandhu Satellite-1 manufacturing. BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 163

Page 114

2) Progress of activies related to Bangabandhu Satellite-1: Falcon 9 launch vehicle of Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX), USA will be used to launch 'Bangabandhu Satellite-1' from the Cape Canevaral Launch Pad in the United States. As a part of continuous activities with SpaceX, Launch Kick-Off Meeting was held in December 2016 and the Critical Design Review of Launcher was completed in June 2017. 3) Progress of Primary and Secondary Ground Control Station: The work is being constructed in accordance with the final architectural design of the primary and secondary ground station of Gazipur and Batbunia, respectively, for control and operation of the Satellite. Architectural view of the Bangabandhu Satellite Primary Ground Station, Gazipur Earthfilling, finishing work of Boundary Wall and Dormitory Building is in the last phase, the finishing work of the main building has started and construction work of utility building is in progress. The importation of the equipments for the Ground Control Station has started, till now 7 lots of antenna parts have arrived in Bangladesh. The installation of the imported are on going under the supervision of skilled engineers of Thales. Construction works of the Anchor Building of Primary Ground Station, Gazipur BTRC 164 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 115

Civil works of Dormitory Building at Primary Ground Station, Gazipur C-Band Antenna installation at Primary Ground Station, Gazipur A team comprising Thales Alenia Space France, foreign consultant SPI, USA and project officials visited the premises of Bangabandhu Satellite Primary Ground Station, Gazipur BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 165

Page 116

on the 18 January, 2017. In addition, 03 local consultants (civil engineers) of the project are on the site regularly supervising the construction work in Gazipur and Betbunia. Project Team along with SPI and Thales Team at Primary Ground Station, Gazipur to monitor the progress of Civil works. Also, Thales's experienced ground station experts are regularly traveling to Bangladesh to supervise the site according to the schedule and are working to set up various instruments including ground antennas. Besides, the project team regularly visited Gazipur and Betbunia sites to review the progress of construction work. 4) ECA Financing Loan Agreement: On September 9, 2016, a 155 million euros loan agreement between BTRC and HSBC France has been signed for the funding through ECA financing. Honorable State Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Division, Begum Tarana Halim, MP, French Ambassador to Bangladesh Mrs. Sophie Aubert, representatives of HSBC, Project and BTRC officials were present during the signing. BTRC 166 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 117

ECA Financing Loan Agreement between BTRC and HSBC 5) Formation of Operating Company: The process of forming a Satellite Operating Company "Bangabandhu Communication Satellite Bangladesh Limited (BCSB)" is ongoing for satellite operation. The company logo and trademarks are officially approved. It is expected that the establishment of the operating company will be completed by July 2017. Approved Logo of the Proposed Operating Company B Project Implementation and Progress related meeting: In the FY 2016-2017, two Project Steering Committee (PSC) meetings were held at the Posts and Telecommuniations Division for the Project Preparatory Project andthe Bangabandhu Satellite Launching Project. In the year 2016-2017, 12 meetings were held regarding the implementation progress of the Annual Development Program (ADP) in the posts and telecommunication division. BTRC Annual Report-2016-2017 167

Page 118

The 3rd Quarterly Program Management Review Meeting (QPMR-3) was held under the agreement signed with Thales during 25-28 April, 2018. In this meeting, the overall progress of the project, the problems and possible solutions to the implementation of the agreement have been discussed; a delegation participated in the meeting from satellite project including experts of foreign consultant SPI, USA. During July 2016 to 30 June 2017, total of 48 weekly meetings were held Thales Team through conference call; Where discussions and decisions have been made regarding regular progress and implementation of project work. C Major activities of the Project during FY 2016-2017: Critical Design Review of Bangabandhu Satellite System (CDR) The manufacturing activities are on going at Thales Alenia Space Cannes and Toulouse facility. The Critical Design Review (CDR) for Bangabandhu Satellite-1 was held during 2-10 November 2016 in France. In that meeting Critical Design Review was held for Satellite, Ground Control Station, Payload, Mission and User Segment System. In the CDR System Architecture, System capacity, C & Ku-band Payload, TCR Subsystem, User segment : VSAT Hub, User segment : OSS/BSS, Satellite System Architecture, Satellite AIT overview, Product Assurance, Ground Control Segment and initial satellite operations related technical documents were reviewed to finalize the design for Bangabandhu Satellite System. In this meeting, a technical delegation comprising the postal and telecommunication department, BTRC and project officials / consultants led by Vice-Chairman of BTRC and associated experts of SPI, USA, participated in the meeting. The ongoing manufacturing activities of Bangabandhu Satellite-1 was observed during the AIT facility visit during the technical review in CDR. The major parts of Bangabandhu Satellite-1: Central Tube manufacturing is complete. The manufacturing of Antenna, reflectors, North Panels, South Panels, Earth Panels and North, South Panel of Communication Module (CM) manufacturing is complete at Payload AIT Facility in Toulouse. After the successful completion and testing of those payload units it will be shipped to Cannes facility for integration (Mating). BTRC 168 Annual Report-2016-2017

Page 119
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